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Exciting Small Towns that Celebs Call Home

Not all celebrities have fallen in love with the lights and glamor of Hollywood; some prefer the humble nature and serenity of small towns and cities. There, they can enjoy low-key luxuries and relax and unwind without having to keep up with busy schedules and the paparazzi. You, too, can find a peaceful escape from the chaos in these places since they're endorsed as some of the best-hidden gems in America.


01 Steve Carell - Marshfield, Massachusetts

Born and raised outside of Boston, Steve Carell eventually made Marshfield, Massachusetts his home. Carell is a fairly active member of the community and owns the historic Marshfield Hills General Store.

Marshfield is a beautiful, historic town with historic buildings that are a sight to see. If you're planning to visit, one of the best times is in August, which is when The Marshfield Fair is hosted. It's one of the premier events of Southeastern Massachusetts and has been hosted every year since 1867! Enjoy typical fair food, amusement rides, and an extensive farm and agriculture exhibit at one of America's last remaining county fairs.

02 Sandra Bullock - Montpelier, Vermont

Autumn scenery near the capitol city of Montpelier, Vermont. Photo taken of a quiet calm lake in Vermont during the peak autumn foliage season. Vermont's beautiful fall foliage ranks with the best in New England bringing out some of the most colorful foliage in the United States DenisTangneyJr / Getty Images

One of the places that the stunning Sandra Bullock calls home is in Montpelier, Vermont. This small town is known for its maple sugar production and is home to what most people consider the best maple creemees in the state! A maple creemee is slightly creamier than a soft-serve and has a unique, caramel-hued note that comes from maple syrup. It's a treat that's worth trying!


03 Julia Roberts - Taos, New Mexico

Ancient dwellings of UNESCO World Heritage Site named Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. Taos Pueblo is believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in USA. miroslav_1 / Getty Images

It's no surprise that you'd find Julia Roberts in New Mexico, considering the fact that she held her surprise wedding with her husband Danny Moder there. This little gem is known for its historic adobe buildings, like the Taos Pueblo. If you're an admirer of architecture and art, you won't want to miss checking out the many galleries and museums, like the Taos Art Museum, that showcase some of the best regional artwork. Here, you'll also find world-class ski resorts, a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains, and St. Francisco de Asis, which is one of the most photographed and iconic churches in the world.


04 Dave Chappelle -  Yellow Springs, Ohio

The Little Art Theater in Yellow Springs is a local landmark built in 1929 currently showing foreign films and indie movies Madison Muskopf /

Known for his comedies, Dave Chappelle is another celebrity that prefers calling a small, quaint place home rather than the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. If you like to cycle or hike, Yellow Springs is truly a dream come true. There are plenty of parks, trails, and woodland here. The rivers edge hiking trails in John Bryan State Park and the Little Miami Scenic Trail are popular favorites.


05 Taylor Swift - Westerly, Rhode Island

Sunset on a beach in Westerly Rhode Island

To get some peace during the summer, Taylor Swift spends time in an iconic grand house located at the peak of Watch Hill Beach. Swift is known for hosting a large Fourth of July party every year, bringing many A-list guests to town, so that's a good time to visit if you want to run into some of your favorite celebrities.

Westerly is a beautiful beachfront community with many wonderful beaches. It's a serene place to sunbathe and swim. There are also several water parks here that are great for children.


06 Stephen King - Bangor, Maine

This image overlooks the city of Brewer, Maine from the Bangor Waterfront

Stephen King calls Bangor, Maine, home and loves this city so much that he modeled his fictional town of Derry after it, so if you adore King's work, come here and let his fictional world become your reality.

Bangor is a typical New England town littered with historic homes and has a welcoming, vibrant vibe. If you have kids, you want to make a stop here. The Maine Discovery Museum has many hands-on exhibits that are perfect for children. The University of Maine Museum of Art is also famous for its modern and contemporary pieces. If you're looking for some serenity, take a hike in Bangor City Forest. You're pretty much guaranteed to run into some wildlife, like deer and beavers.


07 Ryan Reynolds - Bedford, New York

Upper middle-class suburban countryside neighborhood clad in the colors of early autumn foliage. dszc / Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively dropped $5.7 million in Bedford, New York, on a beautiful old-school Colonial home built in 1860. This community is one of America's wealthiest and boasts some of the loveliest architecture in the country. It's also home to many beautiful preserves where novice and advanced hikers can find trails that fit their activity level. The streams are also a beautiful place to go swimming.


08 Justin Timberlake - Big Sky, Montana

Winter scenery, at sunrise in Big Sky, Montana, near Yellowstone National Park

Nowadays, Timberlake spends most of his time at home in Big Sky, Montana, with his wife, Jessica Biel, and son. They chose this location for its vast array of outdoor scenery, making it the perfect vacation spot for those looking for an adventure.

Known for its ski resorts and downhill mountain bike trails, Big Sky is gushing with natural scenery and wildlife. Ousel Falls Park is a great place for a picnic. There are also plenty of hot springs in the area where you can relax and unwind.


09 Morgan Freeman - Charleston, Mississippi

row boats on the riverbank Jaimie Tuchman / Getty Images

Charleston, Mississippi, is a tiny town with a population of approximately 2,000 people, one of whom is Morgan Freeman. Charleston is known for its Trout Valley Quail Preserve, which is a fun place to go shooting. The Herron House Bed and Breakfast is also a quaint place perfect for a romantic, quiet getaway.


10 Demi Moore - Hailey, Idaho

Partly cloudy blue sky over mountain landscape, lake, and countryside properties. Deer Creek in Hailey, Idaho, USA. shanecotee / Getty Images

Demi Moore moved to Hailey, Idaho, to live a quiet life with her three young daughters with her then-husband, Bruce Willis.

If you're a history fanatic, make a stop at the Blaine County Historical Museum. It's a mine of information for Blaine County. You'll be wowed by all that you can learn, like poet Ezra Pound's early childhood and the Shoshone and Bannock tribes that used to inhabit the area. Hailey is also close to one of the best winter sports destinations in the country, Sun Valley. It's a world-class place to both ski and snowboard!


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