Top Places to Find Your Zen and Practice Yoga

Yoga is a discipline that allows you to enjoy it wherever you are, whether that’s a professional studio or your own living room. However, while there are no wrong locations to practice yoga, some aspects of the art are only available by traveling outside of your typical venue. Those seeking spiritual enlightenment may choose to visit some of the more reverent destinations, while people desiring a bit of exercise may wish to combine yoga with a classic adventure. No matter what you long for, there is a location that will elevate your yoga experience to new heights.


01 Rishikesh, India

Where could be a better place to practice yoga than the country that created it? Rishikesh is a city in India that sits on the banks of the gorgeous and sacred Ganges, nestled within the Himalayan foothills. Ease into your stay with some meditation and yoga at one of the local ashrams. Parmarth Niketan is one of the biggest and best yoga centers in India and allows initial stays of up to 15 days. Feel free to participate in classes focusing on yoga, spirituality, and Vedic heritage.

02 Kauai, Hawaii

Yoga is a discipline that allows you to explore and improve various aspects of your physical and mental health, as well as your spirituality. For a truly transcendent yoga experience, take in the soothing vibes of Kauai, Hawaii. The island’s beautiful tropical rainforest and scenic Na Pali Coast provide the perfect backdrops for any yoga practitioner. If outdoor yoga isn't your thing, try one of the many hot yoga facilities on the island.

03 Ibiza, Spain

Most people recognize Ibiza as one of the world’s premier party locales, which isn’t what you typically expect when thinking of places to practice yoga. However, Ibiza is more than its party scene. Secret coves, calm beaches, and quiet pine forests provide plenty of areas of natural serenity for yoga. Some companies offer retreats across the island that weave together hiking and swimming adventures with guided yoga sessions.

04 Sedona, Arizona

If you practice yoga and embrace its spiritual aspects, Sedona is a must-visit. Thousands of people from around the world enjoy sojourns in Sedona, finding healing and spiritual renewal. Hike through the unique rock formations and practice yoga to experience the local energy vortexes. Even if you have no interest in the more ethereal side of yoga, the picturesque sunsets and glimmering night sky make Sedona a legendary yoga center.

05 Pai, Thailand

Pai feels it exists in a world of its own, with mountain walls and sprawling forests separating it from the rest of the country. Yogis looking to fully embrace the majesty of nature will find themselves right at home in Pai. Visit one of the many meditation centers near the gentle Pai river or head just outside the town to find natural hot springs and crashing waterfalls. Regardless of the location you choose, yoga in Pai is unlike yoga anywhere else.

06 Kerala, India

Kerala often astonishes people unfamiliar with the area. The region is a slender coastal strip with nearly 400 miles of dazzling Arabian Sea beaches, rolling green hills, and noble mountain peaks. You can feel the soothing vibes of the area as soon as you set foot within it. Yoga is extremely popular in Kerala, and you’ll feel spoiled with all of the choices you have. Many of the centers here combine the physical asanas with Ayurvedic healing practices.

07 Pokhara, Nepal

Many people practice yoga to unwind, meditate, and relieve stress. Pokhara is essentially the physical manifestation of yoga’s benefits. Spectacular scenery, laid-back adventures, and unforgettable food are par for the course in Pokhara. Yoga retreats dot the coasts of the many lakes around the city, as well as several of its numerous rivers. Alternatively, some centers have multi-day tours where you hike through pristine forests, climb to glimpse a perfect sunrise, and ultimately shed your worries with guided yoga and meditation.

08 San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

Yogis heading to San Marcos will find themselves among like-minded individuals who feel this lakeside village possesses spiritual energy that permeates everything around it. People from around the globe travel here to practice their art, whether that’s yoga, meditation, reiki, or other spiritual activities. Maya culture is the most prevalent, but the lower areas are a beautiful blend of eastern and western ideals. Yoga in San Marcos may vary in style but is always rewarding.

09 Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a popular travel destination for people from all walks of life, though most tend to overlook its status as a yoga haven. Outdoor yoga is incredibly rewarding in Boulder, thanks to the crisp mountain air and picture-perfect mountain view. If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, several centers in the heart of the city have therapeutic sessions and Asana yoga classes.

10 Tofo, Mozambique

Travelers who are seeking a laid-back destination that’s still rich in charm may find that Tofo is a perfect choice. This small town sits at the crest of a serene white sand beach, providing both leisure and sightseeing opportunities. For the best yoga spots, head to Turtle Cove, which offers both yoga and surfing classes for all skill levels. Make sure to fill your belly with some local cuisine, such as Mozambique’s mouth-watering matapa.

11 Sacred Valley, Peru

Waterfalls rush down mountainsides, airy villages dot the horizon, and alpacas graze freely in the otherworldly Río Urubamba Valley. Known widely as Sacred Valley, this is a region rich in both natural beauty and powerful spirituality. A variety of centers across the region allow travelers to participate in daily Andean and Hatha yoga sessions. You can even visit the ancient Incan city of Cuzco and enjoy Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and meditation.

12 Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a destination that truly embodies the word “paradise.” Few places on earth can live up to Bali’s volcanic mountain horizon, sparkling shorelines, and tranquil hillside temples. Life in Indonesia — and especially Bali — is rich with religious customs and spiritual experiences. To get a full taste of this, head to the Taksu Spa. This is a sanctuary where you can enjoy Flow, Hatha, and traditional Balinese yoga classes while taking in the sights of the surrounding rainforest.

13 Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Chances are that you’ve never heard of Red Feather Lakes. This unincorporated mountain town doesn’t offer any tourist attractions other than the Gnome Road, a scenic path full of ceramic elves, gnomes, fairy doors, and hidden faces. However, yogis making the journey may just find themselves in the midst of their greatest adventure. The forests around Red Feather Lakes are perfect for gentle hikes and outdoor yoga sessions. Plus, a short drive takes you from the rustic village to the Shambhala Mountain Center. This yoga haven rests in a scenic 600-acre valley and offers everything a practitioner could desire.

14 Vancouver, BC, Canada

No list of yoga locales is complete without Vancouver. While it may not be what people usually imagine when they think of a yoga destination, don’t be quick to write it off. Vancouver is a true melting pot of cultures, allowing yogis to try a range of different styles. While many people view yoga as an internal and solitary practice, it can also be a communal experience where everyone shares in the fun. Plus, you can find dozens of free outdoor yoga classes in the spring and summer, making it a fantastic destination for those wanting to get into yoga for the first time.

15 Jinja, Uganda

Visitors to Jinja are usually adventurous thrillseekers, looking to get their hearts racing with white water rafting, quad biking, and horseback riding. However, Jinja also has much to offer those with less stimulating itineraries. Some people feel connections with the world around them, especially in places of great historical or cultural importance. This city sits on the shores of Lake Victoria, near the source of the White Nile, making it an unforgettable locale for strengthening your body and mind through yoga.


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