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Take a Trip for Two at These Romantic Destinations

There's no better way to celebrate an engagement, marriage, or anniversary with the love of your life than travel. Across the world, there are countless romantic destinations where lovebirds descend every year. Some of these cities are known for their luxury and opulence and carry the kind of romantic glamor that inspires blockbuster films. Others are smaller, older, and have a quaint hole-in-the-wall old-world charm that makes for a magical destination for two. A trip to any of these destinations will make for an experience that you'll always cherish with your loved one.


01 Get Lost in the City of Lights

The streets of Montmartre Nikada / Getty Images

France is famous for its romantic charm, and Paris is the most iconic city in France. From the cobbled streets of Montmartre to the bustling city center, Paris exudes energy and passion. The Eiffel Tower is the most popular attraction in the city, and for good reason. Few landmarks around the world offer a view as beautiful as the top of the Eiffel Tower in the evening. Once you climb down from the tower, you might be craving a romantic dinner. You can enjoy fine dining by candlelight at Le Reminet. After that, what better way to end the evening than a river cruise down the Seine?


02 Stroll Through Beautiful Quebec City

Quebec City at the onset of Autumn DenisTangneyJr / Getty Images

Quebec City is one of the most stunning cities in North America. The Old City has earned a UNESCO World Heritage designation, and it's no wonder. The narrow streets are lined with museums, churches, and antique shops that feel as though they've been pulled from another century. The Quartier Petit Champlain is one of the most scenic spots to visit. The area and its buildings once served fur traders, but they've since been restored and turned into the most charming, nostalgic shopping district you'll ever see. You can even hop in a horse-drawn carriage to explore the city and complete the experience.


03 Celebrate Your Love with a Trip to the Luxurious Monte Carlo in Monaco

Typical walking street with colorful houses along the seaside of Monaco. NAPA74 / Getty Images

When it comes to high-class, there's no class higher than Monte Carlo. The Thermes Marins Monte Carlo Wellness Center takes a completely personalized approach to caring for its guests. There's much more to Monaco than luxury, however. After your stay at the spa, you can take a trip to the relaxed, friendly market of la Condamine and explore Monaco with the help of a local tour guide. If you're looking to propose, numerous locales in Monaco are bursting with storybook charm—from the historic Fort Antoine Theater to the gorgeous Larvotto Beach.


04 Tour Rome With Your Beloved

Couple contemplating the Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy swissmediavision / Getty Images

Rome is a city that has everything. Whether you want to take a horse-drawn carriage or a helicopter tour of the city, the choice is yours. You can enjoy a rooftop dinner with the Roman skyline as your backdrop at the prestigious rooftop of Hotel Raphael. Or, you can sink into the winding city streets and markets among the locals, and search for whatever authentic keepsakes and souvenirs you might find. Then, you and your partner can head to the iconic Trevi Fountain, toss a coin in over your shoulders and return together someday.


05 Slip Away To Aix en Provence

Woman and man looking at scenic view of Gordes village in Provence Oleh_Slobodeniuk / Getty Images

Aix en Provence is a wonderful little city nestled away in Southern France. While Paris has taken on an international character, Provence is quintessentially French. The lavender fields of Provence and the ancient churches that pop up around are two beautiful symbols of Southern France. You can head to local markets such as Le Jardin des Senses to see local farmers plying their wares, from produce picked that morning to local wine. If you and your partner are nature lovers, then you ought to escape to the woods and red soil vineyards of the Sainte-Victoire Mountain.


06 Wander Through the Cherry Blossom Trees In Kyoto

An autumn ride along the Katsura River in Japan Buddhika Weerasinghe / Getty Images

Kyoto might be the most beautiful city in Japan. You could start your trip by visiting Arashiyama, an area of Kyoto with classic stone roads lined with cherry blossom trees and distinctive houses with curved rooftops. From there, it's not a long way to rent a private boat and sail down the Hozu River. To cap off your day, the famous bamboo forest of Nonomiya is perfect for a peaceful walk or a proposal.


07 Come See The Parts of Casablanca that the Movie Didn't Show You

The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. Night view AlxeyPnferov / Getty Images

It's no wonder that the city of Casablanca is just as romantic as the film. The city has several stunning beaches. The most popular beach is Ain Diab, but you can slip away from the crowds and watch the waves crash onto the shoreline at Ain Sebaa instead. If you're into trendy bars, you have to hit up Sky 28 and enjoy the view of the Casablanca skyline.


08 Drift Across Lake Lucerne In an Antique Boat

Historic town of Lucerne with famous Chapel Bridge, Switzerland bluejayphoto / Getty Images

Lucerne, Switzerland is a stunning hideaway in the Swiss Alps. It's a thriving city that feels remarkably similar to a mountain village. The crystal clear waters of Lake Lucerne are perfect for taking a cruise on an old steam paddleboat. Later, you can hike up Mount Pilatus together and take a picture with the town set as your backdrop.


09 Make Memories at the Golden Gate City

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco at sunset FilippoBacci / Getty Images

San Francisco is one of America's greatest cultural and artistic hubs, and it's just waiting for you and your partner. A picture from the iconic Lombard Street or the Golden Gate Bridge can make the perfect keepsake for your time together. Afterward, you can visit B Patisserie. It's an open-kitchen bakery with a down-to-earth charm and divine pastries. Finally, you can head to the Exploratorium and check out the amorous side of science at their couples-oriented exhibits that focus on trust, touch, and understanding.


10 Float Away on a Venetian Gondola

Canal in Venice with a small garden and a tree near the house, on the water a small motor boat. aapsky / Getty Images

Casanova wrote his famous novel about his romantic escapades in Venice, and this has helped make Venice synonymous with romance. Climbing up the Campanile Bell Tower could be a great way to start your trip. From there, you can look out over the bustling city and pick your next destination. The Church of the Frari might catch your eye, and inspire you to go and admire its beautiful collection of artwork. Or perhaps you'll see the famous gondolas of Venice and rent a private boat for two.


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