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Must-See Destinations for Every UFO Fan

We are yet to receive confirmation that life exists in another world. But, with more than 100,000 reported sightings of UFOs over the past century, ranging from flying saucers to colorful balls of light, even the most skeptical may find themselves asking if the truth is out there?

While we wait for alien life to be proved, many UFO fans have taken the conspiracy upon themselves to unwrap. Several worldwide UFO destinations have been identified as hotspots for extra-terrestrial activity. If you're curious about the existence of UFOs, then why not experience these sightings for yourself?


01 Colorado UFO Watchtower

Southern Colorado's San Luis Valley is notorious for mysterious UFO sightings and has long been a destination for fans to explore. You may take an interest in unraveling the mystery behind the cattle who's been carefully dissected with the precision of a surgeon's hand.

Judy Messoline established the UFO Watchtower on her property in the year 2000. The tower provides fans with a 360-degree view of what seems to be an active area for sightings. With over twenty psychics noting that they saw two large vortexes at Judy's "Healing Harden" and Judy confirming her own sightings, you may be the next person to uncover the hidden truth of UFOs. Judy even offers weddings at the notorious tower for serious UFO fans that want unseen guests witnessing their nuptials.


02 Chile, San Clemente

Unofficially proclaimed, the UFO capital of the world is the city of San Clemente in Chile. With UFO sightings averaging at least one per week, the Chilean tourism board established an 18.5 mile long UFO trail in 2008. Visiting this hotspot will take you through the scenic Andes mountains, where many close encounters have been reported.

At the height of conspiracy curiosity, there is the standout sight of El Enladrillado, a strange area formed by 200 perfectly cut volcanic blocks, which many believe were laid out by the hands of ancient civilizations. However, UFO hunters believe otherwise; many researchers think this flat area is actually the landing pad for extra-terrestrials.


03 New Mexico's Roswell

A welcoming signboard at the entry point of the town Cheri Alguire /

Renowned for the incident in July 1947, Roswell in New Mexico is the mother ship of all UFO destinations in the world. It is said that the US military announced the recovery of a spaceship from the desert nearby, but later they said it was just a weather balloon. However, UFO fans and theorists have different ideas. They claim that it was indeed a flying saucer, and the remains of the spaceship and dead aliens were secretly taken into storage in Roswell.

When visiting Roswell, stop at the Roswell Spacewalk and the International UFO Museum and Research Centre. A true fan will enjoy the Roswell UFO Festival, which is held every Fourth of July weekend. Fans flock together to celebrate all things extra-terrestrial and even dress the part in alien-themed costumes.


04 Nevada's Area 51

Extraterrestrial Highway road sign in Nevada, USA DiegoMariottini /

Area 51 in Nevada is always in the news. There've even Facebook events that urge people to storm into the base. Home to US military installation and located almost 100 miles North of Las Vegas, this UFO hotspot has many theorists buzzing. Some UFOlogists even believe there is a secret underground facility in the base of the Papoose Mountains where aliens are being kept.

Area 51 may be the epitome of UFO destinations as several books by government insiders detail how the area is a storage facility of a crashed flying saucer, including its dead and even living occupants. Tying in with the Roswell destination, it is believed that materials recovered at Roswell are homed at this base. It is debatable whether aliens are being kept at the facility; however, there is no doubt that the area is highly classified.


05 Sedona's UFO Hunting Grounds

A bright green meteor streaks through the Milky Way and starry night sky above Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. mdesigner125 / Getty Images

Situated in Arizona, Sedona is one of the country's most popular UFO destinations and home to the Bradshaw Ranch. UFOlogists claim that the government was forced to buy and close down the ranch to hide alien-related secrets from the public. Some sources say that the ranch is home to an inter-dimensional portal. Unfortunately, the area is restricted and remains private property, but if you are keen to explore the hidden secrets, you can take a hike near the area to the nearby mystical vortexes, which are rumored to be a hotspot of UFO activity.

There are nightly tours available that take fans out into the darkness with night-vision glasses, telescopes, and binoculars. It is the ultimate UFO hunting ground, with an impressive number of sightings reported on the tour of the region. Some even claim to have seen Bigfoot.


06 Joshua Tree National Park

Situated on the 29 Palms Highway in California is the Joshua Tree National Park. This area has many underground waterways that are high in mineral content; however, the bizarre thing is that there is no explanation as to why it's there.

UFOlogists who have explored the desert area believe that Joshua Tree lays on the 33rd North parallel - just like Roswell in New Mexico. This has made it a destination worth visiting, with several UFO sightings having been reported. Considered the Woodstock of UFOlogy, many fans and theorists gather on weekends to discuss the science of UFOs and government disclosure.

Why not book a night at the Futuro House at Joshua Tree and see what you can see?


07 Wycliffe Well

If you read a brochure for the Local Holiday Park about the small Australian settlement of Wycliffe Well, it reads, "If you stayed up all night looking, you would be considered unlucky not to see anything, rather than lucky to see something." That is how common sightings are at this self-proclaimed UFO capital of Australia.

The first activity recorded at Wycliffe Well dates back to the Second World War. A local records book was used to track UFO appearances; however, in the 1990s, it mysteriously disappeared. But, a new book was started, and the records are now in the hundreds. UFO fans are encouraged to visit the hotspot area in the dry months of May through to October if they hope to experience a sighting.


08 Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England Peter Adams / Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, Stonehenge is a hotspot for mysterious activity, including UFO sightings. It is more than 10,000 years old and is known as one of the most mysterious landmarks in the world. Many researchers believe aliens constructed Stonehenge to be a location marker or landing pad for spaceships attempting to land on Earth. The precision and skill of whoever built the monument far outweighs the skill and tools available when it is built.

Crop circles are a popular occurrence in the surrounding areas of Stonehenge, and many UFO fans have reportedly seen flying disc-shaped objects overhead too. Whether you spot a UFO or not, the area is encompassed with an otherworldliness that anyone would be drawn to.


09 Bonnybridge, Scotland

Bonnybridge has quickly become a must-see destination for fans and theorists alike. Numerous UFO sightings started in the early '90s in the small Scottish town, with the first recorded sighting documenting back to 1992 when James Walker saw a star-shaped object hovering close to the road. Thereafter, many more sightings followed, and the locals even gathered to discuss the matter.

Each year, officials in the area receive more than 300 UFO reports, and as a result, Bonnybridge, together with Sterling and Fife, now forms part of the Falkirk Triangle, a region marked with an above-average number of sightings and reports.


10 Russia's Molyobka Triangle

One of the world's most mysterious places is the Perm Anomalous Zone, situated in Russia's Ural Mountains. This region is known as the Molyobka Triangle or the M Triangle. Rumour has it that the area has similar powers to the Bermuda Triangle. As such, many myths and legends are centered around this remote area.

It has become a popular site for UFOlogists, and there are stories about watches that stop working for no reason, colored lights appear randomly in the sky, and hovering crafts have been seen in the sky. Researchers have explained this type of phenomenon to be an indication of energy emissions from cracks in the Earth that owe to that of alien activity. This UFO destination has a dedicated UFO park for fans and those looking for a fun adventure.


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