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Stay Hydrated With These Travel-Friendly Water Bottles

Traveling can be dehydrating, so it's important to have quick access to clean water. Store-bought bottled water should be a last resort for a plethora of reasons. Not only is single-use plastic harmful to the environment, but bottled water costs a thousand times more than tap water, often while being no different. Enter the reusable water bottle. The type you get will depend on the features that appeal to you and suit your lifestyle. For example, if you're traveling with buddies, you may want a bottle with detachable cups or extra spouts, or perhaps you're looking for a multipurpose bottle with a misting function or a mesh strainer. Below, you'll find twenty tried and tested options that meet different needs from convenience and safety to style.


01 YETI Rambler 26 oz. Bottle with Chug Cap

YETI Rambler 26 oz. Bottle with Chug Cap

The Yeti is a solid water bottle and a favorite in this product category. 18/8 stainless steel is hard, and the bottle can withstand drops. It doesn't leak and is dishwasher safe, which is a big plus. The chug cap is not suitable for hot liquids, but it prevents spills and facilitates comfortable drinking. The lid also feels good when held and can be used on other Rambler sizes; however, there's no straw option. Don't expect this chunky water bottle to sit squarely in a car cup holder, but rest assured that the double wall vacuum insulation will maintain your water temperature for a long while. A wide mouth ensures straightforward cleaning and makes ice cube placement a cinch—you'll just have to be careful when the roads and skies get bumpy.


02 Nalgene Sustain Tritan Water Bottle

Nalgene Sustain Tritan Water Bottle

Nalgene bottles have long been popular. The brand's new Sustain line is made from plastic waste and is BPA-free. BPA is an industrial chemical involved in plastic and resin production, and too much exposure to it can have negative health effects. This lightweight bottle is indestructible and can go in the dishwasher. It's perfect for camping adventures, but without insulation, it won't keep your liquids cold. The large capacity is ideal for long journeys when you can't easily refill, and the wide design makes the bottle less likely to be knocked over. Measurement markers indicate consumption, but they might disappear over time.


03 Takeya Actives Insulated Water Bottle

Takeya Actives Insulated Water Bottle

This BPA-free stainless steel bottle is super versatile. With the spout lid option, it's an expert-approved choice for its user-friendly design and good looks. The spout doesn't sweat and enables a pleasant liquid flow while averting splashes. The lid locks in place when you open it to prevent facial collisions and it completely covers the spout, which is more hygienic than in other bottles where the lip is slightly exposed. A loop handle can clip onto other objects. Plus, a rubber strip on the top makes opening the bottle a little bit easier, and a silicon boot provides additional grip. The lid is dishwasher safe, but the body is not. Two thumbs up for the insulation and durability—you can expect excellent thermoregulation and fall survivability. The 22-ounce is our preferred size.


04 Zojirushi Vacuum Insulated Mug

Zojirushi Vacuum Insulated Mug

If you're interested in a durable stainless steel bottle that keeps cold liquids and tea or coffee hot, this is the one for you. It's slender, light, and won't unintentionally open and make a mess all over your carefully packed bag. Use this travel mug with one hand while on the move or at your desk. The small spout works well to prevent burns from hot beverages, but the water flow is a bit on the sluggish side. You'll need a bottle brush for cleaning beyond the narrow mouth.


05 Hydro Flask Lightweight Trail Series Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Lightweight Trail Series Water Bottle

This is a great option for traveling. It's watertight with a simple design and powder-coated finish. The handle is perforated and flexible, and the bottle fits satisfyingly in cupholders and backpack pockets. Thinner prograde stainless steel is less heavy to carry and keeps your water tasting the way you want it. Handwash to retain insulation properties, and trade in your old Hydro Flask for credits toward a new one. Also, be warned—it gets pretty loud when the Hydro Flask succumbs to gravity and clangs against a hard floor so try and prevent drops as far as possible.


06 Klean Kanteen TKWide Water Bottle with Chug Cap

Klean Kanteen TKWide Water Bottle with Chug Cap

This Klean Kanteen variant with a wide mouth is a top choice for a large insulated water bottle and it has interchangeable lids—there are five to choose from, including one for thicker drinks such as smoothies. Its covered straw keeps the business of hydration tidy. This chip-resistant bottle maintains desired temperatures, and you can still put it in the dishwasher. It is relatively expensive compared to similar offerings, but the brand uses mostly recycled steel to make its products, is 100% carbon neutral, and offers a "Strong as Steel" lifetime guarantee.


07 Brita Hard-Sided Filtering Water Bottle

Brita Hard-Sided Filtering Water Bottle

Want your water to taste softer? A bottle with a built-in chlorine filter can improve your tap water's taste, but you'll need to insert a new filter every couple of months or after 40 gallons have passed through. The filter does not adequately remove impurities from non-treated water, so bear that in mind. This lightweight, dishwasher-safe bottle is made from BPA-free plastic—a sound choice if you prefer room-temperature water. Pop it in your bicycle cup holder and open with the touch of a button.


