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Instagram Travel Influencers That Will Inspire You

Social media has become the go-to for people to get their news, check out the latest gossip, catch a laugh, learn new makeup techniques, and see what the next big fashion trend will be. In the world of travel, some talented individuals have earned the title of influencer, thanks to their instructive, inspirational, and visually appealing content. The best travel influencers show their followers ways to live out their travel fantasies, not just dream about them.


01 Fahad Fuad

Wildlife photographer and influencer Fahad Fuad is a Tanzanian who spreads the word about exploring the wondrous African continent and its 54 countries, especially his home country. Four years ago, he started an eco-tour agency, Unzip Tanzania, creating travel opportunities for groups, couples, and single sojourners. He's built a following of more than 84,000 fans who not only love his amazing wildlife photos but also his travel and nature-inspired messaging.


02 Scratch Your Mapa

Their beautiful, colorful, and romantic posts evoke wanderlust for couples around the world. With around 14,700 followers, Danni and Fede have a primary goal: to help others achieve their travel dreams. Danni is from the U.S., and Fede hails from Argentina. They met while working on a cruise ship that was traveling from Barcelona to Florida. Followers enjoy their approachable, down-to-earth vibe and the long list of breathtaking destinations and useful information the couple shares.


03 Kyrenian

Altug Galip, or as he's known on IG, kyrenian, is the epitome of an influencer. The London-born freelance photographer and social media specialist creates compelling and visually stunning images from every corner of the globe and has 1.3 million followers. Through his surreal photography techniques, he's motivated others to book tickets to destinations they may have never before considered.


04 Oneikatraveller

Influencer and Canadian Oneika Raymond is also a TV host and journalist who focuses on family and solo female travel and getaways for people of color. She has journeyed to around 120 different countries, and by sharing her experiences, has become an inspiration for those planning a trip or dreaming of one. Oneikatraveller's tips run the gamut for her 116,000 followers. Her posts feature amazing bucket list adventures, time and cost-saving tips, helpful travel apps, advice for traveling with little ones, and saving up for a new journey.


05 The Chris Hau

With 485,000 followers, Chris Hau has made an impact on the travel community through his digital creative storytelling and filmmaking skills. He also creates videos for his YouTube channel, teaching followers how to produce impressive and engaging photos as they travel the world. Hau hails from Canada and often shares posts of his and his significant other, Lizzie, exploring his beloved country. He creates inspirational content and regularly invites his followers to weigh in on a variety of topics.


06 Girl Eat World

You'll immediately recognize the simple yet incredibly unique content on Girl Eat World's IG. Melissa Hie identifies as a "casual travel writer," but with 346,000 followers, her skills move her far beyond that title. This creative but humble influencer features a favorite culinary treat from the country or region she's visiting, taking not only the aesthetic appeal of the food into account but the vista behind it as well. When she's not traveling and delighting us with her luscious international treat images, she's a product designer in Singapore.


07 Le Backpacker

After graduating from college in Europe, self-taught Belgian photographer Johan Lolos traveled the world and documented his journey. Soon after, he started posting the images to IG, which were discovered by National Geographic, the DailyMail, and BuzzFeed, who published his photos. This exposure allowed him to become a full-time, professional outdoor photographer and an influencer. Today, he has 419,000 IG followers who log in to see his phenomenal work and read his inspiring, often poignant, descriptions about each journey.


08 Wong Guy 974

Olivier Wong is a super-popular TikToker, with 4.3 million subscribers, but his IG following isn't too shabby, either. Around 879,000 loyal followers enjoy his outstanding travel photography. Wong shares travel stories about his shoots, providing insight into unique spots to capture top-level photos of a journey. He features how-tos for a variety of techniques he uses for creating unique, cinematic videos as well as still-photo content, such as reflection photos, and using natural light to create the most compelling shots.


09 Izkiz

Jennifer Tuffen is a travel photographer who enjoys the luxe side of travel and shares her colorful world with her 2.8 million loyal followers. Born in England, growing up in the Netherlands, and now residing in London, she has an extraordinary perspective about the world of a free-spirited sojourner. She usually photographs herself in luxurious, technicolor landscapes and upscale surroundings. As a businesswoman, she's figured out the dream formula for living a traveler's life by snagging sponsorships and sought-after invites to amazing destinations to help finance her treks around the world.


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