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The World's Best Wheelchair-Accessible Destinations

For those facing mobility issues, choosing a travel destination can be challenging. You want a spot that fulfills your interests and passions, but you need one with accessible measures in place too.

However, many incredible cities recognize this, and you might be surprised just how accessible many iconic destinations can be. From historic landmarks to art and culture hot spots, your sense of wanderlust can be satisfied in wheelchair-accessible cities across the globe.


01 London, England

Those craving a bit of Old Blighty can go wild in the nation's capital, as London is one of the most wheelchair-accessible cities on earth. Black Taxi Cabs enable wheelchair users to easily explore the city; they feature ramps, extra interior space, and high door openings to accommodate every traveler.

Even the city's most famous attractions are accessible; Buckingham Palace features step-free access through a private entrance. The British Museum has accessible entry, and Westminster Abbey has level access throughout. Most popular attractions offer similar options, including the Natural History and Victoria and Albert Museums.

Along with top shopping destinations like Liberty and Harrod's and people watching from accessible London or Tower Bridge, you can take a spin on the step-free London Eye to catch 360-degree views of the city.

London taxi that runs the Westminster Bridge Vincenzo_Ganci / Getty Images

02 Vienna, Austria

Take a journey through time in Vienna, a historic city overflowing with art and culture. Thankfully for wheelchair users, the city has an accessible public transit system that makes exploring every inch of it an easy experience. Unlike some other European destinations, the entire city is flat with level paving.

Vienna's most popular attractions are also accessible, including Belvedere and Schönbrunn Palaces. At the Spanish Riding School, you can purchase wheelchair seats for a fantastic view of the show, eyeing the beauty of the world's top horses to a classic soundtrack by Johann Strauss.

The Stephansplatz is a pedestrian-only area where you can immerse yourself in Vienna's vibrant ambiance; here, you can explore centuries-old buildings and cathedrals nestled between souvenir shops and trendy eateries.

St. Stephen's Cathedral lightkey / Getty Images

03 Paris, France

One of Europe's most attractive destinations, the "City of Love" features a wide range of wheelchair-accessible attractions, making its history and culture available to everyone.

At over 650,000 square feet, the Louvre is on every art lover's bucket list. The museum also features 18 elevators and 20 wheelchair lifts, so you can easily navigate between exhibits. Must-see attractions like Versailles Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Tuileries Garden are also accessible.

Even the first two floors of the Eiffel Tower are accessible at a reduced rate, offering visitors panoramic city views.

Smiling young women standing on a bridge and making selfie. One holding the phone, other embracing her friend. Eiffel tower, bridge and river on background. portishead1 / Getty Images

04 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a beloved destination on the Mediterranean Sea, making it easily reachable by water. Its port offers fully accessible routes to the heart of the city, with level walkways, ramps, and elevators along the way.

Stop by medieval Barcelona to discover what life was like in the good old days; you can explore an impressive selection of 1th-15th century sights, such as Barcelona Cathedral, Santa Maria del Mar church, and the Grand Royal Palace. The entire metropolis is equipped with a fully accessible railway system and walkways, making navigation simple.

Barcelona, Spain VitalyEdush / Getty Images

05 Amsterdam, Netherlands

With three canals forming belts around the city, Amsterdam is a top destination for wheelchairs. The city offers cruises with lifts and ramps on board, so you can take in the tulips, historic houses, and windmills in a whole new way.

Many of Amsterdam's top attractions are accessible, including the Van Gogh Museum, which houses the world's largest collection of the artist's paintings. At the Concertgebouw, you can catch one of 900+ annual concerts and events, or you could stop by the Rijksmuseum, which houses over 8,000 arts, crafts, and historical treasures. At the Amsterdam Museum, fully immerse yourself in the learning experience with lively interactive exhibits and displays.

Amsterdam, Netherlands Yasonya / Getty Images

06 Hong Kong

With its neon lights, soaring skyscrapers, and bustling waves of activity, Hong Kong is an alluring destination for visitors from around the globe. Since its bus and subway systems are wheelchair accessible, you can traverse the city without hassle.

Hong Kong also hosts Symphony of Lights, the largest light and music show on earth. Eager learners can journey through the accessible Hong Kong Museum of Art, Space Museum, or Science Museum.

To catch panoramic views from Victoria Peak, take a taxi to the top of the mountain, which offers level, wheelchair-friendly walkways.

Hong Kong CHUNYIP WONG / Getty Images

07 Sydney, Australia

As the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is a city steeped in culture and beauty. The wheelchair-accessible Coogee Beach walkway covers the coastline, so you achieve an up-close view of the ocean while spotting unique species of whales, sea turtles, and birds.

Many renowned attractions are fully accessible. At the Sydney Opera House, you can catch a spectacular concert from a level access seat. With over 1,500 annual performances, you'll have plenty to choose from. Beneath the opera house, relax with a glass of wine while watching the sunset.

Sydney, Australia jfoltyn / Getty Images

08 New York City, New York

New York is brimming with action 24/7, so there's never a shortage of things to do. Through the Accessible Dispatch program, wheelchair-friendly taxis make getting from Times Square to Brooklyn easier than ever.

Most attractions in this metropolis are fully wheelchair-accessible, so you can check out the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, and Central Park as you please.

World-class shopping and dining are everywhere in NYC, so you can sample everything from New York-style bagels and pizza to international cuisine within just a few blocks. One World Observatory, the 9/11 Memorial, and The Oculus are all wheelchair-friendly too.

Times Square Pawel Gaul / Getty Images

09 San Francisco, California

The City by the Bay has a lot to offer wheelchair users; tourist attractions are fully accessible, so you can experience the city in its full glory.

Boat rides and cruises provide a tour of SF's history and culture; many make stops at nearby islands for a peaceful experience away from the bustle. Back on shore, Fisherman's Wharf hugs the city's waterfront. Here, you'll find an energetic ambiance along the boardwalk, where street performers, shops, and restaurants abound.

San Francisco bluejayphoto / Getty Images

10 Washington D.C.

The United States capital offers an abundance of historic attractions and museums, many with free admission and full accessibility. Both the rail system and the buses are accessible, and you can even rent a wheelchair if need be.

There's a lot to take in, from the Capitol Building to the White House, the National Monument, the National Gallery of Art, and the Library of Congress. If you need a break between viewing the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, the city is home to an abundance of world-class restaurants and stores, most of which are wheelchair accessible.

At the Smithsonian, you can catch exhibits on everything from dinosaurs to space ships, fine art to human history, and everything in between.

WW2 Veteran reflects at the WW2 Memorial in Washington, DC during a Honor Flight Trip Joshua Fawzy /

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