The Perfect Getaways for Solo Female Travelers

Trying to coordinate a trip with a group of people can be a hassle. You've got to arrange common flight times, consider everyone's dietary needs, and cater to each person's interests when you plan your itinerary. Why not ditch the crowd and take a trip on your own, where you can customize everything to your preferences? Any of these cities are perfect for traveling independently as a female. They each offer a variety of fun, relaxation, culture, and amazing food.


01 Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida: A cute beach bicycle rests against a beach house fence, facing the sea and a sandy beach somewhere in the Florida Keys. Photo by Hayden Dunsel on Unsplash

Want to have a tropical vacation without packing your passport? Key West is the southernmost point in the US, and this not-so-sleepy island has adventures for every speed. You can crawl down Duval Street sampling a variety of bars and bands, or take a more relaxed tour; visit the Ernest Hemingway House and see where the master himself crafted some of his most famous novels. This is a place where you can be as solitary, or as social, as you want.


02 Las Vegas, Nevada

Fremont Experience at Old Vegas Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

There’s simply no way to become bored in Las Vegas as a solo traveler. Between the shows, the slots, and the sublime food, all of your senses are engaged in Sin City. If you want an old-school experience, head down to Fremont Street and step back into the 1950s heyday of this high-rolling town. You can follow that up with a trip to the Mob Museum just down the street.


03 Savannah, Georgia

Summer time is thunderstorm time, almost every afternoon so be ready, or be wet. Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

A city rich with history, you'll find loads of museums, monuments, and galleries in Savannah. The city's Historic District is home to Forsythe Park, a perfect place for an afternoon picnic or people-watching by the world-famous fountain. Trolley tours are also ideal for solo travelers looking to see the city and hop on or off as they please.


04 Toronto, Canada

Busy streets during the day in Toronto, ON, Canada Photo by Tadeu Jnr on Unsplash

Clean, cool, and culturally diverse are the best ways to describe Canada’s largest city. Sitting beside Lake Ontario, you can find plenty of summer fun on the water, concerts galore at venues like Lee’s Palace and The Horseshoe, and some of the world’s best restaurants. Begin at Kensington Market on a weekend and meander through the vintage shops and boutiques until you reach the massive Chinatown neighborhood. There your senses are filled with aromas of comforting soups and roasted meats.


05 The Lake District, UK

green trees near a lake during the daytime Lake District, Keswick, Cumbria, UK Photo by Joseph Whyle on Unsplash

Called "The Lakes" by locals, this region the perfect destination if you’re an adventurous hiker or outdoor enthusiast. The “fells” in this region are known for their rigorous terrain, and climbing a few during your visit is a vigorous treat. Make a trip to Grasmere and sample old-fashioned gingerbread. Meander through the town's lush, winding streets. The town of Keswick is reportedly the most dog-friendly city in the UK, with furry friends allowed in almost every establishment.


06 Barcelona, Spain

Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Moody, dramatic, and vibrant are all accurate ways to describe this gem on the Mediterranean Sea. If you’re a night owl, then Barca’s style of beginning the evening around 9 pm suits you just fine. Book a tapas crawl in El Raval or the Gothic Quarter. Eat your way through the city while marveling at its narrow alleyways and sun-drenched streets in the evening or during the long days.


07 Kailua, Hawaii

people walking and others are sunbathing on beach under white and blue sky photo Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash

Sure, Hawaii’s most well-known spot on the big island is Honolulu, but Kailua has an island flavor that’s better suited for a solo traveler looking for a laid-back vacation. Located on the east side of the island, the beaches here are less crowded. They're also stocked with some of the biggest waves in the world for those looking to surf or paddleboard. Be like the locals and “pa’u hana,” meaning cut out of work early and get your butt to the beach.


