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International Destinations Allowing U.S. Tourists

Anybody who lives with the travel bug knows that wanderlust never wanes. The occasional road trip and weekend getaway appease some of the desire to travel, but eventually, international travel beckons. While non-essential travel is currently not recommended, conditions are ever-changing. Nations are welcoming tourists with caution, and the list of countries accepting tourists from the U.S. is steadily growing. Many countries require travelers to take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which can detect if someone has a virus. Whether or not to hop on a plane is up to each person, but it helps to stay informed on ongoing travel restrictions and to visit each country's website for the most up-to-date information.


01 Countries with no restrictions

Turkey is accepting American tourists uchar / Getty Images

Several countries are accepting American tourists without needing much more than a temperature check at the airport. Countries that are all fully accessible upon arrival without further testing or contact tracing include:

  • Albania
  • Egypt
  • Mexico
  • Serbia
  • North Macedonia
  • Turkey

Brazil only asks visitors to purchase travel health insurance before arriving.

Travelers to the Maldives need only fill out a health declaration card. Keep in mind, however, that your stay is limited to the island's approved resorts until further notice.


02 The most restrictive destinations

Granada has tough restrictions Orietta Gaspari / Getty Images

Grenada is one of the most restrictive nations when it comes to international tourism. You must complete and carry a health declaration form with you on the island and download the Grenada contact tracing app. You'll also need two negative PCR test results within seven days of arrival and remain in mandatory isolation for 14 days at a state facility on your own dime.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines also have strict requirements for Americans. After providing negative PCR test results and the appropriate paperwork, visitors must take another test on arrival and isolation at an approved hotel for 14-21 days.


03 The Dominican Republic requires proof of negative test results 5 days before arrival

The Dominican Republic takes temperatures LemonTune / Getty Images

An unforgettable stay in the Dominican Republic starts with negative PCR test results less than 5 days old. At the airport, visitors have their temperatures checked. Anyone with a temperature higher than 100.6 degrees Fahrenheit receives a rapid PCR test and immediately enters isolation while awaiting test results. Otherwise, you'll have free reign of the Caribbean country.


04 Jamaica, Ecuador, and St. Lucia require visitors to take a test 7-10 days before arrival

In Jamaica, Americans are high-risk Debbie Ann Powell / Getty Images

The island of St. Lucia asks all travelers to take a PCR test and register online within 7 days of visiting.

Ecuador and Jamaica require negative test results less than ten days old, but you'll have to fill out a travel authorization form before visiting Jamaica. The island nation also administers a second PCR test to Americans upon arrival. A mandatory isolation of up to 48 hours is necessary while awaiting those test results.


05 Island destinations with heavier restrictions

The Bahamas has heavy restrictions infospeed / Getty Images

The Bahamas require all tourists to enter isolation for 14 days after arrival. You'll also need a health visa, which is available through an online application, and a negative PCR test that was taken within 10 days before travel.

Costa Rica is a bit more selective with its tourists, allowing U.S. citizens from only a handful of states to enter the country. If you're from one of the lucky few states, you'll need negative PCR test results within 48 hours.


06 Some Eastern European countries require tests within 48 hours

Croatia needs proof of accommodations Dallas and John Heaton / Getty Images

Croatia is open to visitors from all over the globe, but tourists from the U.S. must provide negative PCR test results less than 48 hours old. You'll also need to provide proof of hotel accommodation or tourist activity in an email ahead of time, which you can write after filling out an additional online entry form.

Ukraine also requires Americans to take the test within 48 hours of landing, while Belarus offers it as a suggestion.


07 Many countries require tests results within 72 hours of arriving

The waters of French Polynesia Michele Westmorland / Getty Images

Many nations require tourists from the U.S. to provide a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old before entering, including:

  • Aruba
  • French Polynesian islands
  • Honduras
  • Puerto Rico
  • Tanzania

These countries have special requirements in addition to the 72 hours hold:

  • St. Bart's requires a test on the eighth day of your visit if you plan on staying longer than 7 days.
  • St. Maarten, where you must submit a health declaration form online 72 hours before arrival or else you will not be allowed in.
  • Turks and Caicos require a health screening plus travel medical insurance.
  • Bermuda, Domenica, and Rwanda administer a second PCR test upon arrival, as well as the completion of an online form pre-arrival. In Bermuda, the process will cost $75, not including the expected travel health insurance.
  • Montenegro is also open to American tourists with a negative PCR test or a positive antibodies test.


08 Dubai does it differently

Dubai has high tech solutions Jorg Greuel / Getty Images

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is officially open for U.S. tourists who submit a negative PCR test taken within 96 hours of arrival. You must also bring proof of health insurance and download the country's mandatory app for inbound travelers. Here, you can register your trip and input critically important health information. You'll also find the health declaration form on the app, which you must submit before entering the country.


09 Get tested in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is strict NAPA74 / Getty Images

The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda is open to Americans — with a few catches. Although a negative PCR test less-than 7 days old is required to cross the border, an additional test is administered upon arrival at the cost of $100. Results aren't available for 24 to 96 hours, so you'll have to limit your movement until you receive negative test results. You'll also have to submit your passenger information online at least 72 hours before boarding your flight.


10 Other countries that require testing and time in isolation upon arrival

Armenia's quarantine has a loophole Bob Krist / Getty Images

Some countries require travelers to isolate for 14 days upon arrival, but Armenia will let you leave mandatory isolation early if your test results are negative. Travelers can order a mobile testing unit to their hotel in Armenia for convenience.

Americans can travel to Barbados, but self-isolation could be necessary if a PCR test administered 72 hours before departure is suspect. Another negative test after 5-7 days of isolation will allow you to start exploring the country.


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