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Funny Memes for Those Who Love To Travel

Traveling is a hobby full of emotions, and one of the best ways to connect with others who feel the same way is to share some travel memes. Whether you’re an avid traveler stuck at home, an explorer who recently returned home from a trip, or just someone who enjoys sharing in the experience, a good travel meme is sure to make you laugh out loud. Or, at the very least, exhale slightly in amusement.


01 Facebook taunting us with the past

After a year of being stuck at home, those memories of touring museums all over the world or burning up the dance floor in the clubs sure hit different. At least things are finally starting to open up again!

02 Who can resist the temptation

“The toughest choices require the strongest wills,” And those alerts definitely test our wills. Well, maybe with all these post-covid deals, you can fit one more trip into the budget… Or two… Or...

03 Traveling by any means necessary

We’ve all been there, stuck at work daydreaming about hitting the beach with a pair of drinks in hand. Some days, latching onto the outside of a plane doesn’t even sound that absurd.

04 “The moose should’ve told you.”

As necessary as it may have been, it definitely hurt having to cancel plan after plan, waiting for the world to open up. This past year certainly made Clark Griswold trying to get into the theme park a lot more relatable!


05 Please just have a dry throat

Sure, it might be a bit of a risk to get onto some of those cheaper flights, but who can refuse such an affordable trip? Let’s just hope the coughing stops once the flight attendant brings them a drink.

06 Did we really bring this much stuff?

Before the trip, it’s like being a world champion Tetris player. Trying to come home from the trip feels more like being a lazy teenager. Why does the suitcase seem to shrink so much on the way back home?

07 The FOMO really starts to set in

Remember when celebrities were posting photos of their trips to private islands during the pandemic? Yeah, those hurt. But watching everyday people journeying across the world and living their best lives really does sting more.


08 Anything is possible with the power of imagination

Sure, maybe you couldn’t enjoy your holiday because the world had to shut down, but envisioning the trip is probably the same as actually going, right? Well, no, but we can always dream.


09 Finally, after endless searching

After hours of tracking down flight deals, scouring the internet for ideal flight times, and setting up alerts for ticket sales, it can feel like pulling off divine intervention when that nice, affordable flight just falls in your lap.


10 Why didn’t anyone wake me up?

Nobody actually loves airplane food. At least, not until you’re actually on the flight and missed the snack cart because you were napping. Your friends or family allowing you to sleep through the snack cart is one of life’s greatest betrayals.


11 One for the flight attendants out there

Being a flight attendant is a pretty cool job. You get to see the world, meet tons of new people, and your office literally flies across the sky. But, just like any job, there’s nothing like heading home at the end of the day.


12 A veritable museum of vacation pics

Sure, honey, do it for the ‘gram. It’s great to take some photos capturing the memories we’ve made on the trip, but maybe we can stop taking selfies long enough to actually make some memories?


13 That’s a problem for home me, not vacation me

Oops, something must be wrong with the phone because these emails just don’t seem to make sense. Nothing gets to interrupt the beautiful experience and calm bliss of living on island time!


14 What is the purpose?

There’s a certain theatricality about flying. Soaring through the sky in a massive metal tube, landing with the bumping and shaking, and hearing the pilot’s voice over the intercom. But clapping after landing is a little much. Unless your pilot just performed an emergency landing in the Hudson, maybe hold off on the clapping.


15 We’ll never forget you, Wilson

We all wish that vacation could last forever, but you never forget that last day creeping up on you. Just as you start to get accustomed to your new life away from the world you know, the final day arrives and pulls you right back to the daily grind.


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