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The Best Party Cities Around the Globe

Any international party destination worth its salt has an eclectic selection of nightclubs, live music venues, and bars. But it’s the cities that create fun-filled, welcoming atmospheres for visitors that most travelers seek out. The best party cities may be popular tourist attractions, but they also have an exciting nightlife culture with a long list of unique entertainment possibilities.


01 Bangkok, Thailand

With a reputation of being one of the top travel destinations in the world, Bangkok is a city that never seems to slow down. It’s a perfect choice for travelers on a tight budget. Head to Khao San Road for around-the-clock partying with all the local flavor you’d hope you’d find in a locale famous for its nightlife. Meet fellow travelers and backpackers from around the globe and enjoy buckets of low-priced cocktails and delicious cuisine options.

Kaosan Road at night, busy with shoppers and neon signs. Martin Puddy / Getty Images

02 Ios, Greece

Imagine a beautiful island, resting in the turquoise-blue waters of the Aegean Sea, with sun-drenched beaches and photo-perfect villages perched on the cliffs above. Although it may be a bit hard to get to, this beautiful Greek party island is worth the trouble. Ios is famous for its laid back atmosphere, friendly locals, and its wild nightlife. Grab cocktails at one of the many beach bars around the island. After the sun goes down, head to the capital city of Chora to experience dancing and exotic beverages alongside fellow partiers from around the world.

03 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

There are party cities, and there are legendary party destinations. Amsterdam is on most party seekers’ bucket lists. Hundreds of music venues, bars, nightclubs, and coffee shops await your arrival in Amsterdam. Discover the infamous party hubs of Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein, and the Red Light District, where the drinks flow 24/7. If you’re looking for something different, head to the Nieuw-West district and enjoy evening dinner and drinks at a rooftop hangout that overlooks the sea. You may even spot a celebrity or two.

04 Lisbon, Portugal

Jump aboard a 1930s tram or tuk-tuk to make your way to the city’s two largest party districts, Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré. Lisbon’s beauty is renowned, and its nightlife is lively and extraordinarily fun. Budget-conscious, under-the-age-of-35 travelers will love the city’s party hostels for an immersive, festive experience. You’ll not only enjoy drinking, dancing, and low-cost accommodations, but amenities like Wi-Fi, free meals, pub crawls, beer discounts and big family dinners with your hostel mates.

05 Cancun, Mexico

This city not only has the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, but it’s also home to some of the biggest clubs in Latin America. Partiers head to the Hotel Zone or the Party Zone to get their drink on. In the Party Zone, you’ll find shopping malls, plazas, flea markets, bars, and iconic nightclubs like The City, which hosts celebrity DJs and a capacity of up to 6000 fellow partygoers. Or, if you prefer an all-inclusive getaway, stay at one of Cancun’s adult only, infamous party resorts. Drinks are always nearby, the food is fabulous, and there are dance-til-dawn nightclubs within walking distance.

06 Barcelona, Spain

Hosting some of the best nightlife in Europe, Barcelona is a partier’s paradise. Although things don’t usually get hopping until midnight, many of the bars are open until 6 a.m. There are amazing venues throughout the city’s main districts. Fellow revelers pack the streets of Las Ramblas in Old Town at night, which makes it a good starting point for newcomers seeking a party atmosphere among new friends. Head into the narrow, winding streets of the 2000-year-old Gothic Quarter to explore an intriguing, rowdy, and authentic Spanish night out.

07 Berlin, Germany

Partying in Berlin is not for the fainthearted, but many consider it to be one of the best club scenes in the world. There are around 250 nightclubs and bars here, and clubbing is a huge part of the city’s economy. Nightlife starts at around 11 p.m., and Berliners famously party until the sun comes up the next day. Some clubs stay open for three days straight to keep the festivities going. No matter what you’re into, you’ll find it here. This is a city where freedom of choice rules, and whatever niche you’re into, you’ll find a venue where you can experience it.

Young hip people dancing on a Berlin party. TommL / Getty Images

08 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It’s not that easy to find the top party spots in Rio de Janeiro. On its surface, over-priced clubs target tourists with high-dollar food and drinks. To find the best party options this city has to offer, including its numerous underground events, you’ll need to do a bit of sleuthing. Lapa is Rio’s nightlife center and is popular among tourists and younger locals. Live shows, samba clubs, and high-energy nightclubs keep the party going. If you love an outdoor party experience, head to Centro, an area filled with party frivolity, where food and drink vendors line the streets and live bands perform every weekend until dawn.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro - Baianas luoman / Getty Images

09 London, England

Experienced jet setters claim that London is the most diverse party destination in the world. From cabaret clubs and adult soirées to warehouse parties and luxury dance venues, this city has something for everyone. If you’ve never experienced bass-thumping dance floors, high-level laser shows, and elbow-to-elbow party experiences, you’ll have no trouble finding them here. The Shoreditch neighborhood is home to excellent comic book watering holes and cutting-edge, circus-themed bars.

10 Montreal, Quebec

Those who've experienced the Montreal party scene would agree that it is the party capital of Canada. Underground dance clubs, supper clubs, and a vibrant after-hours scene are essential experiences. With six universities and 12 junior colleges, this is the ultimate college town. The drinking age in Montreal and the province of Quebec is 18. Music lovers will find a thriving local music scene, with an endless supply of live music venues and free-flowing cocktails.


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