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The ABC's of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers many unexpected situations that may come up during the planning of a vacation or during the vacation. It typically covers medical expenses, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and many other mishaps that can happen while traveling. It can be cover one trip in its entirety or multiple trips to cover specific things. For example, if you don't need medical coverage, you can still purchase coverage for lost luggage or any other area that you'd like to cover.


01 Travel Medical Insurance


You can purchase medical insurance as part of your travel insurance. This insurance would cover a medical emergency that came up while you were away from home. It is designed to reimburse you if an emergency situation came up while you were away. Medical care can be extremely expensive in a foreign country, possibly costing thousands of dollars to cover. Medical travel insurance can cover accidents, illnesses, and medical evacuation. Some of the benefits of medical travel insurance would even save you from having to pay for some things upfront.

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02 Cancellation and Trip Interruption


Most of us can't anticipate problems that could occur that would cause a vacation to be cut short or interrupted. In situations like these, you could lose a substantial amount of money, considering vacations are usually already paid for. Cancellation and trip interruption insurance would compensate you for any part of a trip or a vacation that you didn't get to take advantage of or use. If you had to cancel a trip or cut it short for any reason this insurance would pay for the portion of the trip that you don't get to use.

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03 Lost Baggage and Personal Belongings


A common form of travel insurance covers lost baggage and personal belongings. This type of travel insurance provides financial compensation for lost baggage and personal belongings. This form of coverage also covers damage to personal items while traveling as well

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04 Travel Assistance and 24-hour Emergency Services


Aside from providing g financial compensation, travel insurance can also help with not-emergency issues and emergencies that may come up while traveling. Your travel insurance may provide customer service that would offer advice in the event of an emergency or help if you lose important travel documents. Customer service may contact local emergency services for you to expedite help. This type of service can be extremely beneficial if you are in a foreign country and don't speak the native language.

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05 Travel delay and Tour Operator Default


Weather, late connecting flights, and whole hosts of other situations can create delays in travel. Unfortunately, delays in travel may create unforeseen expenses and fees. Travel insurance can cover situations like this. More often than not, your travel insurance policy will reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses you may incur as a result of a travel delay. If your travel plans include a tour that for some unforeseen reason is problematic or doesn't take place, travel insurance can cover situations like this as well.

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06 Missed Flights


Travel delays may cause you to miss a connecting flight, which can cost you money. Travel insurance can cover any fees that may ensue as a result of a delayed flight. This type of travel insurance works similar to travel insurance for missed flights.

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07 Legal Expenses and Repatriation


Travel insurance can cover repatriation. This covers situations where you, or someone else, may have to leave a foreign country immediately and return to your own as well as situations where you have to send money to your own country from a foreign country. You can even purchase travel insurance to cover legal expenses that may arise while traveling.

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08 Pre-Existing Medical Conditions


Travel insurance can help to cover pre-existing medical conditions. This insurance is typically a lot more expensive than medical travel insurance for those without prior medical conditions. This type of insurance outlines specifically what is covered and under what conditions. This coverage helps with any complications that might arise from a pre-existing condition.

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09 Cancel for Any Reason


A cancelation for any reason travel insurance policy can help to completely or partially reimburse a person for a canceled trip. This type of insurance lets a person cancel a trip for any reason and as a result, has fewer guidelines. The guidelines are clearly outlined and spell out how much money can be reimbursed if you cancel your travel plans for any reason at all. However, this travel insurance generally has few complications because it is purchased to ensure that you will receive compensation regardless of the reasons for canceling travel.

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10 Specific Events


This type of travel insurance is less common than typical medical travel insurance. It can cover any problems that may result from engaging in a specific activity. The details and guidelines are very specific, and certain conditions usually must be met for this insurance to be activated.

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