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Are You on a Mission to Find America’s Best Burger?

Burgers are America's favorite fast food, and the fact that we eat 50 billion burgers every year is astonishing. The humble sandwich transformed over the last century, and today the saucy, meaty creations come in different sizes and cater to various palates. Some burgers are bougie and packed with expensive ingredients, and others are mass-produced, but when they're good, they all have their appeal. We've got some intel if you've ever wondered where you can find the best burgers in all the land. Are you ready to dig in?


01 Au Cheval, Chicago

Fancy it up with a trip to Au Cheval. This popular diner-style restaurant operates on a first-come-first-served basis, so plan to wait a while before you get a table. As its name suggests, Au Cheval is obsessed with putting eggs in burgers, so there's no doubt you'll meet your protein goals for the day while getting a flavor boost. The thousands of positive reviews online are a testament to exacting standards, and we think you'll love the raved-about double cheeseburger.

02 Datz, Tampa

The Cheesy Todd at Datz in Tampa deserves to be all over your socials. It's truly one of a kind, comprising a patty with the crunchy gooey works sandwiched between, wait for it, two deep-fried jalapeno mac and cheese "buns." It's not just about the novelty—this burger is comfort on a plate and may just be Last Supper material.

03 Sid's Diner, El Reno

People rave about the Onion Burger, AKA the depression burger, at Sid's Diner in El Reno, Oklahoma. There's a solid chance it will lift your spirits. With a classic diner aesthetic and location on Route 66, you can make unshakeable food memories with loved ones at a place like this.

04 Casper & Runyon's Nook, Saint Paul

There are over two dozen burgers to choose from at this Minnesota burger place, so there's bound to be something that whets your appetite. The patty in the Juicy Nookie burger is stuffed with cheese and is a real highlight, albeit a bit messy. Great dive bar vibes here overall, and the buffalo wings and flaming cheese curds get the stamp of approval.

05 Salt  & Time, Austin

The burgers here are not your run-of-the-mill patties stuffed between bread. Acting as a local butcher shop, retail store, and restaurant, this unique find uses Texas-based meats from ethical ranchers. The butcher's burger, which consists of daily steak trimmings is truly a work of art.

06 Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers, Cambridge

This burger joint in Cambridge is a landmark on Harvard Square and is just a stone's throw away from the Harvard Art Museums. It's geared towards students, so there's no alcohol, but the burgers are the stuff college dreams are made of and have funny names like iPhone and Viagra. The wait staff are friendly and accommodating, too.

07 Gordon Ramsay Burger, Las Vegas

We see you, Mr. Hell's Kitchen, and tip our hats. There are no half-measures in Vegas, and Gordon Ramsay's burger hangout in Planet Hollywood is big and bold. Queues move fast, so hang around for a bit if you think the line is long. You can expect tender patties, some unexpected but appetizing flavors like mango chutney on the U.K. burger, and A-plus onion rings.

08 The Cherry Cricket, Denver

Cherry Cricket has been open since 1945 and is a local gem in Denver. You can build your own burgers and go ham, as it were, with more than 30 weird and wonderful toppings like peanut butter and sauerkraut. It all comes down to what you're feeling for. Cherry Cricket is open till late, and the ambiance is fun. Try the award-winning chili relleno burger.

09 Ruby's Cafe, New York

Julia Stiles and Jacob Elordi have been spotted at this teeny and cutely-decorated Aussie cafe in SOHO. It serves a next-level burger called the Bronte and an eggy version called the Whaley that's full of flavor and has a yummy sweet chili and mayo sauce. The fries are out of this world, which is always a win.

10 Hodad's, San Diego

Listen, if you're going to treat yourself on payday after a week of long hours and hurried meals, you may as well do it at Hodad's, where a cool $99 will get you an all-you-can-eat pass. Come hungry and try a couple of the mini burgers or a ginormous one. Hodad's made an appearance in Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and it lives up to the hype. Get the pastrami-laden Guido and a Neapolitan milkshake.

11 The Pharmacy, Nashville

The Pharmacy might send you to the drugstore for heartburn meds, but it'll all be worth it. This kid-friendly burger parlor is wurst-centric and uber-German, with an outdoor space that looks like a Munich Biergarten. Herbivores are welcome too, and the black bean burger is recommended. Grab a float and a White Oak burger with BBQ sauce.

