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Europe's Christmas Markets Are Epic Festive Events

Something magical happens in many European cities about a month before Noel. The streets in usually a central part of town transform like Cinderella going to the ball—they get decked out in twinkly fairy lights and festive colors with pops of scarlet, winter greens, and snowy white.

Santa Claus goes by various names in Europe and often makes an appearance, even if it's just on the wares sold at numerous temporary stalls. You'll detect the aroma of warming spices like cinnamon everywhere you walk and hear the sounds of glee from the tops of Ferris wheels.

It's a winter dream, and you may want to visit many of these legendary markets if you love the atmosphere. It's time for you to organize a multi-city trip for a full-throttle Christmas cheer that trickles into the New Year.


01 Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland. Christmas fairytale market at Munsterplatz and Munster Cathedral, Swiss Confederation. emicristea / Getty Images

Basel's Christmas market is one of the most popular in Europe. There are close to two hundred stores, many of which cater to foodies hankering after wonderfully gooey Swiss raclette and fondue, Basler Läckerli, a type of local gingerbread, waffles, sausages, and hot punch.

Head for Basel's historic city center, and you'll find dozens of wooden chalets trading handmade goods. The Munsterplatz section has an enchanted forest feel with crafty activities for children.


02 Strasbourg, France

Tourists admiring Christmas decorations on the iconic rue Merciere and the Notre-Dame Cathedral Adrian Hancu / Getty Images

Strasbourg is one of Europe's Christmas capitals., and its pioneering market has grown into a favorite winter stop since 1571, with millions flocking to the city to experience it. You can shop for gorgeous blown glass candle souvenirs and special candies at approximately 300 stores or simply savor the spectacular Alsace setting.

Look out for nutty kugelhopf, foie gras, and an assortment of bredele cookies and cakes from the region.


03 Vienna, Austria

Rathaus and christmas market in Vienna, Austria sborisov / Getty Images

Vienna's Christmas markets are a tradition that started in 1296. and are as popular as Billy Joel's song named for Austria's famously elegant capital—a hit with crowds with a flair for the dramatic. Vienna will treat your eyes to fairytale-like illuminations and stunning artisanal creations.

Sort your Christmas gifting out with soaps or collectibles available at the Town Hall or Schönbrunn Palace. Or stroll to your heart's content, soaking up the scenery and roasted chestnuts with a steaming cup of hot chocolate before hopping on a reindeer for a ride. If you're in Austria, you might as well head to Salzburg, where The Sound of Music was filmed, and Mozart was born. The mountains are the perfect backdrop to one of the world's oldest Advent markets.


04 Budapest, Hungary

Busy christmas market at the Vorosmarty Square in Budapest, Hungary Romeo Reidl / Getty Images

Press play on George Ezra's song Budapest and make your way to Hungary's capital, where you'll hear loads of fellow Americans in the thronging mass.

Get ready for top 5 European Christmas market material. The laser projections on St. Stephen's Basilica are Instagrammable, and the Advent Calendar reveals on Gerbeaud House are another unique touch.


05 Tallinn, Estonia

View of old Tallinn central square during Christmas market. Vintage carousel, Christmas tree and kiosks illuminated with Xmas light and walking crowd Kira-Yan / Getty Images

You'll find what's been called the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe in Estonia's capital. But the visuals, including Europe's first Christmas tree that's been inspiring picture-making since 1441, aren't the only attraction.

If you love different kinds of music and dance, this is the city to go to for brass bands, performing troupes, and lots of jingling bells. You can buy cold-weather accessories like wreaths and rugs at relatively affordable prices, sample honey, and feast on moreish cuisine, including sour cabbage (trust us). Check out the mini zoo with little ones or take photos of the snow sculptures. Plus, Helsinki's Christmas market is just two hours away by ferry.


06 Prague, Czech Republic

Traditional Christmas market at the old town square in Prague

Christmas in picturesque Prague is a no-brainer. Between the castle, Old Town, Charles Bridge, and the department stores, you'll get plenty of retail therapy done, and the ambiance is magnetic.

Of course, you'll have to dress for the cold, but the cozy Christmas markets more than make up for the deep freeze. Shop for jewelry, ceramic mugs, baubles, flatbreads, and trdelník, a hot rolled sugary pastry.


