Must-Visit Places for Die-Hard Movie Fans

Traveling on holiday is a much-anticipated joy, and most people dream of spending days in the sun, on the beach, sipping on exotic cocktails, and enjoying the sea. Others would love a good dose of culture and art. And then there are a few die-hard movie buffs who would give an arm and a leg to visit the places where their favorite movies were made. The unbridled joy of moving around and exploring the area where their favorite movie stars delivered popular dialogue is unparalleled.


01 The bench in Forrest Gump

The bench scenes in the movie Forrest Gump take place here on Chippewa Square in Savannah, Georgia's world famous historic district. Gestalt Imagery /

Savannah is, in its own right, a beautiful place to visit with its majestic oak trees. The Savannah History Museum holds the famed bench from Forrest Gump, which Tom Hanks immortalized. There's another bench at Chippewa Square, which was the real-life spot of the bus stop where Gump would befriend strangers and regale them with his life stories, attempting to ease their worries with chocolate.


02 The firehouse in Ghostbusters

Fire Station at dawn Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images

The firehouse, which starred in the 1984 paranormal comedy movie, Ghostbusters, is fully operational even today. Smack in the midst of buzzing downtown Manhattan, Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8, on Varick Street, looks just the same as it did back in the day.


03 The island from Cast Away

Beautiful white sand beach on Monuriki (Cast Away Island), Mamanuca Islands, Fiji, South Pacific Marco Ramerini / Getty Images

The beautiful azure waters of Monuriki are a holiday maker’s dream. Located in the Mamanucas Islands, this uninhabited Fijian beauty is perfect for snorkeling or just lounging around with a private picnic. It was home to Tom Hanks during the shooting of the ever-popular classic, Cast Away. You can make a day trip of it, visiting from one of the island resorts nearby. Try to spot the ‘Help Me’ sign, which was used in the movie and still sits proudly on the island, even today.


04 Wadi Rum from Lawrence of Arabia

Rock Bridge Stone Arch In Wadi Rum Desert Lubo Ivanko / Getty Images

The mystical wadis of Jordan are to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. The sandstone Wadi Rum which played host to a plethora of well-known films, including The Martian and All the Money in the World, is probably most popular owing to it being the filming location of Lawrence of Arabia. The red rock formations made it the perfect replica for planet Mars. Want to know a lesser-known secret? It was the location of two planets from the Star Wars series as well!


05 King Kong’s special spot

Empire State Building View Alexander Westermann / Getty Images

With 360-degree skyline views over New York, no wonder King Kong was impressed! This wonder of the world will have you enthralled at every stop you make, whether it’s the movie-based exhibition on the second floor or the 72 large screen theatre and gallery which runs clips of all the films it has played host to over the years. For an exotic experience, you can take an all-access tour replete with champagne and green room access.


06 Hôtel de Glace, Frozen

Winter at the Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada Lukas Maverick Greyson /

Possibly the most magical place to visit in winter, the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec was the inspiration behind Queen Elsa’s castle in the hit movie, Frozen. The directors tried to incorporate the crystalline look of this hotel into the ice palace in the film. Operational from January to March each year, this ice hotel is rebuilt each November! To add to its mystical charm, it offers guests the chance to use the snow slides, go dog sledding, or just kick back and relax in a hot tub in the premier suite.


07 Alcatraz’s Iconic Island

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, USA Caroline Purser / Getty Images

This former island prison opened in 1934 and closed its doors in 1963. Thereafter, it was used as a filming location for famous films like Point Blank and Escape from Alcatraz. A large number of power cables were connected below the bay for the latter film, which brought back electricity to the island. Now a national park, it is wise to book a reservation at least a few months in advance.


08 Amelie’s Favorite Haunt

Illuminated streets of Monmartre quarter, street in Paris at night Nikada / Getty Images

Amelie immortalized the streets of Montmartre, and especially that of Rue Lepic. The happy and comfortable buzz of the local street shops and the sidewalk cafes lends the typical vibe of Paris we all fall in love with. Order an espresso at Café des Deux Moulins and reminisce your favorite scenes from the movie. Once you’ve soaked in the ambiance, take a leisurely stroll to the Rue des Trois-Frères where you can pop into Monsieur Collignon’s greengrocer.


09 The Sound of Music’s Sprawling Mansion and Gardens

Salzburg is one of the most famous city for tourism in Austria, Europe. There are many attraction such as Hohensalzburg, Salzach River and Mirabell Palace. Ghing / Getty Images

Any staunch Sound of Music fan will have Mirabell Palace and Gardens and Schloss Leopoldskron on their travel bucket list. The latter is now a hotel, and its lakeside grounds have played host to many scenes in the blockbuster hit film. Its lovely architecture is mesmerizing, and the grandeur of the Venetian Room will leave you amazed. It was the inspiration for the movie’s ballroom, which held many of the iconic dances which we still sing along to today.


10 The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Majestic Town

Görlitz at sunset (Saxony, Germany) Maria Sedova / Getty Images

If you loved The Grand Budapest Hotel for its beautiful scenes, then you will be thrilled by the charm of Görlitz. With its majestic townhouses, river, and historic squares, this town is a delight! You can enjoy the local beer and the local delicacy made of fruit and smoked pork, called ‘Silesian Heaven.’ Sadly, you won’t get to see the iconic but fictional Mendl’s bakery in Görlitz but do visit the quaint ‘Cafe Ca Re’ for a special sweet treat.


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