Remote Work Means You Can Roam Wherever

Remote working is increasingly popular and allows you to see the world while continuing a job. There are some inspirational cities across the world to work from and immerse yourself in the culture simultaneously. With the speed of the internet, you'll be surprised at where you can live and work.


01 Krakow, Poland

Main Market square of Krakow martin-dm / Getty Images

Poland's second city, Krakow, is one of the best in the world for remote workers. It's famous for beautiful architecture, but when it comes down to work, the city has several plus points. If you plan to rent an apartment, the Airbnb rates are lower than most places in Europe at around $1200. Co-rental workspaces are cheap at $120 a month. Internet speeds are some of the fastest in Europe. Krakow has some great bars and cafes for relaxing and is well connected to the rest of Poland by train.


02 Singapore

Gardens By the Bay, Singapore John Harper / Getty Images

Singapore has an international vibe with several languages spoken in the city-state. It is renowned for its cleanliness and beautiful places to relax. The airport is number 1 in the world and considered an attraction in itself. Singapore has a lot of smart technology across the city and many places where it is easy to work remotely. Internet speeds are among the fastest in Asia at 87 Mbps. The one downside is that rental apartments can be expensive, around $2000 a month. But with easy connections to other cities in South Asia and the rest of the world, Singapore is a great place to work remotely.


03 Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas John Coletti / Getty Images

Austin is a popular place to live with its music venues and lake areas. If you like swimming, fishing, and boating, you'll enjoy remote working in Texas. Leisure activities feature highly in the Austin lifestyle. There's a very high-speed internet connection in Austin at 137 Mbps, and there are many places to work. Facilities in Austin include co-working spaces for freelancers and coffee shops. The downside to Austin is the high rental charges for apartments at around $3500 a month.


04 Barcelona, Spain

Park Guell, Barcelona Jorg Greuel / Getty Images

Whether it's the Gaudi architecture or the Catalan food, Barcelona is a vibrant and exciting city to get to know. There are art museums, beautiful parks and buildings, and a wide range of restaurants to enjoy. The nightlife starts at midnight for those who like clubbing and bars. Working remotely is a great way to see Barcelona at its finest. There are fast internet connections at 31 Mbps on average, and there are some great places to work remotely. The cost of a rental apartment is high at $3150 a month, and the city is popular with tourists.


05 Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Playa Del Carmen Beach, Mexico YinYang / Getty Images

One of the best things about working in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico is that it is affordable. Rental charges are around $1500 a month. There's also a large ex-pat community, so lots of opportunities to network with other remote workers and enjoy the bar and nightlife. Playa Del Carmen is not only a cool place to chill out by a pool but is ideally located to explore other areas of Mexico. You'll find average internet speeds of 14 Mbps and lots of places to work, from co-worker setups to beaches. And with the sun shining almost year-round- the climate is a big plus for moving here.


06 Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Arun Temple, Bangkok Matteo Colombo / Getty Images

Bangkok is a busy city, but the Thai people are very welcoming. Big attractions are the temples and museums, the floating markets, and the food. If you work remotely, you'll find lots of co-worker spaces and cafes to work in and a large ex-pat community to get to know. Bangkok's internet connection is 26 Mbps, and rental is affordable at $1144 per month. The Thai capital is a great base for seeing other parts of Thailand and South-East Asia.


07 Tbilisi, Georgia

Old City, Tbilisi, Georgia Tuul & Bruno Morandi / Getty Images

Tbilisi is one of the lesser-known capitals of Europe, but Georgia is famed for its wine, food, and hospitality. The country is beautiful and worthy of exploring. If you are a US citizen, you can stay visa-free for up to a year. Remote workers will find an internet speed of 15 Mbps and lots of great cafes and co-worker spaces to use. The hospitality of the Georgian people will make Tbilisi a win-win for remote work, and rental costs are affordable at $1155 a month on average.


08 Lisbon, Portugal

Cascais, Lisbon Andrea Pistolesi / Getty Images

Lisbon is famous for food, coffee shops, and spectacular scenery. It's also a great base for seeing the rest of Portugal and other areas of Europe. Portugal also offers a temporary resident visa so remote workers can stay in the country for up to a year. Rental apartments are affordable, and there is a large digital community of remote workers attracted by the speed of the internet and developments in technology.


09 Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia John Coletti / Getty Images

Medellin is a city that lives and breathes transformation. Public transportation has improved, and the city has beautiful parks and galleries. Medellin has a lot of co-worker spaces and fast internet connections. Rental costs are around $700 a month for a 1-bed apartment. The city is attractive to ex-pats from across the world and is significantly safer than in previous years.


10 Kyiv, Ukraine

High angle view of Kiev downtown in snow and highway hard car traffic in cold winter evening, Ukraine. Old and modern high-rise buildings, urban business centers in dusk. City busy life. Chernus / Getty Images

The winters are cold, but the city of Kyiv is a fascinating place to live as a remote worker. It's a vibrant city with good restaurants, a well-known nightlife, and connections to Europe. A rental apartment is around $500 a month on average, and there are lots of co-worker spaces. The city is rich in history and culture, from opera and ballet to art exhibitions. Remote working is on the rise with a solid internet connection in Kyiv and an affordable lifestyle.


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