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These Foodie Destinations Are the Best in America

Back in 2004, the term “foodie” first started trending on Google. A foodie is a gourmet and specialty food lover whose interests spurred a social media phenomenon. Soon, everyone was posting aesthetic photos and videos of their culinary achievements. This trend picked up quickly, and many small cuisines gained business from social media coverage.  Culinary tourism is now a billion-dollar industry, but you don’t have to cross the ocean to enjoy foodie destinations. You can find some of the most unique and treasured foods right here in America.


01 New Orleans, Louisiana

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Not only is it an intriguing city, overflowing with mystery, music, and historical architecture, but New Orleans cuisine is legendary. New Orleans is an international city, and the flavors you’ll discover here are unlike those anywhere else. From traditional spicy gumbo to sumptuous po’boys, sweet, delicious beignets, and plates brimming with barbecued shrimp, food is always at the forefront of a true NOLA experience. Foodies will find endless culinary inspiration in the array of dishes served across the city, brimming with flavors that are as vibrant and diverse as the people who live here.


02 Portland, Oregon

A 2019 survey named Portland as the top culinary hotspot in the country based on affordability, range of flavors, diversity, and the selection its restaurants provide. Foodies will discover an endless source of culinary revelations at any of the sit-down restaurants, farmers' markets, and food carts. Don’t miss out on tasting local favorites like Thai-style Khao Man Gai, a savory poached chicken, and rice dish. This city takes meat-free eating seriously, offering a massive selection of vegan and vegetarian delights that will rock your tastebuds.

03 Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville has amazing food and is rising as a top culinary destination, most likely due to its farm-to-table dining experiences. There are several award-winning restaurants in the city and throughout the region, many of which find their ingredients through local growers and family farms in the area. This romantic, charming destination is traditionally famous for its Southern food. Curious gastronomes will also discover a range of unique, inspired, and tasty Mediterranean, Asian, Cuban, and contemporary eateries — its foodie heaven.

04 Santa Fe, New Mexico

If this capital city's beauty isn’t enough for a traveler, the vast number of culinary choices will seal the deal for foodies. Travelers choosing accommodations in the town square will step out of their room each morning to the wafting smell of fresh bread and pastries from local bakeries nearby. Choose from legacy restaurants or discover an up-and-coming hotspot offering new twists on local favorites. Blue corn and red or green chile sauces are at the heart of authentic New Mexican cuisine, but there is no shortage of trendy eateries that combine international flavors with local ingredients.

05 Honolulu, Hawaii

Every year, the 10 million travelers who visit the Aloha State expect to find an ample selection of delicious food. What foodies will appreciate is that the islands have been undergoing a food revolution in recent years. Chefs have shaken up the culinary vibes here, preparing rustic, traditional dishes featuring fresh fish and locally grown produce instead of the once-popular Hawaiian fusion dishes. Honolulu is at the forefront of the revolution as the state's largest city, with high-end, reasonably priced, delectable take-out options and new twists on traditional dishes.

06 Charleston, South Carolina

Few travelers are aware of the rich, historical connection with food in the Palmetto State. Charleston sits elegantly within the state’s Lowcountry, along the southern coastline. Here, foodies discover a multitude of unique flavor combinations rooted in the European, West African, and Antillian influences from the city’s early history. Visitors can find any food imaginable in downtown Charleston. Seafood is a must-try, and there’s no shortage of fascinating eateries that offer traditional, localized, and innovative creations.

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07 San Francisco, California

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Foodies will have no trouble finding the perfect spot to enjoy a tasty meal here. The massive number of restaurants across the city makes choosing one the hardest task. Food trends are constantly evolving in San Francisco, with new establishments offering foodie-inspired menus to try out. Dim sum, mission burritos, and seafood are local favorites. For those who like to sneak in a late-night, local delicacy, San Francisco has a great selection of food counters, diners, and bars that serve delicious fare after 11 pm.


08 Miami, Florida

There’s no shortage of celebrity chefs and trendy restaurants in Miami, making it the perfect destination for foodies to enjoy a mouthwatering meal after a day on the beach. Fans of epicurean dining will find a long list of fine dining establishments where they can enjoy haute cuisine favorites in lush surroundings. For diners seeking to take in the diverse, local culinary culture, try arepas, a Columbian and Venezuelan-inspired dish — a cornmeal cake stuffed with pulled pork, melted cheese, and avocado.

09 New York, New York

It’s no secret that New York is a food lover’s paradise. According to many food-lover circles, its diverse collection of pubs, diners, food trucks, delicatessens, and high-end, fine-dining establishments are second-to-none. Eating out is a popular pastime in this trendy, awe-inspiring city. World-renowned eateries, which opened their doors decades ago, are still serving innovative and tasty dishes from their kitchens. Brooklyn has made a name for itself as a destination for food and culture, where foodies can sample the best pizza, cannoli, and pierogi the neighborhood offers.

10 Aspen, Colorado

You don’t have to be a Jet Set member to indulge in luxury Aspen food selections. Foodies who make plans to head there between mid-May and mid-June find lots of cost-saving travel options. For food lovers who enjoy flavorful yet healthy options, Aspen is the perfect destination. Several local eateries serve organic and vegetarian foods. Enjoy a relaxing lunch outdoors while admiring the gorgeous nature views that Colorado has to offer. Rustic food is a specialty here, with bars and restaurants creating delicious takes on lamb dishes, bison, fresh trout, and the traditional burger-and-fries fare.


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