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American Towns Hippies Hang Out In

Everyone needs some peace and love in their lives. The negative news cycle, tumultuous politics, and excessive materialism might be bringing you down. Refreshingly, hippie culture thrives on rejecting the mainstream, being more carefree, and loving your neighbor. Who doesn't need more of that these days? Maybe you're looking to relax and hang around like-minded people, or perhaps you're just looking for cool artisanal crafts and tie-dye. The United States has some fabulous hippie hangouts that will give you the serenity you're yearning for. Plus, these towns are often surrounded by nature, offering you a chance to reconnect with the earth. The local eateries serve organic food, and there's always a sense of community. So, pack your bags, and let's embark on a journey to these tranquil towns.


01 Wholesome vibes in Eugene

Ferry Street Bridge in Eugene James Michael House / Getty Images

If you want to hang with the hippies, Eugene, Oregon, is the place to be. Eugene is a wholesome city that votes yearly for a Slug Queen, who represents nature, kindness, and acceptance. The city also hosts the Oregon Country Fair. As an attendee of this non-profit, philanthropic event, you can view art, celebrate nature, and jam out to some fun music. Additionally, Eugene has numerous organic markets and cafes serving locally sourced food. The city's parks and gardens are perfect for meditation or a leisurely stroll. Don't miss the Saturday Market, where you can find handmade crafts and enjoy live performances.


02 Chill out in Bisbee

Bisbee, Arizona, is a historic town turned into a hippie paradise. Creatives and environmentalists have found community in this desert city, and you'll see colorful storefronts and murals as you meander around. Feel free to check out the Mining & Historical Museum, which takes you back to Bisbee's blue-collar past, and then hit up the local coffee shops and cafes for some treats. The town is also known for its vibrant arts scene, with numerous galleries and studios. The annual Bisbee Pride Festival is a must-see, celebrating diversity and inclusion. The surrounding mountains offer hiking trails with breathtaking views.


03 Get groovy in Gulfport

If you're an art enthusiast, you can't skip out on Gulfport, Florida. Art galleries and vintage shops line the streets, and everywhere you look, there's something colorful and exciting. All people are accepted here with the slogan, "Keep Gulfport weird." You can be yourself as you enjoy the farmer's markets, the Gulfport Art Walk, and a ride on the free trolley throughout the city. The beaches here are pristine, and the community often gathers for drum circles and bonfires. The local eateries serve delicious seafood, and the town hosts numerous festivals celebrating arts and culture.


04 Find your zen in Ojai

Main street in Ojai, CA WendyWeatherup / Getty Images

If full-moon yoga and an organic meal sound soothing, you should go to Ojai. Ojai is one of the many cities in California with hippie vibes, but Ojai is distinctive. With pop-up craft fairs and bike-friendly paths, Ojai is a place to unwind. Although it highlights life's simple pleasures, it's also a luxurious haven where celebrities escape the hustle and bustle. The Ojai Valley is surrounded by mountains, making it an ideal place for hiking and nature walks. Meditation retreats and wellness centers enhance the town's spiritual atmosphere.


05 Be funky in Brattleboro

Brattleboro is a quirky city in Vermont with artisanal everything. From cheeses to liqueurs to beer—you name it, and Brattleboro will make it for you. This little city has authentic hippie vibes and hippie history. Multiple hippie communes shaped Brattleboro into what it is today: a crunchy, artistic, agricultural, and unique city. The town is also home to a thriving theater scene, with local productions and performances. The Brattleboro Farmers' Market is a treasure trove of organic produce and handmade crafts. The scenic Connecticut River is perfect for kayaking or a peaceful picnic by the water.


06 Far-out sights in Taos

Ancient dwellings of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico miroslav_1 / Getty Images

Taos, New Mexico, is an art colony with hippie communes. Here you can have a spiritual experience among the incredible scenery. You have the Rocky Mountains and pink skies as your backdrop while finding your zen outdoors. You can also take advantage of the cool music and art scenes that have thrived for over a century. The Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a living Native American community that's over a thousand years old. The Taos Ski Valley is a hotspot for winter sports enthusiasts, and the town's adobe landmarks are a sight to behold.


07 Peace and love in Ithaca

Ithaca is a college town with crunchy characteristics. Most notably, the town set a world record for the largest human peace sign. Another quirk in Ithaca is its enormous all-year-round farmer's market, where you can get locally sourced produce, baked goods, crafts, wine, and more. Ithaca also offers a ton of hiking trails for down-to-earth nature lovers, and you'll find the supplies you need at The Outdoor Store before you start your adventure. The town's gorges and waterfalls are perfect for swimming and picnicking, and the local theaters and music venues host regular events.