08 Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler

Until recently, Stanley was known for rugged outdoor adventures and masculinity. But the brand's Quenchers have become ultra-popular among women thanks to influencer marketing. They're routinely sold out. So what's all the fuss about? The Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler is cup-shaped and comes in pastel shades. It has a sturdy handle, a sippable straw, a rotating lid for enhanced functionality, and is aimed at "women on the go." Ladies are collecting various shades to match their outfits and nails. Then there's the size—the insulated bottle holds 40 fluid ounces for ultimate hydration on road trips or long days at work. The Quencher is not leak-proof.


09 CamelBak Eddy+ Water Bottle

CamelBak Eddy+ Water Bottle

Keep your eyes on the road by using a lid with an integrated straw. This leak-free one requires you to bite and release to open and seal the bottle respectively, but you'll get used to it. The LifeStraw can remove bacteria and microplastics. CamelBak's Eddy+ is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, and you can opt for a sweat-proof insulated version if you like. The company offers a lifetime guarantee against defects, but the bottle is not recommended for kids under 12.


10 W&P Porter Glass Wide Mouth Bottle

W&P Porter Glass Wide Mouth Bottle

If you're anti-plastic, don't mind room-temperature H2O, and feel metal transfers flavors and odors between different drinks, you can select a borosilicate glass bottle. Borosilicate glass resists thermal shock from exposure to heat then cold, or vice versa. W&P Porter sells a decidedly pretty glass bottle wrapped in protective silicon for grip and to avoid condensation issues. Suction on the bottom can sometimes be annoying. The Purifyou Premium is another good glass option, and the Purist Mover combines an elevated, sexy design with a glass interior for zero aftertaste.


11 Mira Cascade

Mira Cascade

Sometimes basic is best. The Mira Cascade is a straightforward cola-shaped tapered bottle with all the insulation you need and a minimalist aesthetic. The fully covered lip is sanitary, and the small mouth means fewer splashes. This bottle is a S'well dupe and is leak-proof but not dishwasher-safe.


12 CamelBak Podium

camelBak Podium

Made for bicycle bottle cages, this compact, squeezable CamelBak bottle is a handy accessory when you're flying from Point A to Point B. It won't weigh down your carry-on bag and, at a low price point, won't induce pain if airport authorities confiscate it. The twist lock offers peace of mind, especially if you're carting tech around.


13 Welly Kids Traveler

Welly Kids Traveler

Children can test the limits of a product's durability, but Welly's elegant, dishwasher-safe Kids' Traveler holds up under pressure. Containing just 12 ounces of water, it's the perfect size for little ones, and a comfy pop-up straw with a locking mechanism is a handy feature. Tantrum-resistant, this product costs double what a Nalgene does, so you'll need to figure out if your kid can protect your investment.


14 Corkcicle Classic Canteen

Corkcicle Classic Canteen

The Corkcicle Classic Canteen's lid is rather small, but it makes up for that by checking almost every other requirement. Corkcicle Canteens are stylish, leak-proof, well-insulated, and easy to guzzle from. Stains stick to this bottle's exterior, and it's prone to dents, so be careful.


15 Nomader Collapsible Sports Water Bottle

Nomader Collapsible Sports Water Bottle

Collapsible water bottles can be a practical solution when you're short on space. The Nomader 22-ounce silicone bottle doesn't get leaky over time. Filling and using the bottle is uncomplicated, and it can be rolled up into a small pouch when empty. Your water won't take on an off-putting plasticky taste either.


16 Platypus Duolock SoftBottle

Platypus Duolock SoftBottle

This ultra-lightweight, highly portable bottle is as floppy as can be, but as long as it's watertight and easy to drink out of, it'll be a fun companion during backpacking trips or hikes. The carabiner clip is convenient for holding, but uninsulated plastic leaves cold water feeling altogether less refreshing.


17 Larq Bottle PureVis

Larq Bottle PureVis

How does a self-purifying water bottle sound? Amazing, huh? This smart bottle from Larq is pricey but looks oh-so-sophisticated, and thanks to its cap, it's gloriously germ-free. You don't have to worry about cleaning each component, leaving more time to enjoy your travels. UV light kills viruses and bacteria, and you can toggle between two intensities of germ-killing.


18 HydroJug Half-Gallon Water Bottle

HydroJug Half-Gallon Water Bottle

When a large bottle simply won't get the job done, it's time to call in the big guns. Say hello to the extra large HydroJug Half-Gallon bottle. It's definitely not going to fit in your car's cup holder, but it'll help you meet your hydration goals during overnight hikes.


19 Grayl UltraPress Filter Bottle

Grayl UltraPress Filter Bottle

This polypropylene bottle comes with a high price tag. Its insulation abilities leave much to be desired, but that's not the main drawcard. The Grayl Ultrapress is known for its water filtration system, which promises to eliminate dirt, chemicals, protozoan cysts, and disease-causing microorganisms.


20 Thermoflask's Double Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Thermoflask's Double Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

This BPA-free stainless steel bottle comes with a chug cap and a straw top. It's resilient and can escape unscathed after multiple headfirst drops. And if you're gallivanting abroad at the height of summer, you'll appreciate the optimally chilled water and the absence of weird tastes.


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