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Top Travel Trends You Should Consider

Traveling, touring and vacationing are part of what makes life more fulfilling and exciting. Whether you're discovering new spots or returning to old favorites, just getting away from the grind is revitalizing. Of course, some travelers prefer to blend work and play.

The trends, methods, destinations, and purposes for travel may be changing. But taking trips away from home is still a high priority this year.


01 Culinary Experiences

Sampling the local cuisine heightens the travel experience. piola666 / Getty Images

Food tourism is still going strong. Travelers are eating local and learning about the history, culture and culinary customs of the region they're visiting. Authenticity and trying new cuisine is key to the experience. Returning home with some sample foods and beverages is also a popular option. Veganism is a growing attraction. So, those food offerings are a bonus for ardent supporters of plant-based diets.


02 Personalized Trips

Wuyuan, Shangrao, China Photo by Chastagner Thierry on Unsplash

Travel is becoming more customized, personalized and highly specific to your preferences and needs. This includes travel arrangements, bookings, itineraries, accommodations, check-ins, entertainment, and activities. Most travelers want less stress and more fun out of their vacations. Many are willing to pay extra for it. The industry is referring to the fulfillment of this demand as a connected trip. Technology is helpful in meeting this challenge. In 2020, travel providers who advance this goal are sure to attract and retain more customers.


03 Eco-Conscious Choices

Eco-tourism is going strong. TG23 / Getty Images

Environmental trips. Eco-tourism. Sustainable travel. Minimalism. Zero-footprint vacations. No matter what you call it, the era of considering the environment when you travel is here. For some people, these choices include modes of travel, accommodations, destinations, and activities. Others may only choose to limit their options by one or two features. Either way, eco-conscious travel is destined to grow in 2020.


04 Train Travel

Reflections on a train journey, the shiny surface of the carriage provides an unusual perspective to this photo Photo by Trevor McKinnon on Unsplash

Closely related to eco-tourism, traveling by train is enjoying a resurgence. Climate activist Greta Thunberg has helped to spur this new movement. Traveling by train and bragging about it are already big trends in Europe. This year, U.S. travelers are set to get in on the action. Some railway companies are capitalizing on the trend by offering luxury trips and accommodations with personalized touches.


05 Undertourism

Cities across Italy offer breathtaking scenery. TomasSereda / Getty Images

This year, smart vacationers will be skipping many of the overcrowded, overdone typical tourist spots. Instead, they'll be heading to second cities to enjoy undertourism. Combined with culinary experiences, more personalization, and eco-conscious travel choices, these lesser-traveled destinations can easily offer more vacation for your buck. Some example second cities include Kuelap instead of Machu Picchu or Trieste and Bolzano rather than Venice or Rome.


06 Off-Season Adventures

Skip the crowds and enjoy novel experiences by traveling off-season in 2020. Ruslanshug / Getty Images

Another way to avoid vacationing in overcrowded sites is to travel during the low season. With some research and careful planning, savvy travelers can enjoy vacationing in a destination's off-season and save money, too. This also provides the opportunity to interact more meaningfully with area residents and soak up the local culture. More travel arrangement flexibility is another benefit.


07 Group Outings with Multi-Generations

 Young and old connect on skip-generation vacations. RainStar / Getty Images

Traveling with friends and family members from various generations has been a big hit in previous years and promises to continue into 2020. These group travel arrangements encompass all types of trips, including cruises, all-inclusive resorts, ancestry travel, and activity-filled vacations. An evolving sub-trend is called skip-generation trips. These getaways involve grandchildren traveling with their grandparents, without their parents.


08 Bringing Your Pet on Vacation

A group of teenage friends, together with a dog, adventures on the mountain, on the Italian Dolomites. piola666 / Getty Images

Pet owners love their animal companions, and it shows with a robust pet industry market. So, it's no surprise that they don't want to leave their fur-babies behind when they hit the road. Hotels, airlines, and others in the travel and tourism industry have been quick to jump on this trend. They offer pet-friendly options that encourage travelers to bring their four-legged friends along when they travel. Expect to see lots of canine and feline travelers in 2020.


09 Ancestry Tours

Vacation at Olsztyn beach Photo by on Unsplash

At-home DNA testing is all the rage. An increasing number of Americans are learning about their genetic makeup, ancestry, and heritage. This has led to a yearning to travel to their homeland and expand their knowledge of where their ancestors came from. Because of this, custom genealogy and heritage trips are expected to boom in 2020.


10 Bizcations

 Technology lets you stay connected and productive, even on vacation. anyaberkut / Getty Images

Technology is an integral part of work and play in today's world. It often blurs the lines, making work-life balance more challenging than ever. But for workaholics, that's a bonus. In 2020, these overachievers will continue to blend their professional lives and leisure time — even on vacation. Terms like bizcation and bleisure are cropping up to describe these working holidays. They're sure to be a big part of this year's travel scene.


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