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International Cities That Welcome Remote Workers

Remote workers say they not only love the flexibility that comes with work outside of a formal office setting, but they’ve also experienced a huge reduction in their stress levels and have more free time. Best of all, these digital nomads have discovered that “work from home” isn't the end of the story; they can work from just about anywhere — including dream destinations — as long as the internet connection is decent and the cost of living is affordable.


01 Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

an aerial view of Canggu in Bali

Gorgeous weather year-round, picturesque beaches, and a growing digital worker community are just some of the reasons Bali is an appealing option for remote wage earners. Canggu is a coastal community that has become a hotspot for expats and digital nomads alike. The cost of living is reasonable, the internet is fast, and the sunsets are to die for. Plus, you’ll find lots of cafes and restaurants where you can connect to WiFi, enjoy great local fare, and meet fellow remote workers.


02 Tulum, Maya Riviera, Mexico

A young woman looking out over the ocean in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, a paradise south of Cancún on Mexico’s Caribbean coastline, is quickly becoming another popular hotspot for remote workers. Over the past couple of years, several new co-working spaces have opened up around the city, creating great spots for both remote solo work and connecting with others. When you’re not working, there are Mayan ruins to explore, salsa dancing events on the beaches, underwater cave diving, and bike rides through the jungle.


03 Ponta do Sol, Madeira Islands, Portugal

A beautiful ocean view from Ponta do Sol, Madeira Islands, Portugal

Some international destinations jumped on the remote worker bandwagon early, and Ponta do Sol is one of them. Here, you’ll find a digital nomad village, complete with perks like free work spaces and close access to local restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops. Join organized leisure and self-care options like yoga, reiki, and tai chi classes, and remote worker get-togethers. The exotic and awe-inspiring natural surroundings here create the idyllic backdrop for a perfect work-life balance.


04 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

a man kayaking by a bridge in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

This capital city and major urban center in the west-central region of New Brunswick sits along the banks of the Saint John River. Here you’ll discover a charming town with historic architecture, art galleries, brewhouses, and more than 55 miles of nature-filled hiking trails nearby. Digital workers will appreciate the top-notch internet here, along with the excellent health care options and overall friendliness of the surrounding community.


05 Queenstown, New Zealand

the waterfront at sunset in Queenstown, New Zealand

Adventurous remote workers will appreciate the thrill-seeking vibe that permeates the resort town of Queenstown, in the southwest region of South Island. Activities for adrenaline seekers continue year-round, from skiing in the winter months to heli-biking, mountain climbing, and horseback riding in the warmer ones. Digital employees will find a welcoming atmosphere that rates high for LGBTQ+ friendliness, fast internet speeds, and accessible healthcare.


06 Da Nang, Vietnam

a local cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam

Digital nomads seeking low cost of living will discover a dream situation in Da Nang, in Central Vietnam. If you’re hoping to meet other remote workers from around the globe, you’ll have no problem expanding your network here. Good-for-you cuisine options are everywhere because the Vietnamese diet is such a healthy one. You’ll also find free WiFi and lots of places to work from when you want to take your workload out and about.


07 Galway, Ireland

a pedestrian street in galway, ireland

The cost of living is higher here than in some other locales, and the temperatures are much cooler. But the fast internet speeds and great WiFi availability, in combination with spectacular scenery, make this an outstanding remote-work option. Galway is a city in the west of Ireland with a population of around 80,000 people. You’ll have no trouble finding local pubs on either side of its cobblestone streets where you can meet an interesting mix of artisans, students, and locals.


08 Ljubljana, Slovenia

A cafe on a cobblestone street in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Techies and other remote workers will appreciate the super-fast internet speeds and WiFi availability in Ljubljana, the capital and largest city in Slovenia. The city, which lies in the central part of the country, has a rich cultural and historic history. The Julian Alps surround the region and the River Ljubljana runs through the city. Picturesque buildings and lively riverside cafes shaded by weeping willows line the waterways and fascinating bridges link one side of the city to the other.


09 San Nicolas, Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands

The laid-back island of Aruba in the southern Caribbean beckons travelers to its golden beaches and turquoise waters. San Nicolas is its faster-paced, multicultural hub. Digital nomads started arriving here after the government announced its “One Happy Workation” program, a 90-day visa for remote workers in 2020. With designated WiFi zones all over the island, you can take your work with you as you explore the beauty of this tropical paradise.

10 Cape Town, South Africa

the colorful houses of Bo Kapp in Cape Town, South Africa

Virtual workers will discover a great selection of free WiFi options and decent internet speeds in South Africa’s second-most populous city, Cape Town. Residents call it the “Mother City.” Expect an eclectic array of cuisine options, including unique and very affordable street food. This is a destination for those that enjoy the hustle and bustle of a large city. Quieter areas are less safe, but the nightlife is exciting and vibrant. The Woodstock neighborhood is one of the cheaper areas to live in, with a great selection of convenience stores, bars, and vegan cafes.


11 Albinen, Switzerland

mountain view from Albinen, Switzerland

The Swiss village of Albinen is just three hours from Geneva and two hours from the Italian border. And, if you’re under the age of 45 and are willing to live there for 10 years, they’ll pay you to move here. Remote workers seeking a safer, quieter lifestyle will appreciate the peacefulness and sheer majestic beauty that surrounds the village, along with all the year-round activities, from skiing and snowboarding to hiking. When it comes to broadband internet penetration across Europe, Switzerland has some of the fastest.


12 Taipei, Taiwan

neighborhood in Taipei, Taiwan

Every aspect of this locale makes it an ideal spot for remote workers seeking to explore the world while pursuing their careers. This gem has it all: friendly people, great cuisine, exciting nightlife, and a workable cost of living. It gets hot here, but unlike some European destinations, air conditioning isn’t hard to come by. Free WiFi spots and fast internet support the needs of remote workers.


13 Las Palmas, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Las Palmas, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Few places can compete with Tenerife when it comes to amenities, great weather, lightning-speed internet, and overall friendliness and acceptance of foreigners. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. In Las Palmas, you’ll find co-living and co-working spaces and a growing nomad community that organizes monthly events.


14 Seoul, South Korea

sidewalk in Seoul, South Korea with shops and flowers

Around 10 million people live in Seoul, so if you like crowds and all that comes with a major metropolis, this may be your perfect remote work home base. The capital city sits in the northwestern region of South Korea Each of its neighborhoods has a distinctive undercurrent with scores of amazing cuisines and specialty shops. There’s no shortage of free WiFi and fast, reliable internet across Seoul, but the cost of living is higher here.


15 Thessaloniki, Greece

quaint street view in Thessaloniki, greece

With one of the longest city seafronts in Greece, Thessaloniki provides remote workers with much more than decent internet speeds and coffee shops with free WiFi. Quality of life is an important part of Greek culture and there is no shortage of ways to achieve that here. Iktinou and Zefxidos streets are in the heart of the city and a great spot to find charming bistros, cocktail bars, shops, and entertainment venues.


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