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Awesome Surfing Destinations Just Around the Corner

With over 20 million surfers in the world, an epic surfing experience is as varied as the rider. Surfing is a continuously evolving lifestyle, one in pursuit of the best this world has to offer. Fortunately, the world’s beaches have something amazing to offer wherever you are on your journey.


01 Rincón, Puerto Rico

Surfing beach in Puerto Rico IndigoSurf Photography / Getty Images

Frequented by renowned surfers such as Kelly Slater and Tom Curren, some of the most outstanding surfing in the world can be found on Puerto Rico’s famous Westside.

For a taste of authentic Caribbean surf, Playa Domes in Rincon easily steals the scene as one of the most sought-after surfing spots.

Boasting vast crystal waves, a welcoming culture, and the luxury of endless summer weather, it’s no wonder Rincón is a prime location for surfers worldwide!


02 South Beach, Miami

Beach day scene in Miami Beach, FL Wilson Araujo / Getty Images

South Beach is a surfer's dream come true if your dream happens to be picture-perfect, clear water and waves. Discover some of the best riding in the U.S., where expert instructors give you a local experience in sweet spots like the all-time favorite South Beach. With its endless stream of surfers living their dream, this beach is one of Miami's many coveted spots where beginners and advanced skill levels all have their season.


03 Rincon Point State Beach, Rincon, CA

surfer cutting back on a wave David Pu'u / Getty Images

Notoriously known as Queen of the Coast, Rincon Point State Beach sits between La Conchita and Carpeteria near Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. This favorite public beach features three consistently reliable surfing spots; The Cove, Rivermouth, and The Indicator. Its legendary flawless conditions and right-hand waves attract enthusiasts from all over the world.


04 La Jolla Shores, CA

surfer with surfboard watching sunset on shore uschools / Getty Images

In the notoriously competitive world of surfing monster waves, a little kindness goes a long way, especially if you’re new to the scene. Lucky for you, San Diego’s family-friendly La Jolla Shores is a perfect example of an accessible well-rounded surfing experience in an exquisite location. The gentle and consistent 2-4 feet waves and sandy seafloor make La Jolla an ideal beach for beginner and easy-going advanced skill levels.


05 Malibu, CA

Teenage girl (16-17) riding longboard through water tube on Maibu coast, California, USA David Pu'u / Getty Images

Where would the world of surfing be without Malibu? Not in the movies, that’s for sure! Considered the best point break in the United States, this iconic SoCal surfing mecca leads an impressive lineup. If Malibu Lagoon State Beach (also known as Surfrider Beach) isn’t on your bucket list, it should be. With splendid waves fit for all, First Point, Second Point, and Third Point are the three prime spots. White sand beaches and movie stars aside, this little piece of heaven was also designated the first World Surfing Reserve!


06 Galveston, TX

Stand up Paddleboard surfer catches a wave on Galveston Island Texas. Mark Taylor Cunningham /

Suppose you’re an experienced surfer looking to catch some crazy waves while in the Lone Star state. Look no further because the Galveston Shipping Channel delivers — and in a big way! It’s true, everything in Texas is bigger, and that includes the monstrous waves created by supertankers in the channel! What are you waiting for? Gather your friends and take an all-day charter excursion for the best and biggest supertanker waves around!


07 Long Beach, NY

 Man in New York with surfboard in snow MASAHIRO_NOGUCHI_NY / Getty Images

Why not catch a wave or two while in the Big Apple? An hour outside of NYC, the beloved town of Long Beach offers a unique surfing experience for those looking for something outside the box. During winter, monster waves of the dark and ominous kind lure in the most experienced enthusiasts with their promise of a good time.

You heard us right. If you're a brave soul, go during winter when crowds disperse and bring a buddy.


08 Outer Banks, NC

 Woman carrying surfboard into sea Vladimir Vladimirov / Getty Images

East Coast surfing is nowhere as exhilarating as it is in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Beginners will fare well at the slightly remote and less crowded Coquina Beach while the more experienced thrill-seekers pursue the bold waves of Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills, especially after a storm when swells are generous. If you want a little something in between, the S-Curves is an all-around favorite; although it gets pretty crowded during peak seasons, it’s definitely a must-have experience.


09 Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ

A surfer catches the last waves of the day as the sun is setting. Atlantic City, NJ OGphoto / Getty Images

Atlantic City isn’t called the “The World’s Playground” for nothing. In a place where thrills abound, exhilarating surfing tops the list for exciting things to do! Beneath the boardwalk away from the bustle of activity, another world exists. Extreme East Coast riders take note, winter is the ideal season, but Atlantic City’s Steel Pier surfing isn’t for the faint of heart. When crowds disperse, hard-core locals suit up in their cars before bracing icy winds to get a piece of the action.


10 Playa Jobos, Isabella, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico - Surfing

Isabella’s Playa Jobos is choice surfing for locals and visitors alike, but don’t let the splendorous beauty fool you; Playa Jobos, like all other beaches in Isabella, should be approached with caution. Facing the Atlantic on the northwest side, this is a favorite spot for everyone. And although it’s not touristy, tourists delight in the raw nature and authentic local vibe of this Caribbean treasure.


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