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The Best Cities to Live In Texas

The Lone Star State has some of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Texas has a diverse and strong economy - some highlights include agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. Yes, there are even jobs available for ranch hands. Because everything is bigger in Texas, the cultural attractions are top-notch and world famous. Boasting not only an affordable cost of living, Texas also has a myriad of natural wonders, and a distinctive brand of charm only found in Texas. While summers in Texas are hot, the stars are bright, the prairie sky is high, and the food is to die for.


01 Austin

Best Cities to Live In Texas

Austin, the capital of Texas, is proving to be among the best cities to live in in the whole country. The city boasts a vibrant live music scene, healthy job market, delightful food scene, and fantastic hiking trails. From natural attractions like Barton Springs Pool and Town Lake to the city’s many nightlife venues and museums, Austin impresses people with all there is to see and do. As a bonus, the city features world-class healthcare facilities, reliable public transportation, and modern shopping centers.


02 Dallas

Best Cities to Live In Texas

Ranked by Forbes as one of the best American cities for a business career, Dallas attracts many job seekers. Bursting with big-city excitement, Dallas is fast-paced, but its suburbs offer a relaxing atmosphere that many people want for raising a family. Beyond Dallas' thriving job market there's also excellent universities, world-renowned sports franchises, and plenty of cultural attractions like the Dallas Museum of Art and the AT&T Performing Arts Center. Foodies also love the sprawling city because it’s loaded with great barbecue eateries and a plethora of global-inspired restaurants serving world cuisines.


03 Fort Worth

Best Cities to Live In Texas

The city of Fort Worth is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan Area. Like Dallas, Fort Worth boasts a healthy job market and economy. Dubbed as “Cowtown” for its cattle ranching roots, Fort Worth exudes Texas charm. The city is known for its Old West-inspired museums and popular rodeo events. Fort Worth hosts a multitude of attractions such as the Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth Botanic Garden, historic Sundance Square that’s filled with downtown shops and restaurants. With all there is to see and do, this Fort Worth continues to attract new residents and visitors alike.


04 Houston

Best places to Live In Texas

The biggest city in Texas, Houston blends culture, shopping, dining, and nature-inspired attractions into one amazing urban center. Houston is the country’s fourth-largest city, and like the rest of Texas has a healthy job market, stunning green spaces, and major national attractions like the Jonson Space Center and NRG Stadium. As a hotbed of activity, Houston has something for everyone—food, nightlife, shopping, sports, and more. Other notable attractions of the city include Buffalo Bayou Park, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and Hermann Park.


05 Port Isabel

Live In Texas

For many, the thought of Texas conjures images of dusty landscapes and tumbleweeds. People who live on the Gulf, however, know different! Port Isabel is a charming city and one of the state’s oldest. The harbor town is known for its lighthouse and picturesque coastline. Port Isabel connects to the resort destination of Padre Island via the Queen Isabella Causeway. Home buyers who want to live on the water will find that Port Isabel has affordable housing and plenty of opportunities to enjoy fun in the sun.


06 Garland

living In Texas Zoya_Avenirovna / Getty Images

Garland is just north of Dallas and CNN calls it one of the 100 best cities to live in in the country. Garland’s booming job market attracts many people looking to build their careers while enjoying the amenities that the city offers. Garland features six recreational centers, golf courses, and dazzling natural scenery like Rowlett Creek Preserve and Spring Creek Park. Its Fire Creek Town Center is a popular open-air market that also includes upwards of 100 well-known shops and stores.


07 San Antonio

Texas san antonio

San Antonio is a popular tourist destination, but this historic city has much to offer people who choose to live there. A comfortable climate, scenic enclaves, and bustling job market are attractive features for many house hunters. Some of San Antonio’s best-known attractions include its famous Riverwalk on the San Antonio River, the Alamo Historic Site, the foodie hot spot known as the Pearl District, Market Square, and the San Antonio Museum of Art. There's also a thriving debate between San Antonio and Austin for which central Texas city has the best breakfast tacos.


08 Plano

Texas plano

Located just 20 miles from downtown Dallas, Plano boasts a slower pace than its bustling neighbor. Plano has high-quality schools and a hot culinary scene with its more than 700 restaurants. Plano is home to more than 84 parks, so people who love the best of both worlds—city amenities and green spaces—will love living in this attractive Texas enclave.


09 Canyon


Fans of outdoor living will love living in Canyon, Texas. Called the “Grand Canyon of Texas,” Canyon is situated near the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. People have lots of opportunities to enjoy hiking and horseback riding. While Canyon doesn’t have the big-city atmosphere that places like Dallas and Houston do, it offers plenty of historic buildings, and places to stretch out with its wide open spaces.


10 Denton

Texas dhughes9 / Getty Images

The city of Denton is home to the University of North Texas and features a vibrant music scene and popular music festivals like the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. Although Denton is frequently thought of as just a college town, it boasts a fast-growing economy and many employment opportunities. Furthermore, Denton has tons of unique restaurants, shopping centers, quality healthcare facilities, and attractive green spaces. At less than an hour’s drive from Dallas, Denton also offers residents plenty of nearby big-city attractions.


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