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The Most Extreme Spots to Visit on the Planet

Are you an adventure traveler looking for the most extreme destinations on earth? Then you’ve come to the right place. These spots around the world are a guaranteed rush for anyone seeking adventure, thrills, and maximum fun. Ready to explore to world’s most extreme destinations? Take heed: these destinations spots are for thrill-seekers only!


01 Oymyakon, Russia

The famous petrol station on the road Kolyma to Oymyakon district. All travelers stop here Tatiana Gasich /

If you think it’s cold where you live, you haven’t been to this desolate freezer known as the coldest inhabited spot on the planet. Home to only 500 residents, this city sees temperatures well below zero – around -58 degrees Fahrenheit. The climate is so cold the ground actually remains frozen all year long. Many people don’t even bother turning their cars off for fear they’ll freeze and not restart the next morning. With only one hotel in the city, you certainly won’t have your pick of accommodations, but you’ll be one of the few humans on earth to say they survived a night in the coldest spot imaginable.


02 Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador

Chimborazo is a currently inactive stratovolcano in the Cordillera Occidental range of the Andes. Its last known eruption is believed to have occurred around 550 A.D. ISO2400 / Getty Images

If millionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are inspiring you to visit outer space, then consider this destination the closest you can get without actually leaving the earth. Though only 20,000 feet high – not as tall as Mount Everest – this peak is the furthest accessible spot on earth from the center of the planet that man can reach on foot. You may not be in outer space, but you’ll be closer than most humans have ever made it atop this peak.


03 Antarctica

An Iceberg floats in Andord Bay on Graham Land, Antarctic in November jocrebbin / Getty Images

There’s no one specific region to discuss in Antarctica. The entire continent is really not a human-friendly place. Some of the coldest and driest spots on the planet are found on this continent, which is home to less than 5,000 people. You won’t find your way to Antarctica on any old boat. You’ll need to board an ice-strengthened vessel to even make it to land. Though the temperatures can be quite extreme, you’ll get a rare front-row seat to some of the world’s most majestic wildlife. If adventure beckons your soul, you will not be disappointed here.


04 Angel Falls, Venezuela

View of Angel falls from Carrao river, Canaima National Park, Venezuela DouglasOlivares / Getty Images

To find your way to this remote attraction in Venezuela, you must be an experienced hiker who isn’t afraid of braving the dangerous jungle. If you can manage to make it there in one piece, you’ll be mesmerized by the view of the world’s tallest waterfall. A site few people get to see in person; this extreme destination is perfect for thrill-seeking travelers who like to live off the grid.


05 Lut Desert, Iran

Rocky red formations in the Dasht e Lut desert. Nature of Iran. Persia. Delbars / Getty Images

You think you’re hot in California at the beach? You have never endured heat like the Lut Desert in Iran. In fact, this inhospitable desert is a place you don’t want to go to without experienced tour guides and plenty of water. A trip alone in this boiling hot spot can turn tragic instantly. Temperatures have risen as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, you can certainly fry an egg out there – but we wouldn’t recommend trying it.


06 Mawsynram Village, India

Mist shrouds the village of Mawsynram, Meghalaya, India, on Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016. Two years of deficient rainfall have affected more than a third of Indias 1.2 billion people and forced 11 states to seek financial aid. As crops failed, higher food prices have stoked inflation, which exceeded 6 percent in July. Sanjit Das / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Receiving over 400 inches of rain per year, this Indian village has been declared the wettest spot on the planet by the Guinness Book of World Records. The village is almost constantly flooded, making it one of the most difficult places on earth to live. Yet somehow, people do live there! Monsoon season around India can be devastating enough as it is. In this region, water accumulation is on an entirely other level.


07 Mount Everest, Himalayas

Mount Everest in Himalayas of Tibet viewed at distance through Buddhist prayer flags strewn across a high Himalayan Mountain pass Everest, known in Nepali as Sagarmatha and in Tibetan as Chomolungma, is Earth's highest mountain above sea level, located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas. The international border between Nepal and China runs across its summit point oversnap / Getty Images

The tallest summit in the world, this is one extreme travel destination for experienced hikers and climbers only. Mount Everest has taken the lives of some of the world’s best climbers, so the trek up the mountain isn’t to be taken lightly. You must be in peak physical condition and ready to battle the extreme temperatures you’ll face on the way up and the way back down. This is the highest mountain above sea level in the world.


08 Mount Thor, Canada

Wild Weasel river winds through remote arctic valley of Akshayuk Pass, Baffin Island, Canada on a cloudy day. Dramatic arctic landscape with Mt. Breidablik and Mt. Thor. Autumn colors in the arctic. Wild north. Petr Kahanek / Getty Images

Known as the mountain with the steepest vertical drop in the world, this aptly named mountain is an adventure for mountain climbers. Anyone with a fear of heights may want to steer clear of it. Climbing and camping are the main activities to enjoy for outdoor-loving vacationers. Just be sure to keep your eye out for falling boulders. Like we said – these destinations are for thrill-seekers only!


09 Tristan da Cunha, Archipelago

Welcome to the Remotest Island touristic signpost and distance fingerposts to other places in the town centre of Edinburgh of the Seven Seas settlement maloff /

If you’ve been looking for some peace and quiet lately, then this is the destination for you. Accessible only by a one-week-long boat trip on a deep-sea fishing vessel, this island is located 1,500 miles from the mainland. It’s as quiet and isolated as it gets. As if this destination weren’t extreme enough, it is also home to a live volcano right in the center of the island. It only erupted once in the 1960s, and it went on for five months straight. Visit this remote location at your own risk.


10 Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Two photographers at Volcanic remains after 1926 eruption as Hot Springs and geothermal / volcanic activity on Dallol Mountain. The characteristic white, yellow and red colours are the result of sulphur and potassium salts coloured by various ions. It is located in the Danakil Depression with the highest average temperatures on the planet and is considered the most remote and beautiful place on Earth, North East Ethiopia near Eritrea in Africa. DavorLovincic / Getty Images

Volcanic rock, sulfuric acid, and burning salt – just a few of the characteristics of this truly amazing yet very uninhabitable spot on earth. Adventure travelers may not be able to set foot on this spot of land, but it’s certainly one of the most extreme places on earth. Scientists have analyzed the water in the area for signs of life and determined that life never has and never will survive in this spot. How’s that for extreme?


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