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Mind-Blowing World Maps to Discover

We're no cartographers, but that doesn't mean we don't love our maps. Beyond the dreary geography lessons of our youth, these mind-blowing maps reveal astounding facts about our world, from income to ancestry, career moves, food, beverage, and so much more. Exploring these facts and figures lets you look down at the world with a fresh set of eyes, teaching you more about the people and places that call it home... and maybe scoring you a free drink during your next trivia night.


01 International alcohol consumption

Many of us appreciate an adult beverage here and there, but where does the party go hardest? This map unveils alcohol consumption per capita for people aged 15+, which casts a wide net. Wine culture in France reigns supreme, as does pub culture in Ireland, beer drinking in Germany, and the devotion to vodka across Russia. It's no small surprise that these countries have the highest rates of alcohol consumption on earth. Surprisingly, however, none of them take home the crown. That goes to Belarus, where the average person consumes a whopping 17.5 liters every year!

map showing total alcohol consumption per capita (litres of pure alcohol) Photo by Our World in Data

02 Drink of choice

So, what is everyone raising their glass with? Spirits are incredibly popular throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, while beer is overwhelmingly regarded throughout North and South America, Australia, and Western Europe. Other Western European nations will never let up on their wine, which is also well-loved in Chile and Argentina. On the other hand, Africa remains divided between beer and "other alcohol."


03 Alcohol expenditure

We're not sure who crafted all these booze-related maps, but we're loving what we've learned. Not only have we measured where and what people are drinking, but exactly how much they're spending per year. There's truly no competition when it comes to the booze budget in Ireland, where the average household spends over 7% of its annual income on adult beverages. Next on the list? Ethiopia, where households set aside 6%. Australia's up next, followed by a three-way tie involving Canada, Central America, Eastern Europe, and beverage-producing Western European nations, such as France, Italy, and Germany.

map showing alcohol expenditure as a share of total household expenditure Photo by Our World in Data

04 U.S. ancestry

Curious where your ancestors arrived from? You might be in for a treat. Across the U.S., millions of immigrants have become ingrained into American life, and they've come from every country on earth. Viewing the map, it's incredible to see the diversity within our borders. German ancestry is prominent from sea to shining sea, with every nation in Europe also visible from coast to coast. African ancestry is seen in the South, while Mexican migrants make up much of the Southwest. In every region, however, you'll notice bits and pieces from around the world, and that's exactly what makes America the majestic melting pot that it is.

map showing U.S. ancestry Photo by Wikipedia

05 International billionaires

Once you bring home the big bucks, which destination will you decide to call home? The world's wealthiest men and women have spread out around the globe, but the majority reside in the China-Pacific region, which hosts 37.7% of the billionaire's club. China, in particular, boasts 373 of these ultra-rich tycoons. The U.S. has the most by far, however, with 585 billionaires residing within the 50 states and 29% of the world's mega-rich, making North America their home base. German, India, and Russia are up next, with 123, 119, and 101, respectively.

world map of billionaires Photo by

06 Making the mortgage

This map evaluates how many hours the average American household works toward monthly mortgage payments. In other words, how much work goes directly toward housing every single month. It should come as no small surprise that workers in high-cost-of-living cities, such as LA, NYC, and Miami, grind the hardest to pay their way, with averages of far over 100 hours. NYC workers clock in at 113, followed by LA at 112 and Miami at 109 — nearly three weeks of pay! By contrast, residents throughout the Midwest only work an average of 25 hours to lay down their payments. If you're considering a move, then this map's worth much more than a glance.

map of the US showing the hours Americans work to pay a mortgage Photo by

07 Highest-paid jobs in the U.S.

While similar careers award high salaries throughout the states, there are marked differences between them. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, and dentists always earn the big bucks, but while surgery is the highest-ranking profession in both Maryland and Maine, and those states have similar costs of living, those in Maine make about $20k more per year. Meanwhile, in Montana, gynecologists make significantly more than surgeons, and the highest salary is lower than in either of the above states. This same trend carries over to other, lower-paid professions, so you should consider carefully before deciding where to hone your career.

map showing the highest paid job in every state in the US Photo by

08 Where millennials make a living

While the cost of living is skyrocketing across the country, it remains highest in major cities like LA and NYC. Unfortunately, however, salaries don't always follow suit. If you're considering relocating, look into Minnesota, Massachusetts, and North Dakota, where millennials earn the most annual income in the U.S. Massachusetts earners take home an average of $80k per year, for instance, while their New York neighbors only earn $61k. Incomes vary widely by state, so movers should look into this if they want to bring home the bacon.

map showing how much millennials make in every state in the US Photo by

09 Where tourists spend their dough

You've worked hard to earn those vacation days, so where should you devote your tourism dollars? The U.S. garners over $211 billion in annual tourist revenue, while Spain and France earn $68 billion and $61 billion, respectively. Italy, Australia, and Germany come in close behind, with tourist dollars in the 40-billion-dollar range. You might be surprised to discover, however, that little-known gems like Cyprus bring in $3 billion tourist dollars without the big crowds. Even Kazakhstan scores $2 billion in traffic every year.

map showing the world's top tourism destinations ranked by money spent Photo by

10 Most popular messaging app

Whether you're discussing your drinking budget, relocation plans, or next major career move, how will you tell all your loved ones? Across the world, What's App reigns supreme as the most popular messaging app to inform your friends. It's popular nearly everywhere except in North America and Australia, where Messenger is the top way to get the word out. Meanwhile, Viber and WeChat have risen in popularity in parts of Africa and Asia.

map showing the most popular messaging app in every country Photo by ChartsBin

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