08 Nashville, Tennessee

On Vacay in Nashville Photo by Calvin Craig on Unsplash

You don’t have to love country music to visit Nashville, but it sure helps! This deep tradition of entertainment is rich in Nashville and touring the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, and Country Music Hall of Fame are musts for any music fan. This city is perfect for solo travelers because of the number of tours offered, which allows you to join a larger group with ease. If you want to cruise the Cumberland River, check out a showboat cruise for dinner and entertainment.


09 Buffalo, New York

No, that isn’t a typo. Buffalo is not only an affordable destination but one rich with culture, history, sports, and food. The Queen City prides itself as the “city of good neighbors,” and skeptics who come to the town thinking “Buffalo?” leave feeling “BUFFALO!” The Albright Knox Art Gallery and Frank Lloyd Wright House are must-sees for fans of world-class art and architecture. There’s so much more to the local food scene than just wings; however, the wings are tight—get those, too. But don't you dare ask for ranch... this is a blue cheese city.

10 Amsterdam, Holland

Alone in Amsterdam Photo by Sercan SOLMAZ on Unsplash

The cozy canals and tightly packed buildings of this capital city are offset by soaring green spaces and some of the world’s finest art galleries. Amsterdam is the perfect mix of spacious and snug, allowing you to choose your own adventure for the day. Renting a bike is the perfect way to tour the city. You'll fit right in with the locals, who prefer this mode of transportation. The Anne Frank House Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Van Gogh Museum are must-see destinations.


11 Washington, DC

Tourists on the national mall in Washington, DC Photo by Kotaro Yamauchi on Unsplash

If you missed your school's 8th grade trip to DC, this your chance to make up for it. There is so much to do and see in DC. It houses the US's greatest artifacts in culture, engineering, and science. You can easily spend one day on the Mall, hopping from one Smithsonian to the next. Don't miss the National Museum of the American Indian, with its sun-swept exterior and stunning exhibits. The Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe on the lower level features Native American cuisines from North and South America. It is worthy of a visit just to sample this wonderful food.


12 Sedona, Arizona

Woman sitting on a cliff in Sedona, AZ Photo by Angel Origgi on Unsplash

Need some more zen in your life? Sedona is the perfect place to find inner peace. The famed red rocks are perfect for hiking, with over 100 local trails available for you to explore. After you exhaust your legs, you can work your wallet at Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, where you'll find hand-blown glass, jewelry, and art along with several restaurants.


13 Tokyo, Japan

Using the crosswalk in Tokyo, Japan Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

If you're someone who enjoys order and organization, Tokyo will soothe your Type A sensibilities. The systems and structures of this densely packed city will put you at ease once you're able to tackle the language barrier. Eating alone in Tokyo isn't a big deal, and many restaurants even advertise minimal contact with other diners. Pick one morning and set your alarm early to see the Toyosu Market in action from an observation deck. Catch glimpses of some of the freshest and most expensive seafood in the world just moments after it comes off the boat.


14 Reykjavik, Iceland

Solo tourist near waterfalls in Iceland Photo by Mareks Steins on Unsplash

Never traveled outside of your country before? Iceland is the perfect place for your first large adventure. Not only is it one of the safest countries in the world, but the landscape will also make your jaw drop. There are hundreds of waterfalls and caves to explore, and it's an excellent location to see the Northern Lights. Look for cruises and Jeep tours that take you to the best vantage points.


15 Quebec City, Canada

Old Quebec, Québec City, Canada Photo by Sondoce wasfy on Unsplash

Sitting on the St. Lawrence River, this French-speaking city has the feel of old Europe. The Old Quebec neighborhood is perfectly walkable, with cafes, art galleries, churches, statues, and cobblestone streets. This is one city that is even better in the winter when it softly glows with sparkling holiday lights and fluffy snow. The gargantuan Chateau Frontenac boasts incredible Christmas displays and decorations—it's also allegedly haunted! The Market at the Old Port features local food vendors, where it's imperative that you sample authentic Quebec maple syrup.


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