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International Destinations for March That Tick All the Boxes

March is not only a sign that spring is near, but it signals the start of tourism for scores of intriguing international destinations. Travelers will discover a long list of exciting spots around the globe where they can rejuvenate themselves after a long and difficult year. From serene island getaways to spectacular mountain retreats and luxurious resorts, the best international destinations are those that fulfill a traveler’s need to relax, exhale, and refresh their spirit.


01 Slovenia, an overlooked Central European destination

vistas sustainable country slovenia Viaframe / Getty Images

Not only is Slovenia one of the world’s most sustainable countries, but it’s also one of the most beautiful. Plus, it ticks off a lot of bucket-list boxes for explorers itching to get out and about in the world again. This country is a foodie’s paradise, with six of its restaurants earning Michelin star ratings in 2020. Visitors will find unique accommodations here, like glamping water villas. And, travelers are enthralled with the country’s spine-tingling vistas, courtesy of Mother Nature.


02 Barbados, a Caribbean dream

Abandoned House after flood in Bathsheba, Barbados. TommL / Getty Images

March is the perfect time of year to land in this tropical Shangri-La. It’s the last month to enjoy comfortable temperatures and low humidity before the levels rise. Fewer rain showers in Barbados during this time of year also means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch some rays or watch a vibrant sunset on its golden, sandy beaches. If you’re a remote worker dreaming of new surroundings, why not combine work with pleasure? Barbados created a new visa in 2020, allowing this new genre of travelers to spend up to a year on the island.


03 Patagonia, South American natural paradise

argentine march tourist forests patagonia Grafissimo / Getty Images

Make plans to travel to Patagonia in March, and you’ll be arriving at the end of its summer tourist season. Autumn will be making its first early appearances in the forms of slightly cooler temperatures and pops of colorful fall foliage. Travelers seeking outdoor adventures can head to the Torres del Paine National Park, a region filled with forests, lakes, rivers, and a massive glacier. Don’t miss out on trying Argentine asado, which is beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, and morcilla cooked on an open fire.


04 Doha, Qatar, an eclectic, modern city

Famous Corniche, the waterfront street along Doha Bay, with its futuristic skyscrapers. Mlenny / Getty Images

On the west coast of the Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia, is the country of Qatar. Doha is its capital, famous for not only its wealth but its eclectic and modern vibe. Qatar’s reputation as a popular tourist destination continues to grow, and Doha is its crowning glory. Make plans to indulge in the 10-day Qatar International Food Festival, starting in mid-March. Temperatures in March are comfortable, with average highs in the low 80s.


05 Salamanca, Spain, go-to for younger travelers

Famous and historic Plaza Mayor in Salamanca on a sunny day with dramatic clouds, Castilla y Leon, Spain bluejayphoto / Getty Images

March is springtime in Salamanca, so expect clear, blue skies and pleasant temperatures. This city, in the northwestern region of Spain, has a reputation for being a haven for travelers. With its affordable beer and many nightlife attractions, it’s also a popular student destination. At the heart of the city is the breathtaking Plaza Mayor, surrounding visitors with Baroque architecture, live music, shops, and restaurants featuring traditional Castilian and rural dishes, such as hornazo, a salty, crusted meat pie.


06 Adelaide, South Australian lifestyle capital

Adelaide city centre bustling with people James O'Neil / Getty Images

You couldn’t pick a more perfect month to travel to this gorgeous Australian city. First of all, March marks the season just before fall begins, so you’ll experience lovely temperatures in the mid-70s. The month-long Fringe Festival continues through mid-March, featuring comedy acts, theater and dance performances, concerts, and magic shows. Wine lovers can take a tour of one of the 60-plus wineries in the Adelaide Hills wine region. And, wildlife fans can go hang out with kangaroos, wombats, bush babies, and koalas in Cleland Conservation Park.


07 Turin, Italy, a utopia for chocolate lovers

Main View of empty San Carlo Square and Twin Churches at Night, Torino, Italy AleksandarGeorgiev / Getty Images

At the base of the Italian Alps lies the city of Turin, the first unified capital of Italy. Not only will you see magnificent examples of many architectural styles, but you can indulge your taste buds at one of the historical cafes or chocolatier shops in the city. Turin has every Italian experience that nearby Milan has, but the crowds are smaller. Expect comfortable temperature highs in the upper 60s with lows in the mid-40s in March.


08 Belize, relaxing Central American getaway

Beautiful pier at Lake Peten, close to Flores - The lake is in the north of Guatemala, close to Belize SimonDannhauer / Getty Images

March falls within this Central American country’s dry season, and it’s the peak of its tourist season, as well. Hit Belize’s largest island, Ambergris Caye, to experience days full of continuous sunshine, a major attraction for winter-weary travelers. Many say it’s the people’s laid-back attitude that makes travelers feel welcome. The waters along the shoreline are a clear, beautiful cyan-blue, perfect for snorkeling and other underwater adventures.


09 Morocco, the ancient African kingdom

Panoramic sunset view of Marrakech and old medina, Morocco Olena_Z / Getty Images

March temperatures in the northwestern African kingdom of Morocco vary from one locale to another. Fez is the oldest surviving medieval city in the world and the kingdom’s cultural center. It’s located in the northern part of the country and is generally mild and sunny in March, with average highs of 66 degrees. In Marrakech, in the southeast, the average temperatures run in the mid-70s. Marrakech is an adventurous destination with an ancient ambiance, featuring a variety of languages and customs that travelers should familiarize themselves with before their arrival.


10 Borneo, Southeast Asian jungle island

Mist & river through tropical rainforest, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. Borneo / Getty Images

Travelers will have just missed this south Pacific island’s rainy season if they arrive in March. Borneo has been a favorite destination for visitors and beach lovers for years, not only for its natural beauty but also for its reputation as a safe destination. The rain forest on Borneo is around 140 million years old and is a sight to behold, especially for travelers interested in wildlife and hiking. Enjoy a rare glimpse of wild orangutans, gibbons, leopards, and pygmy elephants in the Danum Valley Conservation Area.


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