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The Most Overrated Resorts in Mexico

Mexico vacations are a unique blend of excitement, relaxation, and cultural immersion, making them a sought-after experience for many. The resort you choose can significantly influence the quality of your trip. High-end, exclusive accommodations and all-inclusive packages are often the main attractions that justify the hefty price tag. However, to ensure your vacation is memorable for all the right reasons and that the value matches the investment, it's crucial to avoid resorts that make grandiose promises but deliver subpar service, lackluster amenities, and fail to meet customer expectations.


01 Moon Palace service is a letdown

Moon Palace Resort, Cancun walkway Jinsheng Xu / Getty Images

Moon Palace, located in Cancun, has a rapidly declining reputation. Despite its numerous positive reviews, recent feedback paints a different picture. The resort is criticized for its slow room service, impolite staff, and unresolved complaints. Moreover, guests have expressed dissatisfaction with the resort's aggressive timeshare selling tactics. One recent review describes the check-in process as a "two-hour timeshare sell disguised as a check-in process." This kind of experience can significantly dampen the vacation spirit and leave guests feeling frustrated and exploited.


02 Grand Oasis Palm is no place for foodies

Grand Oasis Palm, despite its five-star rating, has been a disappointment for food enthusiasts. The resort, located in Cancun, receives numerous complaints about the quality and availability of its food. Reviewers on and TripAdvisor have noted that despite the resort boasting 16 restaurants, long queues, and scarce reservations are common. This can be particularly frustrating for guests who expect a seamless and enjoyable dining experience as part of their all-inclusive package.


03 Don't upset management at the Grand Park Royal

Grand Park Royal Resorts, popular across Mexico, have a particular issue at their Cozumel location. Guests have reported unpleasant encounters with the management, with one manager being repeatedly mentioned in reviews. The situation has been likened to an episode of HBO's White Lotus, with one reviewer recounting an incident where the manager "actually jumped in my husband's face, yelled, and stated he was the manager and there was nothing we could do about our service and treatment." Such experiences can significantly tarnish a vacation, leaving guests feeling disrespected and powerless.


04 Beach babes should avoid Ocean Riviera Paradise

Ocean Riviera Paradise in Playa del Carmen, a 5-star resort, has left many guests puzzled and asking, "Where's the beach?" Some reviews mention that the beach doesn't have white sand, while others suggest there isn't a beach at all. The resort's photography showcases Maldives-style villas and exquisite rooms, but the reality seems to be a "beach" with an eroded, narrow, and rocky shoreline. This can be a major letdown for guests who dream of a beachfront vacation.


05 Now Emerald is so yesterday

Cancun's Now Emerald resort may boast a 5-star status, but guests should inquire when that status was last evaluated. While some guests are willing to overlook the outdated decor, others argue that the hotel requires significant renovations. Reports of leaky bathrooms, non-functioning lights, and broken air conditioners are common. A non-working air conditioner can turn a relaxing vacation into an uncomfortable ordeal in a humid, tropical climate.


06 BlueBay Grand Esmerelda isn't so grand

Beautiful Beach Panorama jmata9109 / Getty Images

BlueBay Grand Esmerelda, an all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, appears vibrant, enjoyable, and clean in online photos. However, the general consensus among guests is that it's not worth the investment. For such a popular area of Mexico, this resort seems to underdeliver on multiple fronts. Guests have reported that the property feels outdated, the food is subpar, and the hospitality is lacking.


07 Staying 'preferred' at Secrets Aura is unpreferable

Overhead view of a pool party Big Cheese Photo / Getty Images

Secrets Aura, part of the renowned Secrets Hotels chain, seems to have dropped the ball. Paying extra for a 'preferred' stay has left many guests feeling bitterly disappointed. Complaints range from the condition of the rooms to the slow check-in process and the lack of food variety. One particularly disgruntled guest pointed out that when the neighboring resort (also owned by Secrets) was overcrowded, those guests were allowed to use Aura's preferred guests' pool, further diluting the 'preferred' experience.


08 Stay for the monkeys, leave for food at Sandos Caracol

People getting food and sallad off a buffet line at hotel mgstudyo / Getty Images

Sandos Caracol, part of the Eco Resorts chain in Playa Del Carmen, offers a unique attraction: animals and spider monkeys that come right up to your room. However, the resort falls short in other areas, particularly its food offerings. Reviews across numerous platforms suggest that the food is not up to the standard expected of a luxury resort. One reviewer noted, "Finding something decent to eat was a chore." This can be a significant drawback for guests who value a high-quality dining experience as part of their vacation.


09 Crown Paradise Golden isn't fit for royalty

Tropical resort ferenz / Getty Images

Crown Paradise Golden, a five-star resort in the luxurious Puerto Vallarta, has been criticized for its less-than-five-star aesthetic. The property appears to be in a state of disrepair, with guests often finding workers in their rooms finishing off a DIY project. If something breaks during your stay, the staff seem uninterested and not in a hurry to fix it. Plus, it's one of the only hotels that doesn't offer shuttle services from the airport, adding an extra layer of inconvenience for guests.


10 Loreto Bay Golf Resort is an all-round no-go

Beach in Loreto Bay Golf Resort and Spa, Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur, Mexico Danita Delimont / Getty Images

Despite its stunning external elements, Loreto Bay Golf Resort in Baja scores low on for lack of free Wi-Fi, lackluster facilities, and poor value for money. Guests have reported that the food, service, and management are not as impressive as the property's exterior. Plates are left to pile up, glasses are forgotten, and one guest found a dead gecko in the fruit at breakfast. The location has potential but isn't a bucket list destination due to these shortcomings.


11 There's no swimming at Dreams Los Cabos

Warning no swimming sign with strong sea wave by the beach background marketlan / Getty Images

Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort, while it may conjure images of sun, sea, and sand, disappoints with its lack of sea swimming. The beach is subject to riptides, making the waters too dangerous to enter. This can be a significant disappointment for guests who envision a fun beach vacation with plenty of sea swimming.


12 Dreams Natura is wedding central

Romantic wedding ceremony agrobacter / Getty Images

Dreams Natura, another overrated resort, is a popular wedding destination, which often results in less staff available to serve other guests. Both wedding goers and non-wedding guests have complained about the poor food and service. One couple even returned to their room to find it unsafe due to new paint fumes, while the concierge said there was no more space for them unless they downgraded.


13 Planet Hollywood's Adult Scene is the worst

Planet Hollywood's Adult Scene has been described in several reviews as "the worst ever experience of Mexico." The main complaints suggest that the service, even for star-class guests, needs significant improvement. Staff are reported to be rude and slow, and special requests are often ignored. This can be particularly frustrating for guests who have paid extra for a premium experience.


14 The Grand Palladium lacks the grandeur expected

The Grand Palladium Colonial Resort & Spa is known for its subpar service. One reviewer even said they've had "better service at Waffle House." Guests often find themselves waiting hours for their rooms after checking in or note that cleaning during the day may not be done for 4 or 5 hours after expected. This can significantly detract from the vacation experience, leaving guests feeling frustrated and neglected.


15 Hilton Vallarta Riviera is average at best

Lastly, despite its brand name, the Hilton Vallarta Riviera is considered average at best by guests. Even Hilton Diamond members have reported that the all-inclusive resort doesn't live up to expectations. The most common complaints are about the food and the rooms themselves, although guests agree that the service is flawless. This inconsistency can be confusing and disappointing for guests who expect a certain standard from a Hilton resort.


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