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The Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations

As we turn the corner into spring, it’s time to start thinking about where to travel for spring break. Planning a trip that’s several days long often feels like it requires an incredible amount of money. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Plenty of destinations have everything that the major tourist spots offer without requiring you to empty your bank account. With a few careful choices, you can have a fun-filled and memorable spring break while keeping your wallet nice and full.


01 Savannah, Georgia

Though Savannah has seen a massive boost in tourism popularity in recent years, you can still find lots of ways to spend your time without breaking the bank. Few cities in the U.S. can compete with Savannah’s charm and history, especially for people who love to wander and explore on foot. Spring is the best time to stroll along the Savannah River on River Street before ducking into its incredible historic quarter. After a day out, you can rest in cozy bakeries and cafes, all while barely putting a dent in your wallet.

02 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Most people think of flying to the Caribbean as an expensive luxury vacation, but it doesn’t actually have to cost as much as you may believe. Punta Cana is a gorgeous paradise of palm trees in the Dominican Republic. This incredible destination has beaches that face both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and some of the best are completely free. If you book with an all-inclusive resort, you can get some amazing deals that aren’t available in a typical Caribbean destination like Cancun.


03 New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans can be expensive or budget-friendly depending on how you spend your time. If you want to stretch your wallet as far as possible, try some authentic meals from food trucks or other street vendors instead of the pricier restaurants populating the tourist areas. You can often catch free jazz concerts in Lafayette Square and Louis Armstrong Park. Drop by the St. Claude Arts District to enjoy some artist-run galleries and presentations, many of which are free or cost almost nothing.

04 Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a small town with a lot of heart. Its world-famous red rock formations provide an incredible backdrop to horseback rides and long hikes across winding trails. Despite its small size, Sedona also has a thriving art community. Artists from all over the world take inspiration from the beauty of the landscape to create works in every medium. After you exhaust the arts scene, tours of local wineries are often affordable and provide a great way to relax after a long day of exploration.  

05 Leadville, Colorado

Skiing and other snowsports are often pretty expensive, making them difficult to slot into a more budget-conscious spring break trip. However, Leadville is an inexpensive skiing area that offers a lot more than its cost would indicate. Ski passes that would normally cost hundreds of dollars in other locales are a fraction of that here. Kick up some powder on Cooper mountain or spend your time hiking across the miles of free trails nearby. History enthusiasts can stop by the National Mining Hall of Fame. Families will have a blast tubing and sledding down Dutch Henry Tubing Hill.

06 Ocala, Florida

Nearly everyone associates spring break with some fun in the sun and a lot of partying. However, it can be difficult to find a destination that allows you to enjoy yourself without breaking the bank or fighting the crowds. Ocala is a spring breaker’s hidden oasis. You can find all of the fun that Florida offers without coming home to an empty bank account. Fort Island Beach is close by, allowing you to relax next to the Gulf of Mexico. Traverse paths of oak trees and Spanish moss or explore the wilderness of the nearby Indian Lake State Forest or the Halpata Tastanaki Nature Preserve. Family spring breakers should head to Silver Springs, a massive state park that spans over 350 acres and offers everything from camping to glass-bottom boat tours.

07 Beech Mountain, North Carolina

Nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Beech Mountain is a small town of snow and fun. Their most notable offering is the local ski resort, which is one of the most affordable available. But, you can also get a glimpse of the Appalachian region’s history and culture as you follow the Avery Barn Quilt Trail. Spring is a great time for trout fishing and a three-day license costs only a few dollars. This region is also home to over 120 bird species, making it one of the best locations for birders and other avian enthusiasts.

08 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

puerto vallarta spring break adventure

When considering where to travel for spring break, it’s impossible to ignore Puerto Vallarta. People who seek bustling nightlife will enjoy the party scene, but there’s more than just drinks and dancing in this tropical paradise. Hike up one of the nearby rocky crags to get a great view of the city and the winding coast. To save some money on dining, avoid the area around Playa Olas Altas. Instead, seek one of the authentic restaurants near the Macroplaza. Many of the best attractions and most important sites are within a mile of the waterfront, so you don’t need to waste money on taxis or rideshares.


09 Las Vegas, Nevada

spring break las vegas vacation

Las Vegas wouldn’t typically qualify as an inexpensive spring break destination. However, recent events and a massive drop in tourism have led to many hotels, casinos, and venues hoping to make up the loss with budget-friendly deals. A thrifty vacationer can enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer while saving hundreds on expenses. Remember that Vegas is more than just the Strip! Head to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area if you need a break from the bright lights and bustling crowds. You’ll discover trails for all fitness levels and summits with incredible views of the surrounding area.


10 Richmond, Virginia

For American history buffs, Richmond is a dream destination. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, this east coast treasure is basically a huge playground, offering everything from slow bike rides to river rapids. Adults can sample their way through the Richmond Beer Trail and uncover why many people think of the city as a craft beer haven. Catch a glimpse of some of Richmond’s outdoor art or soak in the unique architecture. Regardless of your interests, Richmond has something for everyone at a fraction of the cost of other destinations.


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