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There's a National Park For Every Zodiac Sign

Whether you're into Astrology or not, using the key characteristics is one way to decide which of the 59 National Parks in the US to visit next. The National Parks protect the best wild landscapes in the United States and include volcanoes, forests, mountains, lakes, and more. Are you a fire, earth, water, or air sign? Channel your flower child to find the right Park for you. While people are familiar with the famous marquee Parks like Yellowstone, there are also less crowded gems. All the National Parks are stunning in their own way, with adventures waiting to be discovered.


01 Aquarius - Great Smoky Mountains

Path into Cades Cove AndrewSoundarajan / Getty Images

Aquarians are independent, forward-thinking, and enjoy helping others. They don't like being bored or lonely.

With the highest number of recorded visitors in 2015, the Great Smoky Mountains has enough people to stop Aquarius from getting lonely. But with the ever-changing mists reveling new views to wonder at, there's no chance for an Aquarian to get bored, either. Spend your days trekking through forests and up mountains, and your nights sleeping under a canopy of stars.


02 Pisces - Canyonlands National Park

Father and son sitting on the edge of cliff overlooking vast landscape at Grand View Point of Canyonlands National Park during sunset. CHBD / Getty Images

Pisces is a water sign ruled by the planet Neptune. According to astrologists, Pisceans are connected to music and the arts and like to escape reality.

One of the coolest festivals around, Moab Music Festival, runs outdoor music events at both the Canyonside and Arches National Parks. Small live performances take place in natural amphitheaters carved from the rock by water. You can admire stunning views while escaping reality into a musical dream set in picturesque canyons.


03 Aries - Big Bend

Dramatic sunset just outside of Terlingua, TX Dean_Fikar / Getty Images

Aries is always looking for something exciting and active to do. As a fire sign ruled by the planet Mars, Aries are passionate people who don't like delays.

Perfect for a fire sign, Big Bend Park in Texas has moderate to low crowd levels, so impatient Aries won't have to wait around. This desert wilderness with river canyons crisscrossing it has loads of exciting activities such as mountain biking, float trips, scenic drives, hiking, off-road experiences, backpacking trails and more so you will never be bored at Big Bend.


04 Taurus - Grand Teton

Weathered rustic wagon in pasture with the Grand Tetons in background, WY Ron and Patty Thomas / Getty Images

Devoted Taurus is the practical sort, well grounded as you would expect from an Earth sign. They love gardening, cooking, and enjoying the best nature has to offer.

Grand Teton is a popular park in Wyoming. There are a variety of activities to get a Taurus back to nature, such as walking through alpine scenery, fishing in clear lakes, then maybe cooking them after in a campfire under the stars.


05 Gemini - Denali National Park

Part of Alaska railroad in the forest of Denali National Park with a mountain range in background. A&J Fotos / Getty Images

The twins symbolize Gemini, and people born under this air sign is said to have two different personalities inside them. One minute they are chatty and fun-loving, the next moment they want to rush off to learn everything and experience it all.

Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska has a very isolated bar nicknamed "The Bake" that hosts a popular open-mic night each week where you can pick up a guitar and join in, or appreciate the music as the mood takes you. And when you decide you've had enough of other people, the near-empty wilderness of Alaska is right outside the door.


06 Cancer - Isle Royale

Isle Royale, Michigan Posnov / Getty Images

People born under the Cancer zodiac are said to be sentimental and love time with close friends. They like small comforts but can rough it when properly supplied, and like their element of water.

With a low number of visitors, the remote island of Isle Royale offers unspoiled wilderness to those determined enough to get to it. Cancer will love getting a close group of friends together to go scuba diving, kayaking, and taking boat tours. After an exhausting day, what better way to unwind than a campfire under the stars.


07 Leo - Yellowstone

Castle Geyser erupting in Yellowstone in strong back light. Riishede / Getty Images

Leo's are said to be leaders. They love the theater, bright colors, and having fun with friends. Their element is fire, making them a warm-hearted soul.

Yellowstone is a natural wonder that has to be seen. No amount of documentaries can compare to experiencing it for yourself. With hot springs, boiling mud, and geysers a Leo will be in their fire element. Yellowstone gets busy, so either travel there in low season or enjoy the extra color and excitement that comes from crowds gazing at the volcanic marvels.


08 Virgo - Hawaii Volcano Park

Barren land in Volcanoes national park, lava field, child explores the landscape Lisa5201 / Getty Images

Virgos notice the little things. They like to understand the world, especially animals and nature, and this Earth sign is happiest watching a nature documentary.

When it comes to the raw force of nature, Hawaii has it all. From Volcanoes to tropical forests, wildlife galore, and seas for surfing or dolphin spotting. Virgo's will have fun looking at the colorful mix of birds, plants, and insects that liven up the view from every window.


09 Libra - Saguaro

A Giant Saguaro, one of the largest cacti in the World, in Saguaro National Park, near Tucson Arizona. lucky-photographer / Getty Images

Those born under Libra are peaceful and calm. They love the quiet beauty of the outdoors and sharing their time with friends.

The Saguaro Park suits Libra, as the desert scenery with saguaro cactus is a perfect place to sit and be still with nature. Activities here include horse rides or backpacking along trails, or scenic driving route to admire the landscape from an air-conditioned car.


10 Scorpio - Zion

Long exposure photo of the stars and Milky Way over Zion Canyon National Park in Utah, USA adogslifephoto / Getty Images

Passionate and sometimes a bit stubborn, Scorpios are strong characters. Scorpios are truth seekers, but will never tell a secret given in in confidence.

Zion Park in Utah has narrow canyons with beautiful rock formations and sandstone cliffs. Scorpios will need their strong wills to enjoy the thrilling canyoneering along some challenging routes. There are also rock climbing routes, biking, horse riding, and hiking trails to explore.


11 Sagittarius - Grand Canyon

Man living on the edge at the horseshoe bend. Page, Arizona. USA Eloi_Omella / Getty Images

Sagittarius loves to travel, and are open-minded people with lots of curiosity about the world around them. A natural extravert, Sagittarius wants to experience it all.

For such a big personality, only a huge natural wonder will do. The Grand Canyon offers plenty for curious Sagitaris to do. As well as scenic trails for backpacking, there's whitewater rafting, helicopter tours, off-road driving and wildlife to watch.


12 Capricorn - Glacier National Park

Grinnell Glacier at Glacier National Park, Montana. JeanMarieBiele / Getty Images

Often the responsible one in a group, Capricorns have a lot of self-control and discipline. With an eye for quality work, Capricorns appreciate craftsmanship when they see it.

Glacier Park in Montana has stunning glacial and mountain scenery with flower-filled alpine meadows and clear lakes lower down. Historic lodges will fascinate Capricorns, and boat tours help you get closer to nature.


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