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Vacation Ideas for Singles: Embrace the Journey

While traveling with a loved one is memorable and exciting, there's something uniquely rejuvenating about exploring a new place all on your own. Unbound from the needs and expectations of others, you're free to wander wherever your heart leads you. Being a single traveler allows you time to breathe, follow your impulses, and immerse yourself entirely in a different culture; it's an experience everyone should have at least once.


01 Montréal, Canada

woman doing a bike ride in Montreal Old Port during a sunrise in the end of summer. A&J Fotos/ Getty Images

Home to vibrant nightlife, breathtaking historical sights like the Notre Dame Basilica, and a food scene unlike anything else (ever tried poutine?), Montréal is the heart of French Canada. A solo trip through its vibrant streets is the perfect way to spend a week away. Try people-watching at the Jean-Talon Market and mingling at one of the city's chic cocktail bars.


02 San Diego, California

Marine Street Beach, Summer sky Stephen Simpson/ Getty Images

San Diego's perfect weather, stunning beaches, and laid-back atmosphere make it a great place to vacation alone, and what better way to reset than a week on the beach? Whether you explore one of its famous attractions, like the San Diego Zoo, or grab an authentic burrito and watch the sunset at La Jolla Shores, this SoCal city never disappoints.


03 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bicycle on a Bridge over a Canal in Amsterdam Netherlands with Blue Sky Budanatr/ Getty Images

Amsterdam is a beautiful city rich in history. Home to the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House, Amsterdam is the center of Dutch tradition. The city's famous network of canals, designed in the 17th century, offers single travelers an unbeatable way to sail through the streets. Prefer to stay on land? Amsterdam also boasts some of the best public transportation and bike trails worldwide, making it easy to navigate the city on foot.


04 Bend, Oregon

Stock photograph of park and the Deschutes River in Bend Oregon USA on a sunny autumn day. benedek/ Getty Images

The Pacific Northwest is known for its natural wonders, and Bend is one of the best places to experience them. This former lumber town offers a myriad of ways to explore the outdoors, from river kayaking to world-class mountain biking trails. A must-see is Tumalo Falls, an awe-inspiring 97-foot waterfall within the Deschutes National Forest. After a hike, Bend offers an array of charming restaurants, taverns, and boutiques.


05 Tokyo, Japan

Woman with yellow jacket walking in the electronic town district of Akihabara, the geek ward of Tokyo, Japan © Marco Bottigelli/ Getty Images

A unique mix of modern metropolis and deep cultural traditions, Tokyo offers single travelers a world of things to explore. Perhaps the best way to experience a deep-rooted Japanese tradition is to visit one of Tokyo's sento bathhouses. Communal bathing in Japan dates back to the 1600s and remains one of the city's most relaxing and therapeutic activities. There are plenty of other ways to experience the culture clothed, too, such as soaking in the beauty of the Hama Rikyu Gardens and visiting the famously breathtaking Sensoji Temple.


06 Portland, Maine

The Portland Head Light at sunrise just outside of Portland, Maine. amolson7/ Getty Images

Portland's coastal views and charming cobblestone streets make it popular among young, single travel enthusiasts. One of the biggest foodie cities on the east coast, Portland is brimming with eclectic eateries and locally-crafted brews. Its small-town, friendly culture makes it easy to meet like-minded locals and other tourists. Even if you arrive solo, you're unlikely to leave without a few memorable conversations.


07 Sydney, Australia

Smiling girl in hat and sunglasses posing in Sydney Harbour Daviles/ Getty Images

Sydney is known for its stunning beaches, making it the perfect place to get away and soak in the sun. It's a must-see destination for surfers, with the iconic Bondi beach drawing countless visitors every year. Even if you don't surf, Sydney offers several exciting ways to explore its famous coastline. Hop aboard one of the city's jet boat rides and enjoy an unforgettable ride past the Sydney Opera House!


08 Maui, Hawaii

Man snorkeling in ocean with a sea turtle, Maui, Hawaii, USA darekm101/ Getty Images

Immerse yourself in Hawaii's natural beauty and rich cultural history on the island of Maui. In contrast to the high-rise buildings and nightlife of O'ahu, Maui tends to be a little more laid back and better suited to single travelers. Whether you swim with sea turtles, hike a volcano in Haleakalā National Park, or experience the magic of the Makawao Forest Reserve, this Maui is the perfect place to explore solo.


09 Reykjavik, Iceland

A woman relaxing at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Pete Ark/ Getty Images

Prefer a colder destination? You can't miss Reykjavik. This small city is perfect for exploring on foot. Take a stroll through its colorful streets, taking in the vibrant street art and stunning architecture, then wind down with a dip in one of the city's incredible natural hot springs. And if you time your trip right (generally between September and April), you'll find yourself in the perfect place to view the Northern Lights.


10 Austin, Texas

Sixth Street music and entertainment district in downtown Austin, Texas, USA benedek/ Getty Images

Austin's culinary scene, music venues, and nightlife make it a perfect place for a solo weekend. The capital city encapsulates Texas culture with incredible Southern food and an impressive concert lineup. Make sure to visit The Broken Spoke, a dance hall and restaurant that's been played by Willie Nelson, George Straight, and Dolly Parton.


11 Strasbourg, France

Young man taking selfie with smartphone in Colmar, France serts/ Getty Images

Bordering Germany at the eastern edge of France, Strasbourg offers its visitors the best of both countries. La Petite France is a charming, picturesque network of canals and cobblestone streets that offer a window into the region's history. Strasbourg is also known for hearty, rich dishes that blend the best of French and German cuisine.


12 New York, New York

Aerial view of New York City captured from above the Central Park at sunset. Wojtek Zagorski/ Getty Images

Wandering the streets of New York City alone will have you feeling like a star in one of the countless movies set in its streets. Spend an afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, grab a slice of pizza from a local diner, and cap off your night at the latest Broadway hit; you'll remember your trip to the Big Apple for the rest of your life.


13 Cancun, Mexico

Woman alone in a cenote, Mexico © Marco Bottigelli/ Getty Images

Cancun's world-class resorts have made it one of the leading destinations for weddings, bachelor trips, and family vacations, but you don't need a crew to have a blast! Many of Cancun's hotels and resorts offer all-inclusive packages, making it the perfect place to let go and unwind. After a week of spa days, top-tier dining, and lying on white sand beaches, you'll return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


14 Nashville, Tennessee

NASHVILLE - NOV 11: Neon signs on Lower Broadway Area on November 11, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA f11photo/ getty Images

Every music-lover needs a trip to explore Nashville, Tennessee all on their own. Nashville emanates music history, with attractions like the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame drawing thousands of visitors every year. Almost as famous is Nashville hot chicken, a locally-invented favorite you can't skip while in the city!


15 Singapore

young solo traveler woman in Singapore street market checking the map lechatnoir/ Getty Images

Singapore is a city set years into the future. Its modern architecture and extravagant attractions make it, unlike any other place in the world. Perhaps the perfect place to take in the magic of this destination is the Singapore Flyer, the world's second-tallest Ferris wheel. From one of the Flyer's 28 air-conditioned cabins, you'll enjoy a breathtaking view of one of the world's most advanced city-states.


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