07 Edinburgh, Scotland

Winter festival fairground attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland, part of Edinburgh's Christmas and Edinburgh's Hogmanay 2016. A brightly coloured helter-skelter, with high-rising Star Flyer swing ride in the background next to the Scott monument. Christopher Ames / Getty Images

Edinburgh is a city that will etch itself into your memory. It might be the Scottish lilt, bagpipes, and Tartan patterns that do the trick or Edinburgh Castle that looms majestically over pretty Princes Street Gardens.

Or it could have something to do with the tall ride that swings its way over the UK's best Christmas market way down below. Reader, we have been on this 60-ft swing, hurtling towards and away from the Gothic spires of the Scott Monument, and we've never felt more alive. Having said that, the ride did cause a terrifying scare in 2013, so perhaps a visit to the Scottish National Gallery is more your speed. Stay through New Year's for Hogmanay and the ceilidh.


08 Asti, Italy

Govone and Asti in the wine region of Piedmont offer visitors one of the most beloved Christmas markets in all of Europe. It might be cloudy with a chance of pizza, but you'll also get all the Santa vibes and meet passionate retailers selling jams, truffles, and other high-quality products.


09 London, England

United Kingdom, England, London . London's Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park Atlantide Phototravel / Getty Images

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is a carnival-like extravaganza. There's an ice rink, fairground games, North-Pole-themed rides for all ages, a circus, and ice sculptures.

Get a bit drunk and a bit dizzy on the merry-go-round carousel bar, or hit up the Bavarian village thrown in for good measure and classic celebration.


10 Amsterdam, Netherlands

People enjoy ice skating in front of Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands nui7711 /

Amsterdam's Christmas market is called Winter Paradise, which should tell you all you need to know about this highlight on the city's calendar.

The largest market in Holland's capital is situated next to the ice rink on Museumplein, so you can get your fix of arts and culture in one convenient location and then hop aboard for a canal cruise that takes in the Light Festival. There are winter sports stations where you can try curling, cross-country skiing, or snow tubing if you haven't before. Indulge in Dutch poffertjes or pancakes or make s'mores before watching live music.


11 Munich, Germany

sales booth at the christmas market in Munich, Germany FooTToo / Getty Images

Germany occupies rarified air with at least five world-class Christmas markets dotted throughout the land. Many Christmas markets try to replicate the "Bavarian Village" feel.

Why get a knock-off experience when you can go straight to the source? Munich is the home of Oktoberfest, so you know you're in for an epic time.


12 Gothenburg, Sweden

You'll know what Scandi chic is all about when you see the Christmas tree at Gothenburg's Market.

Sweden's best amusement park, Liseberg, gets the festive treatment and becomes a fun fest for the whole family. If delicious food and drinks and top-notch entertainment for the kids weren't enough, there's a Swan Lake ballet ice show.


13 Bruges, Belgium

Christmas decoration and lighting Old Market Square in the historic center of Bruges, Belgium. Pel_1971 / Getty Images

Belgian chocolates are an obvious drawcard at Simon Stevinplein square, but there's a plentiful supply of romance in Bruges too, what with all the vibrant medieval architecture seemingly plucked from storybooks with happy endings. This Flemish city glitters during the annual Winter Glow. You'll be smiling, and your belly will too.


14 Madrid, Spain

illumination in Madrids Christmas market at the Plaza major Meinzahn / Getty Images

The Plaza Mayor is a must-see on any visit to Madrid. This public square has witnessed bullfights, executions, coronations, and many a fiesta over the centuries—one such fiesta takes place during Christmas.

The Mercado de Navidad dates back to the 19th century, and you can purchase seasonal delicacies, clay Belén, or nativity figurines, toys, and trinkets from the vendors.


15 Honorable mentions

Main Market Square of Krakow decorated for Christmas martin-dm / Getty Images

Europe loves its Christmas markets, so you'll find one almost everywhere you go on the continent, and most are joyful affairs. Some compete with the events on this list.

Krakow in Poland, for example, has an A-plus Christmas market with more affordable price tags on ornaments, antiques, knits, and so on compared to what you'd find in, say, Austria. Copenhagen, Zagreb, Craiova, Madeira, Metz, and Funchal also deliver in all the ways that count.


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