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15 Things to Do in Bogota

Bogota, the cosmopolitan Colombian capital, is charming, with rich historical significance and a refreshing ambiance from the surrounding Andes mountains. The city is vibrant, with a rich cultural history rooted in the Muisca people, propelling a Latin spirit. Its blooming architecture, extraordinary art community, and delicious food scene will leave you in awe. The city is lively, with welcoming people and a bustling, wild nightlife experience. It is an equally big city that offers tons of diverse things to do, whether you seek adventure, enjoy history, are attached to art, or want to have a culinary experience. Are you contemplating visiting Bogotia soon? Here is a list of 15 things to do.


01 Trek through Cerro De Monserrate

A Spiritual Journey to Monserrate: Pilgrimage to the Chapel on the Hill

Cerro de Monserrate is an iconic mountain, towering 10,341 feet and offering a panoramic view of Bogata. Enjoy a lovely hiking experience on this beautiful mountain as you savor the local delicacies available in restaurants and cafeterias. You can easily climb the mountain in cable cars or funiculars as you enjoy the lovely views of the city. The Monserrate Sanctuary, a 17th-century church at the heart of Cerro de Monserrate, is a famous pilgrimage site for Catholics. The church has a shrine, making it a major tourist attraction as it makes the area sacred. Experience the beautiful views of Bogota's downtown, south, and north, as well as a breathtaking sunset over the city.


02 Visit Museo del Oro (Gold Museum)

Museo del Oro is a popular gold Museum in Bogata and home to the world's largest collections of gold artifacts. Boasting one of the most visited tourist sites in Colombia, it attracts over half a million tourists a year. This famous museum offers a display of over 55,000 pieces of Hispanic gold, artistically crafted by pre-Columbian culture artisans. Experience other artifacts on display, including stones, pottery, shells, wood, and textiles described in both Spanish and English. Enjoy the wonderful presentation and interpretation of the artifacts, as you also understand how they were used and what they meant to the users.


03 Take a stroll through La Candelaria Historic Neighborhood

Colorful street with Colombian flags at La Candelaria, the historic city center of Bogota, Colombia, South America

La Candelaria exemplifies the city's historical charm, architecture, religion, and culture. Situated in the heart of Bogota, the neighborhood is surrounded by old colonial buildings and colorful streets. The narrow streets offer diverse displays of emeralds, handcrafts, and precolonial-Columbian artifacts. Also, fall in love with the finger-licking Colombian cuisine from the casual eateries along the streets of La Candelaria. Walk around the town and enjoy the lovely colonial architecture and houses with nineteenth-century eaves and colonial balconies. Most of the buildings are preserved and offer an avenue to explore the history and culture of Bogota.


04 Take a graffiti tour at Bogotas Street Art Tour

The streets of Bogota are exploding with captivating artistic works in different styles, exemplifying the contemporary Colombian context. Feel the local and political scene of Bogota through graphs, murals, paste-ups, and throw-ups. The streets are full of extraordinary displays from Candelaria to the airport. The artistic explosion offers exemplary sheer scope and diverse artistic works reflecting the effort and knowledge put into a street tour. Experience an insightful, engaging, and thought-provoking street art tour that will blow your mind away.


05 Try out the local cuisine for an unforgettable experience

If you love tours full of diverse culinary experiences, then Bogota is a great destination for you. The city offers a great variety of food influenced by its rich historical culture and other cultures like Spanish and African. Tantalize your taste buds with plenty of traditional cuisine and street food. The Bogota food experience is satisfying thanks to its fresh and local ingredients coupled with herbs, spices, and unique fruits. Take a tour of traditional restaurants like La Puerta Falsa Casa Vieja, La Scala, and Origen Bistro to get a full experience of the local cuisine. Enjoy Colombia's main dishes, from tamales, empanadas, arepas, and ajiacos to exotic fruits like guanabana, lulo, and desserts. In addition, the purpose is to attend the annual Gastronomic Festival, enjoy the local dishes, coffee, and wine tastings, and interact with experienced chefs in the city.


06 Visit the Botanical Garden for a unique nature experience

Bogota, Colombia, april 22, 2022. entrance to the botanical garden of bogota (Jardin Botanico de Bogota).

Bogota's botanical garden offers a serene atmosphere with a breathtaking ambiance, fresh air, and tranquility. Established over six decades ago in 1955, has grown into a vibrant sanctuary with over 20.000 flora. Take a break from your busy day and experience peace of mind in a cool and quiet environment. Immerse yourself in the world of plant species, from Andean and Paramo to Colombian flora. Also, see the cacti, medicinal plants, orchid plants, and thousands of other plants available in the botanical garden. The botanical garden protects the most endangered species and engages in lots of research in partnership with different universities, hence leaving you with a wealth of knowledge.


07 Explore the National Museum of Colombia

The National Museum of Colombia is the country's oldest and biggest museum, established in 1823, with a mix of archaeological artifacts and modern art collections. Get the opportunity to see creative exhibitions, artworks, and objects that accentuate the country's history and cultural heritage. The exterior of the museum alone is eye-catching, and the impressive architecture will force you to stop while walking or on a bike tour. To get the best experience, engage the tour guides to understand more about the local and international exhibitions available in the National Museum of Colombia.


