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Take a Bite Out of the Best Taco Trucks

Fancy food trucks are all the rage these days because who doesn’t want haute cuisine on wheels? But let’s not forget that the food truck idea all started with tacos. The taco truck is a staple of quality cuisine in America today, and the options just keep getting more plentiful and more delicious. Some of the good ones have been around as long as we can remember, and some just emerged on the scene in recent years. But they all have one thing in common - people love them.


01 Yeyo’s - Bentonville, AR

Don Yeyo started this family-run food truck and has since passed it down to his sons to run. They offer world-class Mexican food from this Bentonville truck and also from their nearby restaurant and mezcaleria. Try the street tacos if it's your first trip. Later on down the road, you can sample their burritos and mouth-watering nachos, as well.

02 Taceaux Loceaux - New Orleans, LA

A Cajun spin on tacos? Yes, please. New Orleans does most things right, and this taco truck is no different. They pack their tacos full of local specialties like andouille sausage, spiced up just right. And if you’re a fan of down-home southern food, try their most popular taco. It’s called Messin’ with Texas, and it combines brisket, cabbage, and spicy salsa.

03 El Green-Go’s - Anchorage, AK

For a fresh, healthy take on tacos, El Green-Go’s has got you covered. They specialize in lots of different cuisines, but all their ingredients are locally sourced and focused on health. The tacos feature various combos of North Carolina smoked meats, fresh Alaskan fish and game, vegan and vegetarian options, all with a light, fresca Mexican twist.

04 Torchy’s Tacos - Austin, TX

Like many taco trucks, Torchy’s started out as a solo food trailer and has since expanded to take over the country! It now boasts 14 different locations across America, but the original is still going strong in Austin. Their specialty is the breakfast taco, which they serve with pride. Options include a fajita-style taco that rolls in beef, cheese, and spicy diablo sauce with a healthy heap of eggs.

05 Jalapeño Mexican Grill - Sebastopol, CA

If you find yourself in need of a taco and a bowl of ramen at the same time while visiting Sonoma County, look no further than Jalapeño Mexican Grill. This food truck serves up amazing tacos and also offers birria ramen and pizzadillas! What more could you ask for? Keep an eye on their Instagram account to find out where they’re parked — they travel around Sonoma from Santa Rosa to Sebastopol.

06 Ixtapa Tacos - New Haven, CT

A recent study shows that Yale students also love tacos! Ixtapa Tacos is a New Haven staple, and you’ll find students and townies lined up at all hours to get their world-class tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and more.

07 Aztec Dave’s - Chicago, IL

This delicious, family-run taco truck has a big following on Instagram. It’s been open since 2015, and Windy City locals can’t get enough of it. The al pastor is a big crowd-pleaser. If you want to complement your tacos with another dish, everyone loves the tortas; they feature a secret meat marinade that adds a little extra something to their steak, chicken, and pork.

08 Leo’s Taco Truck - Los Angeles, CA

Another favorite hotspot for tacos al pastor (slow-roasted pork with pineapple, for the uninitiated), Leo’s Taco Truck truly lives up to the hype. They opened in 2010 and became an instant hit on Instagram and beyond. They now have more than one truck but if you’re in the neighborhood, try the original location on La Brea Avenue.

09 Cielito Lindo - San Francisco, CA

Usually parked right on Balboa Street on the west side of San Francisco, Cielito Lindo serves up pambazos, tacos, tortas and more. The neighborhood is a bit sparse in good Mexican food otherwise, so this might quickly become your go-to spot.

10 The Traveling Kitchen - Louisville, MO

If you can’t decide between tacos and tempura, The Traveling Kitchen taco truck won’t make you! Their menu is an Asian-Mexican fusion, with delightfully unexpected treats like Tempura Fish Tacos and Korean Beef Bulgogi Tacos. Their fans love the homemade tortillas, and they even offer a side of dumplings that pairs well with any of their flavor combos.

11 B’s Tacos - Manchester, NH

B’s Tacos goes big on Tex-Mex and, judging by the constant crowd gathered in front of their truck, no one is complaining about it. In fact, the truck has been so wildly popular since it opened back in 2013 that the owners opened a proper restaurant to serve their delicious tacos to the spillover crowd. They can customize tacos to your liking, so dream big.

12 Tacos El Patron - San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is chock full of amazing food trucks, but this one might be the most popular. They opened right in the midst of the quesabirria craze that took over the Bay Area, and for a long time, it was one of the few spots in the city to find this cheesy style of taco. Now, quesabirria stands are a dime a dozen, but this one still stands out. Look for them on Van Ness Ave or, if you’re in the East Bay, find the original truck in Pleasant Hill.

13 Ricky’s Fish Tacos - Los Angeles, CA

Angelenos love a good fish taco, and Ricky’s has some of the best. Their tasty tacos are stuffed with lightly battered fish and topped with cabbage and pico de gallo - simple but sensational. The baja fish taco is a specialty here.

14 Tacos Dos Hermanos - Birmingham, AL

Who would have thought that Birmingham, AL, would gain international acclaim for its very own taco truck? This cash-only spot has taco lovers drooling over their authentic Mexican tacos, overstuffed burritos, tortes, and tostadas. You might find a line when you arrive, but it's well worth the wait.

15 Rollin’ Fatties - New Orleans, LA

This truck really pushes the envelope, like most things in New Orleans. They feature amazing fish tacos, giant burritos, and tons of vegan and vegetarian treats, like the Jamaican Jerk Tofu Tacos. Oh, and they stuff their burritos with basmati rice — why didn’t we think of that?


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