The United States is diversity personified, filled with rolling country-sides and bustling cities alike. Cities have, for the most part, taken the cake for the greatest places to live. Filled to the brim with cultural significance, they are often the nucleus of their states. Of course, between the 50 states, 50 capitals, and thousands of cities and towns, they all have merit as interesting and vivid places to live. From happiest cities to the most educated, there are highlights to each city and town. Here are the best places to live in the United States, in no particular order.


01New York City, New York

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Possibly the center of the world, the city is known as the Big Apple has earned its reputation as one of the greatest places to live on the planet. One of its greatest highlights is an incredible job market, where you really can achieve any dream you have. In fact, in December of 2018, the city was at a record low unemployment rate, sitting at just 4.0%.


02Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston, Massachusetts has played a large part in the history of the United States. Its greatest asset is certainly education opportunities. It's home to some of the greatest colleges in the United States, including the oldest higher education institution and Ivy League college, Harvard. Rivaling New York City, Boston also has a booming job market and excellent healthcare. Boston is home to Mass General, considered one of the best hospitals in the world.


03New Orleans, Louisiana

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Louisiana has always been a cultural hub of the United States. Rich in diversity, New Orleans is the greatest example of this cultural gumbo. Repeatedly ranked as an excellent place for artists to live, the job opportunities for people interested in the arts and numerous and plentiful. In 2016, New Orleans was ranked 6th for the happiest workers in the country.


04Boulder, Colorado

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While you might not have heard of Boulder before, its significance has been growing. It has ranked as the best place to live in the United States for five years in a row, due to its social and activist atmosphere and entrepreneurial spirit. Many startups have been born in Boulder. In fact, Boulder is home to the most profiting women-owned startups in the U.S.


05Overland Park, Kansas

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Overland Park is the second most populous city in Kansas, but it's repeatedly beat its larger counterpart in at least one area. This lovely town regularly makes headlines as the best place to raise a family in the United States. While not the highest for family activities, it ranked well for median income and cost of living.


06Naples, Florida

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Naples, Florida was repeatedly ranked as one of the happiest places to live in the United States. Known for its golf courses and shopping opportunities, it's also home to multiple colleges and universities. The median household income was $102,262 as of 2010, and it has the second highest proportion of millionaires in the United States.


07Washington, D.C.

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The capital of the United States, Washington D.C. is the place to be for anyone interested in political science and the inner workings of the United States. However, it also has one of the strongest economies in the country and is home to more than 1,000 companies owned internationally. It is the perfect place to grow your business into an international giant.


08Pearl City, Hawaii

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If Naples isn't right for you, there are always other options for happy places to live. What better place to move than one of the happiest cities in the country, in the happiest state? While Pearl City had a lower income ranking, this doesn't directly correlate to happiness. Pearl City has one of the highest emotional and physical well-being ratings. Of course, location plays an important role in happiness, and Hawaii has always ranked well on this score.


09Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Ann Arbor is the place to be for educated adults and women looking to start a business. It has the highest percentage of people with diplomas and degrees, not including masters and doctorate degrees, making it the most educated place in the U.S. It is also a haven for venture-backed, women-founded startups, with the highest concentration in the U.S.


10Austin, Texas

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One of the cheapest states to live in, Texas is also home to the city of Austin, one of the healthiest cities in America and the third best to live in, as of July 2018. The health factor could be contributed to numerous climate initiatives throughout the city. It was also ranked as one of the best cities for STEM professionals. Austin boasts a vibrant music and film culture and social scene as well.