12 Roam Artisan Burgers, San Francisco

The bison, veggie, and turkey burgers at Roam are chef's kiss, and all ingredients are sustainably sourced. You'll see words like free range and organic and feel even better about your meal. Try the zucchini and truffle fries on the side.

13 Father's Office, Los Angeles

The signature Office Burger at the gastropub, Father's Office, lives rent-free in our heads. There's gruyere and blue cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula, and the complete flavor profile is greater than the sum of its parts. It's toothsome, gourmet, and not something you'll find at your average burger bar. You can't alter the menu, and service is at the counter.

14 Slutty Vegan, Atlanta

If you want all of the flavor flav and none of the meat, you need to pay Slutty Vegan a visit. Non-vegans like Snoop Dogg love this one-of-a-kind vegetarian and vegan joint with its party atmosphere, double entendres, and sandwiches good enough to rival anything you'd find at a conventional burger spot. Owner Pinky Cole started Slutty Vegan in 2018 to offer plant-based options to Atlanta's black community. The popular restaurant has served delicious comfort food and tongue-in-cheek branding ever since and recently spread its wings to New York. You have to try the One Night Stand burger with thousand-island-like Slut Sauce, or the similar Sloppy Toppy or Fussy Hussy burgers. You won't miss Shake Shack or In-N-Out.

15 Becks Prime, Houston

Becks Prime is one of the best burger joints in Texas, possibly the most meat-loving states of them all. With ground Angus beef grilled with the help of mesquite coals, you're in for an inimitable taste. Head to the Augusta Drive location for a table under the magnificent old oak trees, and try the hickory cheeseburger or the bubba burger.

16 Port of Call, New Orleans

Just beyond the French Quarter, Port of Call serves half-pound burgers accompanied by scrumptious-looking loaded baked potatoes. A jukebox adds charm, as does the nautical theme, and you can have your burgers as rare or well done as you like.

17 Block 16, Omaha

Alton Brown has called the Croque Garcon burger here "high art." High praise indeed, and more than enough to pique the interest of burger connoisseurs. It's a farm-to-table marvel with ciabatta as the anchor. The Block burger and crab rangoon fries are lip-smacking too.

18 Town Topic, Kansas City

There's a certain magic to a 24/7 burger joint, and this iconic Missouri establishment has it in spades. It's been around since 1937, and the diner burgers aren't just way above average—they cost less than five dollars, so your wallet will be happy. In our opinion, order the double cheeseburger. It's worth every bite.

19 Rouge, Philadelphia

Grab a Rouge burger and people-watch at this lovely Philly restaurant. The large and filling burgers come with joy-inducing brioche buns, fresh pickles, caramelized onions, and Gruyere cheese—lots to love.

20 Palace Diner, Biddeford

Burgers in a railway car? How quaint! If you're traveling to this part of the country, make a point to stop by Maine's oldest diner for brunch fare, including The Palais Royale burger, which involves two smash patties grilled to a T.

21 Burgerlords, Los Angeles

Vegans, it's time for a celebratory dance because this is one place where you won't have to encounter carnivorous goings-on in any form. There's not a bacon bit to put you off your meal or an ultra-rare patty in sight. And boy, does it hit the spot. The plant-based patty consists of 30 spices, herbs, and grains and is a revelation

22 Bless Your Heart Burgers, Portland

For top-tier smash burgers, make a date with Bless Your Heart, and we bet you'll fall in love with the Double Love on the menu. There's the soft potato roll and the fatty patty, shredded lettuce, and tangy condiments. It's a recipe for success.

23 Grind Burger Kitchen, Louisville

This is a food truck favorite turned into a permanent restaurant favorite, and we love to see it. Small business success stories warm the cockles of our hearts, and a brie burger here might steal yours.

24 Brooks' Sandwich House, North Carolina

Sometimes simple and down-to-earth is best. You'll need cash at this North Carolina roadside shack. It's a local mainstay, open since 1973, and recently gained traction on TikTok. The burgers are as good as ever, with juicy patties. Chili, raw onion and mustard combine until it's a party in your mouth.

25 Triple XXX, West Lafayette

The name sounds R-rated, but Indiana's oldest drive-in isn't as risqué as you'd imagine. The burgers are arguably orgasmic, but the establishment is kid-friendly and offers an all-day breakfast. Feeling frisky? Opt for the Duane Purvis burger with dollops of peanut butter


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