Visit These Under-the-Radar Travel Destinations

Are you tired of visiting the same old places? Are you looking to venture off the beaten path and experience something entirely new? While some destinations attract millions of visitors every year, others are less well known. For some travelers, these unique spots are far more appealing than crowded tourist hubs.

Whether you're a fan of adrenaline-pumping adventure or you prefer relaxing afternoons on the beach, you have options that'll give you an opportunity to post pictures that no one else on your social media feed can duplicate.


01 Yaeyama Islands, Japan

Japan's Yaeyama Islands are a paradise that many tourists miss. Surrounded by extensive coral reefs, the islands provide habitats for various marine wildlife, including whales and dugongs. These islands also offer spectacular white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters perfect for snorkeling.

02 Malawi, Africa

Astro over Lake Malawi Photo by Jason Zhao on Unsplash

Many people visiting Africa opt for classic tourist destinations like Kenya, South Africa, and Egypt. But another country well worth a visit is Malawi. Bordering Zambia, Mozambique, and Tanzania, Malawi is a land of stunning national parks and long, pristine beaches. For snorkeling, Lake Malawi is a must-see. If native wildlife fascinates you, the Liwonde National Park offers walking and vehicle safaris where you’ll be able to spot elephants, hippos, baboons, crocs, endangered black rhinos, and more.


03 Puglia, Italy

People on a beach in Puglia, Italy Photo by Nassim Wahba on Unsplash

Italy is a tourist hotspot, but most travelers never make it to Puglia. That's a shame because this region is home to spectacular attractions you won't find anywhere else. Along the coast of Polignano a Mare, you’ll find intriguing sea caves. In hilltop Ostuni, a medieval city approximately five miles inland, you’re in for a historical treat. The walled city's buildings are built on top of one another, with stunning archways supporting the houses. At the highest point of the town, you’ll find a stunning Gothic cathedral that makes the visit worth your while all on its own.


04 Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini Harbor Photo by Antonio Scant on Unsplash

Of the Bahamian islands, Bimini is the one located closest to the United States. And yet, despite how close it is, many tourists skip right over it in favor of more well-known destinations. Bimini offers a unique, authentic Caribbean experience. Gorgeous beaches, the shipwreck of SS Sapona, and fantastic snorkeling are just some of the attractions to explore during your stay.


05 Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

The Osa Peninsula, located on the Pacific coast of southern Costa Rica, is a beautiful destination if you’re looking to experience Costa Rican wildlife and nature. The area is one of the most biologically diverse places on earth. Trek in the rain forest, explore waterfalls and tide pools and enjoy some of the best snorkeling in all of Costa Rica. To make your trip truly memorable, stay in one of the first-class jungle lodges surrounded by lush greenery.

06 Sumba Island, Indonesia

Sandy beaches of West Sumba district, Indonesia Photo by Itchy Feet on Unsplash

Remember what Bali used to be like 20 years ago? That’s what you’ll find on Sumba Island today. Less than an hour’s flight from Bali, Sumba Island is twice as big, but the population is much smaller. Untouched wild places characterize Sumba Island. These add a sense of adventure to everything you do during your travels. There are only a few resorts on the beautiful island. Some of them are very luxurious. When combined with an abundance of idyllic beaches, world-class snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing, it's a water lover's paradise.


07 Cork, Ireland

While Dublin has always been the most popular tourist destination in Ireland, Cork City in the South is becoming more and more attractive. The city has a fun, youthful vibe, and it has been reinventing itself in recent years. Cork makes for a perfect weekend trip if you are visiting other parts of the country. Check out the impressive culinary scene, the waterfront views, and the extraordinary historic architecture.

08 Tasmania, Australia

While Tasmania has long been a popular destination among jet setters, it’s slowly turning into a hotspot for mainstream tourists. The rugged wilderness includes remote sandy beaches and lush, green mountains. These are combined with fine dining by some of the country’s top chefs, making a trip to Tasmania the perfect mix of nature and culture. Consider camping in one of the National Parks during your stay for the chance to glimpse some of Australia's wildlife. Visitors are always particularly excited to see the area's wombats.

09 Zona Cafetera (Coffee Region), Colombia

Many people who visit Colombia focus on Cartagena, Medellin, and Bogota. But if you don't include the beautiful green coffee region of the country, you’re missing something unique. One of the highlights in this region is the Valle de Cocora, home to some of the tallest palm trees in the world. While this “coffee country” is a bit is harder to get to than other Colombian destinations, it’s worth your effort — especially if you're a coffee lover.

10 Tonga

Tonga is considered one of the most beautiful of the Pacific islands and the best place in the world for swimming with humpback whales. This marine area is part of the whales’ migration path from the Antarctic, making it a perfect place to view these magnificent creatures up close. Located just 500 miles from Fiji, Tonga is an ideal destination for nature lovers.

11 Czechia (Czech Republic)

Karlštejn Castle, Karlštejn, Czechia Photo by Jaromír Kavan on Unsplash

Czechia is a fascinating country of castles, medieval towns, beautiful rural areas, and plenty of vineyards, yet many visitors never leave the capital city. That’s a mistake, considering Czechia is home to no less than 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites outside of Prague’s historic center.


12 Georgia

Trinity Gergeti Church, Kazbegi, Georgia Photo by Iman Gozal on Unsplash

Georgia is an exciting destination, as many tourists are just beginning to discover. Georgia offers the good life at a very affordable price with stunning mountains, cosmopolitan cities, and an abundance of fine vineyards.


13 Faroe Islands

Múlafossur, Gasádalur, Faroe Islands Photo by Rogério Toledo on Unsplash

The Faroe Islands are slowly growing in popularity among adventure travelers. They appreciate the remote hiking trails in mountainous terrain, as well as the jaw-dropping views when green fields drop steeply into the North Atlantic. Tourists come for the dramatic scenery, the charming puffins, and the unique serenity.


14 Namibia

Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia Photo by Joe McDaniel on Unsplash

If you’re visiting Africa for the first time, Namibia is an excellent choice of destination. Here you get everything from the coastal deserts in the south to wildlife safaris in the north. In addition, Namibia is much less crowded by tourists than other similar destinations in Africa.


15 Asturias, Spain

Aguilar Beach, Cudillero, Asturias, Spain Photo by Juan Gomez on Unsplash

Asturias is one of Spain’s hidden gems, with dramatic mountain peaks, clear lakes, and quiet beaches. The culinary scene is impressive, and it’s probably only a matter of time before the crowds discover this beautiful region. But until they do, you get to enjoy scenic hikes, visit the holy Cave of Covadonga, and the beautiful beaches of the Covadonga Lakes, without having to compete with other tourists for space.


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