These Are the Most Stolen Items From Hotels

These Are the Most Stolen Items From Hotels

Getaway Staff
Updated: May 28, 2021

Souvenirs are a great way to keep the memory of a traveling experience alive. For some travelers, keyrings and postcards aren’t enough. Everyone wants a good deal on a unique item, but many travelers go too far. The result is usually a high credit card charge and a story of unwise behavior while traveling.

From sneaking silverware to hauling out mattresses, these items have mysteriously vanished from hotel rooms.



Beautiful young couple sitting by the window embraced, enjoying their carefree weekend morning together. Wooden tray with breakfast on it in front of them. SrdjanPav / Getty Images

Admiring the elegant silverware of your hotel? Some guests decide to steal the entire set. From a luxurious tableware set to a simple butter knife, these utensils are unfortunately removed from all types of rooms. Some particularly ambitious thieves try to ask room service for additional items for a full matching set.


02Remote batteries

Closeup front view of a mid 20's happy couple watching tv in bed on lazy weekend morning. They are eating some snacks and having sodas. The guy is changing the channels. gilaxia / Getty Images

Most people head to convenience stores when their camera or other device has dead batteries. Enterprising hotel thieves, however, turn to TV remotes. You may not have thought of swiping a few used batteries from a room, but someone else has, making this a common item stolen from hotels.


03Hotel robes

Young funny couple on a comfortable bed in an hotel room taking a selfie in the morning. They both wearing a bathrobe and the woman a towel on her hair. swissmediavision / Getty Images

This one is mainly on the list because of accidental theft. Many travelers believe the hotel robes are complementary and pack them away in their suitcases. Unfortunately, robes are cleaned and reused for other guests. Taking a soft robe for use at home may be accidental theft, but it's still against hotel policy.



Hotel amenities is something of a premium nature provided in addition to the room when renting a room. Boyloso / Getty Images

The first item on this list that’s not technically theft, shampoo bottles are acceptable to take with you. Most hotels have high-end brands or unusually calming scents, so go ahead and pack those little bottles for use at home or throughout your journey.



Woman in hot tub relaxing and enjoying the tropical sea view lncreativemedia / Getty Images

High-end hotel towels use tracking microchips to prevent theft. This doesn’t stop travelers since towels often end up missing from rooms. They may be comfortable, but these expensive items are washed and made ready for future guests, so they aren’t for you to take.



Businessman lying on hotel bed exhausted from the business trip. Tired man in formal clothes resting on hotel bed. alvarez / Getty Images

Enjoyed a great night’s sleep in your hotel room? Some travelers attribute it to the linens and take these silky smooth sheets with them. Leave the linens behind and order yourself a high thread-count set for your home.



wide angle shot of a comfortable bedroom gerenme / Getty Images

Some hotel guests seem eager to take anything not bolted down. This includes all types of pillows from beds, couches, and chairs around the room. Not only is this theft, but hotels will charge your account for any missing items. That fluffy pillow better be worth it.



Close up photo of a mother and son using a digital tablet Geber86 / Getty Images

Quirky, classy, or iconic artwork greets travelers in many hotels throughout the world. Some guests feel that the artwork is too good to leave behind. Sneaking artwork out of a hotel is a common issue that results in quite a high credit card charge. In some cases, you’ll even be banned from staying at that hotel or chain again.



Electronic safe in hotel's wardrobe. brightstars / Getty Images

For a more low-budget theft, some travelers take the hangers from a room. Hangers aren’t a high-dollar item but will still come with a charge on your card. Who knew those ordinary household items were so tempting?


10Wall mirrors

Reflection in mirror of young couple lying on hotel bed brightstars / Getty Images

The winner for the most illogical theft is a wall mirror. Some guests actually remove wall mirrors and walk out with them. Not only is a mirror difficult to transport safely, it’s pretty much impossible that the housekeeper isn’t going to notice, and report, this theft.


11Snacks and breakfast food

Mini bar Shehab eldin Khaled / Getty Images

Shampoo isn’t the only item that’s acceptable to take from a hotel. Breakfast food and snacks, as long as they’re complimentary, are totally fine to take for the road. You don’t have to practice your ninja skills to wrap up a roll or piece of fruit for your travels.


12Coffee and tea

Close up of a businessman relaxing after traveling Geber86 / Getty Images

It may not be the latest nitro cold brew or matcha, but the coffee and tea at many resorts are quite good. This is another complimentary item to pack up any coffee pods and tea bags you enjoy. These items are commonly taken but are only considered theft if you aren’t paying for a room.



Excited traveling woman in her room at the hotel jumping on the bed and looking at the camera smiling andresr / Getty Images

Travelers looking to add the highest credit card charges to their tab should reach for a mattress. Yes, entire mattresses have been taken from rooms. This ill-advised theft comes with a steep bill and the tough task of hauling a mattress to a vehicle. Assuming the staff doesn’t see the act in progress or a vehicle leaving with a mattress strapped to it, the housekeeper will obviously spot this missing item.


14Minibar drinks

mini bar with soft drinks, vodka, wine and beer in the hotel room OlegDoroshin /

Many high-end hotels have a stocked minibar for your convenience. You have to pay for any item you take, but some thieves have resorted to refilling items to avoid the fee. This ruse may work for some time, but the housekeeper or next guest is likely to notice a broken seal on a bottle. Some minibars even use sensors, so the staff will know if you remove a bottle from the fridge.


15Room decorations

Man hand opening the door of the luxurious hotel room spyderskidoo / Getty Images

Beyond artwork and mirrors, rooms may be furnished with other unique and stylish items. Nothing is beyond the reach of hotel thieves, so light fixtures, picture frames, and other decorations have all been removed. It’s hard to imagine these decorations are worth the resulting credit card charge and possible hotel ban.


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