08 Exploring the beauty of Simon Bolivar Park on a walking tour

View of lake, trees and mountains in Simon Bolivar Metropolitan public park in the middle of Bogota, Colombia - june, 2018 Brester Irina/Shutterstock

The Simon Bolivar Park is named after the Venezuelan national hero and liberator, Simon Bolivar. It is located right in the centre of Bogota, in Teusaquill, and was founded in 1979. The park covers nearly 1,000 acres of land and is very popular as it hosts lots of sports events and entertainment activities. Its extensive green space with beautiful scenery offers a quiet and beautiful environment for leisure activities. You can rent a paddle boat and enjoy the waters of the lake available in the park.


09 Discover Plaza Bolivar

main square with church, Bolivar square in Bogota, Colombia, Latin America

The Plaza Bolivar sits at the heart of Bogota and is considered the center of power since it is surrounded by the cathedral of Bogota, the presidential palace, the town hall, and the Congress. It is famously known for its Simon Bolivar Statue, which is a public monument made by Italians at the center of the square. Bogitia's central square offers a perfect point from which to view the city's historical landmarks. Enjoy street food from vendors along the streets and take pictures with Ilamas dressed colorfully. Visit the square during the holidays and enjoy free events fully decorated with festive lights. Cultural events like the Concierto la Esperanza in May bring the square to life with electric performances and light shows.


10 A day visit to the Gold Museum

Nov 29, 2014 - Bogota, Colombia: Gold artifacts on display in the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum). Mark Green/Shutterstock

Situated in the heart of Bogota, the exceptional gold museum hosts the world's largest collection of prehispanic goldwork. Boasting a collection of over 30,00 gold pieces, each offers extraordinary features with rich historical value and beauty. It also has other gold-crafted artifacts, such as the poporo quimbaya, an iconic vessel used for lime storage for coca leaf chewing. Visit the Gold Museum and learn about the exciting history of Colombia and its indigenous groups. The exhibits are explained in English and Spanish, and you can rent an audio tour to help you dig deeper into Colombian history.


11 Exploring the Botero Museum is a must-visit for art enthusiasts

Dedicated to Fernando Botero, after he donated 208 pieces of art collections, the museum offers great artistic displays. Get in touch with Original Botero's artistic works, including drawings, paintings, and sculptures. You will be amazed by the creativity, consistency, sensuality, irony, and respect that propel his Colombian theme. See the contemporary exhibits on the east wing that show the evolution of painting and sculpture. Bring your family and benefit from the free educational programs and exhibitions offered in the Botero Museum.


12 Explore Museo de Arte Moderno (MAMBO)

The Museum of Modern Art, also referred to as Mambo, was established in 2000 and is situated in a historic building designed by legendary architect Rogelio Salmona. It has a rich collection of works from the 19th century to modern crafts. It comprises both local and international collections from Latin America, the US, and Europe. The diverse collection includes the works of popular artists like Andy Warhol, Picasso, Arp, Dali, and Bacon, among others. The museum brings together a photographic collection of almost a million items, graphics, and industrial designs dispersed through temporary exhibitions for now.


13 Have an unforgettable shopping experience at Usaquen Flea Market

Bogota, Colombia - February 6, 2017 : People shopping at Mercado de las Pulgas de Usaquen free market in Bogota capital city of Colombia South America OSTILL is Franck Camhi/Shutterstock

On Sundays, the Usaquen Flea Market is buzzing with activity. Talk of martial arts, street performances, and filled-up stalls; there is always something to catch your attention. If you love crafts and antiques, you'll be spoiled for choices, as there is so much on display. Plenty of organic snacks are up for sale, but you must push through the crowd to buy them. Visit the market early in the in the morning, avoid the human traffic, and explore what the market has to offer without a lot of pressure. Also, make reservations if you plan to enjoy the local snacks, as restaurants are always filled with food lovers.


14 Attend the Ciclovia Event for a fun-filled experience

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA - FEBRUARY 9, 2015: Unidentified hispanic pedestrians, cyclists, dogs and food vendors moving through city street Candelaria area Bogota

Ciclovia is a common tradition in Bogota, where 120 kilometers of road in streets are closed to vehicles, allowing passage to only cyclists and pedestrians. The event takes place every Sunday from 7 in the morning to 2 p.m. Not just cyclists or pedestrians enjoy this space, but also athletes, skateboarders, pet walkers, and roller skaters. The people get to interact freely, despite their background or status. Hire a bike and join this free space while mixing up with different people and touring the hyper-ways normally invaded by heavy vehicles.


15 Visit Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is a monumental architectural structure crafted monumentally by miners. This hidden salt mine treasure is located at an elevation of 2,652 meters above sea level, within the hill of Zipa. This remarkable site, named after the renowned indigenous chief, boasts an average temperature of 14 °C. The beautiful temple has a sculpture of the miner's patron saint with a miner at her feet at the entrance. Get into the ceremonial plaza and experience the lovely artistic work of the Cardinal Cross, the beautiful tower, the mining monument, and the fountains.


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