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Perfect Destinations for Couples to Elope

A traditional wedding can come with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. It's a chaotic day that often feels like it's for your guests rather than for you and your partner, so it's no wonder why many couples have chosen to elope instead. There's something romantic about running away from all the pressure and just making the day about you.

Finding the perfect place to elope isn't too tricky. There are so many romantic, jaw-dropping destinations that will not only add to your special day but also lead to amazing photographs and memories.


01 Dunluce Castle in Northern Island

Dunluce Castle bathing in the sun Rainbow79 / Getty Images

Feel like royalty by booking Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland for your elopement. You'll be wowed by the rugged cliff tops and be stunned by the rustic castle — it'll truly feel like you're the main character of your own fairytale. The most popular time to get married here is from March to November. Stick around for sunset or sunrise, and you'll have some awesome fairytale photos. You can book a 2-hour time slot to get eloped for a modest $500.


02 Tulum, Mexico

Couple embracing in cenote in Mexico Kelli Hayden /

Why not go for a tropical wedding in Tulum, Mexico? There are almost too many boutiques, hotels, resorts, and venues that are perfect for your nuptials. Favorites include 16 Tulum, Nest, and Papaya Playa Project. If you don't want a venue, you can get hitched on the beach. Reciting your vows with the warm sand between your toes sounds about as romantic as it can get!


03 Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Couple swimming in lake kissing Thomas Barwick / Getty Images

Head north to the Sunshine Coast in beautiful British Columbia, and you'll have an equally stunning venue that's outdoors. Rock Water Secret Cove Resort is a particularly popular location for relaxing and unwinding with your partner. Not only are you surrounded by nature, but you'll also have amazing views of the water and access to many spas.

Best of all - you don't have to find a wedding planner. The resort offers its own package that comes with all the trimmings to make your special day something you'll cherish forever.


04 Wines country, Ontario

happy bride and groom embrace in vineyards

Another beautiful location in Canada on the other side of the country is Hernder Estate Wines in St. Catharines. This is the perfect place to elope if you and your significant other are wine connoisseurs. Not only is the winery absolutely gorgeous, but you can also spend time after the wedding sipping on different types of wine.


05 The Green Tea Terraces in Shizuoka

Fresh green tea plantation and Mt. Fuji 7maru / Getty Images

Do you want a wedding that mirrors the peacefulness and serenity of Studio Ghilbi animations? You'll find exactly what you're looking for at the green tea terraces in Shizuoka. Contact 37 Frames, the only wedding planning team in the area, to help you prepare for the big day. You'll get to elope on a deck that overlooks ancient mountains, and if you're lucky, you'll even get a glimpse from Mount Fuji, which is believed to be a blessing.


06 Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Valley Chapel in Yosemite National Park, California

If you don't want to travel too far away from your backyard, consider eloping in Yosemite National Park. There are many beautiful locations. Two favorite locations are Taft Point, which offers a stunning viewpoint over a cliff, and El Capitan Meadow, where you'll be surrounded by trees and birds.


07 The Moroccan Desert

Portrait of bride woman in amazing wedding dress in Sahara desert, Morocco. Warm evening light, beautiful pastel tone, sand dunes on horizon. Nature background. olegbreslavtsev / Getty Images

A Sahara desert elopement in Morocco is absolutely stunning. Although it's not easy to get there, the photographs that you'll get will be worth it! A wedding planner can set up luxurious picnic tables, teepees, and tents for your special day.


08 The Dolomites

Dolomites in Northeastern Italy surrounded by clouds Scacciamosche / Getty Images

Another fairytale location to consider is the Dolomites in northeastern Italy. Surrounded by rocks that symbolize the stability of your marriage, you can say your vows on the mountaintop and then spend the reception or just an evening down by the lake.


09 Arches National Park

Wedding photo under the beautiful Corona Arch at sunset in the Utah desert near Moab

Explore the towering red-orange rock formations in Moab, Utah, on your wedding day.  Wait until sunset, and you'll have some beautiful photos at the glowing arch. Your wedding outfits will really stand out amongst the glowing sky.


10 Wintry Norway

newlyweds stand embracing on a rock in Norway

If you'd prefer to be surrounded by snow and beautiful icicles, you can't go wrong with Norway. The fjords and mountains in the landscape look magical when covered in snow. If you plan to elope during the winter months, you might even get a glimpse of the northern lights!


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