08 Counterculture in Tecumseh

The hippie community in Tecumseh, Missouri, was born during the 1960s counterculture revolution. The commune is still thriving and is very selective about who they let live there. The people of Tecumseh live off the land, growing and sourcing their own crops. Visiting will make you question whether you've gone back in time with how simple their way of life is. It will be refreshing to immerse yourself in nature away from the mainstream. The Ozark Mountains surrounding Tecumseh offer hiking and camping opportunities, and the town's community gatherings often include music and storytelling.


09 All smiles in Makanda

Towns In Midwest Prepare For Influx Of Tourists For Upcoming Eclipse Scott Olson / Getty Images

Covered in smiley faces, Makanda, Illinois, is a joyful hippie city. Makanda has attracted artists, musicians, and creative bohemians to this charming Midwest community. Try to align your visit with one of their unique festivals, like Vulture Fest. This October festival offers art, food, and music to celebrate the flocks of turkey vultures that spend the spring and summer and darken the skies during fall migration. The Giant City State Park nearby is perfect for hiking, and the town's boardwalk is lined with eclectic shops and galleries.


10 Jam out in Floyd

floyd virgina Paul Harris / Getty Images

Floyd, Virginia, is a well-known hippie hotspot. A hippie community started in the 1960s, and as decades passed, more and more artisans joined. There's a huge music scene with a fascinating history behind it. There's live music with Southern charm almost every day, but Floyd Fest is the biggest music event of the year. Get ready to be carefree, see people decked out in tie-dye, and enjoy some awesome music. The Blue Ridge Parkway nearby offers scenic drives and hiking trails, and the town's wineries and breweries are perfect for a tasting tour.


11 Free spirits in Nevada City

Nevada City is another Californian hippie haven. You'll find peace here if you enjoy culture, food, and music. There's gorgeous nature surrounding you in Nevada City, so you can ride your bike, go hiking, or do some yoga while soaking it all in. You'll enjoy artisan crafts, desserts, and coffees all year round, but artisan ice cream is especially nice in the summer months. Nevada City prides itself on its food scene, comprised of natural ingredients that will heal you inside and out. The town's historical buildings and charming streets are perfect for leisurely strolls. The South Yuba River offers swimming holes and scenic spots for picnics, and the Nevada Theatre, the oldest theater in California, hosts plays and movies.


12 Natural vibes in Buxton

Let's go to the beach in Buxton, North Carolina, to hang out with the hippies. Buxton's charm is all in its simplicity. It's an old fishing town where hippie communities have been residing. It's a great place to go camping and feel like you're off the grid with minimal distractions. Here you can truly appreciate your raw surroundings and mingle with laid-back locals happy to chill out with you on the coast. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is a must-visit, and the local seafood is divine. Surfing and kiteboarding are popular, and the serene beaches are perfect for meditation.


13 Get spiritual in Manitou Springs

Colorado Scenics Paul Harris / Getty Images

If you're looking for a spiritual cleanse to rejuvenate your good vibes, go to Manitou Springs, Colorado. Manitou Springs has crystal shops, natural mineral springs, and friendly people who welcome you to their community. You can drink from the springs or enjoy a craft beer as you sightsee around town. Check out the unique shops with quirky trinkets and cool stuff to make yours. The Garden of the Gods nearby is a natural wonder with stunning rock formations, and the Manitou Cliff Dwellings offer a glimpse into the lives of the Anasazi people.


14 Living green in Berea

There aren't too many hippie towns in the South, but Berea is a groovy gem in Kentucky. With organic farms and liberal politics, Berea is a progressive, open-minded community. Social activists and artists have made their marks there. You'll feel satisfied and healthy eating locally sourced food and enjoy hippie-esque activities like glassblowing. The Berea College Forest is perfect for hiking, and the town's art festivals and craft fairs are a treat for the senses. The local music scene is vibrant, with bluegrass and folk music performances.


15 Flower power in Paia

ho'okipa beach man parasailing Jamie Squire / Getty Images

There are no words to describe the natural beauty of Paia, Hawaii. Paia is a hippie surf town straight from the 1970s where you can lay low with the locals, check out the art galleries, or do whatever you want with your leisure time. There are plenty of beachy activities like surfing and parasailing, but you don't need a regimented agenda in Paia. Taking in the ocean air and being grateful for where you are is enough here. The Ho'okipa Beach Park is a world-renowned windsurfing spot, and the local eateries serve delicious Hawaiian cuisine. The lush landscapes and waterfalls nearby are perfect for exploring.


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