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Best Travel Destinations Based on Your Zodiac Sign

According to Western astrology, our zodiac sign can unleash valuable insights into our personalities. Each of the twelve astrological signs carries specific strengths, weaknesses, and intriguing clues about our inner selves. The zodiac elements of earth, fire, water, and air offer additional hints. Why not use these sign-specific characteristics to choose travel destinations? Whether you prefer a relaxing, sun-drenched beach vacation or an exciting adventure in a new locale, your astrological sign can help you choose the best option for your bon voyage.


01 Capricorn: Cairo

For practical Capricorns, it’s all about responsibility, hard work, and taking care of those around them. They value things from the past, whether it’s antique treasures or historical places. As an earth sign, Capricorns feel deep connections to those destinations with strong ties to the past. Cairo offers a unique travel destination, complete with the awe-inspiring feats of architecture, the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. Capricorns will love floating down the Nile, visiting the new Grand Egyptian Museum, and experiencing the flavors and atmosphere of this ancient cultural mecca.

cairo capricorn egyptian pyramids ugurhan / Getty Images

02 Aquarius: Iceland

Air signs like Aquarius are all about motion and progress. These independent sojourners need destinations that speak to their inner need to experience new sights and sounds. While other signs might head to the warmer destinations, for Aquarians, that’s just too predictable. Iceland, with its majestic fjords, spectacular views of the northern lights, fresh Nordic cuisine, and geothermal baths create an unforgettable getaway for Water Bearers. Aquarians shouldn’t miss out on a trip to Vik, the southernmost village in Iceland, to experience the powerful North Atlantic winds, black pebble beach, and amazing basalt cliffs at Reynisfjara.

nordic iceland aquarius vik Per Breiehagen / Getty Images

03 Pisces: Tibet

Intimate, romantic dreamers should seek destinations that inspire their love of art, music, and all things spiritual. For Pisces, the perfect destination is bursting with intuition, imagination, healing, and fantasy. And, because you are a water sign, you’ll thrive in places with easily accessible lakes, rivers, or an ocean. Tibet is filled with exhilarating vistas, ancient-but-thriving monasteries, and magnificent historical and geological landmarks, like the Mount Everest base camp. Revive yourself at one of the region’s ten sacred lakes. The beautiful turquoise-colored waters of Lake Namtso, north of Lhasa, are an absolute must-see for Pisceans.

tibet pisces lhasa palace Matteo Colombo / Getty Images

04 Aries: Alaska

Passionate people born under the sign of Aries are fueled by the element of fire. Their travel destinations should spark their inquisitive nature and satisfy their adventurous spirit. Those seeking excitement and unfamiliar locales will love the state of Alaska. Whether you’re planning a solo expedition or trekking the landscape with friends, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to fill your wanderlust. Start your journey in Anchorage and catch the train to Denali National Park. You’ll experience the magnificence of all five of the geographic regions of America’s Last Frontier.

aries anchorage alaska train Ignacio Palacios / Getty Images

05 Taurus: Greece

Natural surroundings and romance inspire Taureans. You enjoy the best of what life has to offer, whether it is unique, flavorful cuisine, exhilarating music, stimulating art masterpieces, or timeless fashion. Greece may be the perfect destination for practical earth signs. Not only will you find countless sources of inspiration in the architecture and the landscape across the Greek peninsula, but you’ll also feel right at home among the people who share the Taurean love of all-things-beautiful.

taurus cuisine music greece David C Tomlinson / Getty Images

06 Gemini: Brazil

Fun-loving, clever, and social, Geminis thrive in places with crowds. Like their fellow air signs, Geminis like the winds of change. Their top travel destination is one offering a long list of unique options. Brazil is a vibrant, diverse, exciting country. Whether you’re craving some sun worshipping on one of its 1500 beaches or partying the night away in a Rio de Janeiro nightspot, Brazil should make it to the top of your list. You’ll find a wide array of delicious cuisine and beverages to indulge in endless cultural experiences to stimulate your curiosity.

brazil gemini sun nightspot rio Grafissimo / Getty Images

07 Cancer: French Polynesia

Intuitive, creative, and loving, Cancers prefer family-oriented, peaceful locales rather than wilder ones. As a water sign, they crave areas that are close to water, be it waterfalls or a beautiful ocean bay. The lush, green landscape and warm waters surrounding French Polynesia create an ideal atmosphere to relax, unwind, and recharge. Explore the romantic waterfalls in Tahiti, an underwater paradise in the Tuamotu Archipelago, or the renowned spiritual power of Raiatea.

waterfalls cancer french polynesia Velvetfish / Getty Images

08 Leo: Japan

The sun, Leo’s ruling planet, governs rules over life and vitality. Leos are bold and courageous, with high levels of self-esteem. Yet, they are also fun-loving and warm, with limitless amounts of energy. If you’re a Leo, look for a destination that offers a unique blend of experiences. A feast for the eyes and the soul, Japan’s natural world offers infinite opportunities for taking photos, hiking, and relaxing. Attend the Fuji Shibazakura Festival or experience the Bamboo Forest in Nagoya. Plan a night out in Tokyo, a mind-blowing, surreal experience of neon lights, busy streets, and spectacular Japanese cuisine.

leo japan night tokyo Saha Entertainment / Getty Images

09 Virgo: Morocco

They may be known as the worrywarts of the zodiac, but Virgos are the ultimate planners. While people born under other signs may crave companionship and social connections, earth-related Virgos are perfectly content traveling on their own. Enjoy a day in Marrakech, meticulously searching through endless numbers of merchant stalls for hand-woven carpets, shisha pipes, and other treasures. Head to the beautiful city of Checchaouen, at the foot of the spectacular Rif Mountains. For Virgos, this peaceful city, with its buildings of various shades of blue, creates the perfect ambiance for both recharging and stimulating the senses.

virgo morocco blue buildings checchaouen Izzet Keribar / Getty Images

10 Libra: Portugal

Making new friends is essential for a Libra’s psyche. Travel and appreciating beautiful things are both important aspects of their lives as well. As a Libra, you’ll love Portugal, a locale that will not only nurture your social side but also allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture. In Barrio Alto, you can join locals for a beer and traditional live music, or spend your time at the luxurious clifftop resort in Funchal on the island of Madeira. It’s tranquil, elegant, and offers all the luxuries of a tropical resort, including water sports and helicopter tours.

libra portugal elegant madeira Juergen Sack / Getty Images

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