A Tasty Guide to the Best Burger in Every State

Americans are obsessed with the hamburger, consuming about 50 billion each year. No other food is so deeply embedded into our culture and history. Lots of restaurants and cafes claim to have the “best burger,” but everyone has their favorite. Maybe you crave a traditional, old-fashioned, classic hamburger. Or, you prefer a gourmet version, topped with a variety of mouth-watering veggies and cheese. The truth is, you’ll discover a great burger in every state, no matter where your journey takes you.


01 Alabama: Chez Fonfon, Birmingham

Maybe it’s the grass-fed, whole chuck beef shoulder that the chefs grind in-house. Or, it’s the flavors they create by grilling the patties on an open flame. It could also be the melted layer of Comté cheese on top. Whatever their secret is, this burger has been named one of the top burgers in the country more than once. The Chez Fonfon is a casual bistro in the heart of the Five Points South neighborhood of the city. They serve their fabulous burger with grilled red onion, pickles, and a side of pommes frites, traditional Belgian fries.

02 Alaska: Tommy’s Burger Stop, Anchorage

If you love unexpected flavors, a long list of burger options, and a fun atmosphere, you’ll adore Tommy’s Burger Stop in Anchorage. Their Cajun-seasoned patties are an unexpected but tasty delight. Specialty burgers include the Aloha Burger with grilled onions, pineapple rings, and teriyaki sauce. But it’s the R.L.E. Hello Burger that’s their most famous creation. A slice of American cheese tops two patties and layers of bacon, grilled mushrooms, onions, and jalapeno peppers. You’ll find this gem in Spenard, the city’s uniquely bohemian neighborhood.

03 Arizona: The Stand Arcadia Burger Shoppe, Phoenix

This locally owned, no-frills eatery puts all of its attention into its classic, full-flavored burgers. The prices are reasonable, and you can opt for gluten-free buns if you request them. For people who love a classic burger, The Standard is just what you’re looking for. You’ll also find specialty burger options with grilled onions, bacon, guacamole, or pineapples. Don’t forget to try the hand-cut fries with the special One Stand sauce. Plus, check out their hand-spun milkshakes or homemade lemonade to top off your meal.

04 Arkansas: Hamburger Barn American Grille, Arkadelphia

Arkadelphia is a small town in Clark County, sitting at the edge of the Ouachita Mountains in the southern half of the state. The scenery in the area is spectacular, and so is this restaurant, according to its long list of reviews. Its Two-Fisted Burgers are famous in these parts, and they’re served on a gourmet bun alongside housemade potato chips. Try their chili burger, topped with their Soon-To-Be-Famous chili and jack and cheddar cheese for a delectably spicy experience.

05 California: Father’s Office, Los Angeles

With around 80,000 eating and drinking establishments across California, narrowing down the best burger in the state is tough. But if you look through the scores of online reviews from professionals and patrons over the last decade, one eatery pops up again and again Father’s Office. If you care about hormone-free, ethically raised beef, organic veggie toppings, and no GMOs, you’ll find it here. But there’s a catch. Don’t ask for ketchup or substitutions. They don’t allow either. However, you will find award-winning burgers and the perfect craft beers to enjoy with them.

06 Colorado: The Skirted Heifer, Colorado Springs

This establishment features locally sourced, grass-fed-and-finished beef, free of antibiotics and added hormones. If you’re a cheese lover, try the skirted burger option. It’s an extra layer of melted cheese that cascades from the top of the burger, down the sides, then out and around the burger like a skirt. The Hangover is the Heifer’s specialty, so much, so that Chef Guy Fieri featured it on his TV show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Choose from a variety of bun types. If you prefer beef alternatives, you’ll find delicious turkey burgers and veggie quinoa burgers here, too.

07 Connecticut: Louis’ Lunch, New Haven

The Library of Congress recognizes this restaurant as the “Birthplace of the Hamburger Sandwich.” Serving customers since 1895, Louis’ Lunch is one of the oldest family businesses in the U.S. Louis’ great-grandson represents the fourth generation of ownership. The restaurant flame broils its special five-meat-blend patties on vertical cast iron gas stoves from 1898, then serves them on toast—no buns and no condiments here. You get cheese, grilled onions, and tomato, and it’s been that way since 1900. If you consider yourself a burger connoisseur, you don’t want to miss this historic hamburger sandwich.

08 Delaware: Kid Shelleen’s Charcoal House & Saloon, Wilmington

When it comes to tasty, juicy burgers, you can’t beat the flavor of fresh ground chuck. But this restaurant also offers a famous bacon-and-pulled-pork option, called the Goldrush, and a turkey and avocado burger. The Cat Ballou is a six-ounce patty topped with brie, a vine-ripe tomato slice, locally sourced mushrooms, and green leaf lettuce on a brioche bun. You can choose from a variety of toppings and cheeses as well as sides, including sweet potato fries, homemade fried pickles and peppers, and cauliflower risotto. You’ll find Kid Shellen’s in Trolley Square, a walkable Wilmington neighborhood with lots of places to eat and shop.

09 Florida: Teak Neighborhood Grill, Orlando

Head to the west side of town and away from the crowds of tourists to discover one of the most famous burgers in Florida The Drunken Monk. The Teak Neighborhood Grill created its menu with a bit of cheeky humor, but this burger marvel shows pure culinary skill. Picture a pretzel bun slathered with herb mayo, and piled high with roasted cherry tomatoes, smoked bacon, provolone cheese, and a layer of onion jam. Enjoy your meal on the patio along with live music performances, daily menu specials, and an overall fun atmosphere.

10 Georgia: Green Truck Neighborhood Pub, Savannah

The Green Truck Neighborhood Pub crafts everything from scratch, including the ketchup that accompanies their mouthwatering, house-made fries. The Whole Farm is a burger to-die-for. It’s a grass-fed, grilled beef patty on a bun, topped with bacon, cheddar, and an egg. If you’re not a fries person, try the fabulous, not-too-sweet coleslaw instead. You can also enjoy a glass of wine or one of their craft beers with your meal. Vegan menu options are available.

11 Hawaii: Chubbies, Honolulu

Food critics and faithful patrons alike deem the food truck eatery Chubbies as one of the best burgers in Honolulu and the whole state of Hawaii. In its early days, Chubbies served up its delicious fare at special events and festivals. Today, it operates from its permanent location in Ward Village, a planned community in the Kaka’ako district. Chubbies serves a burger called the El Rey on a toasted potato bun with slices of pepper-jack cheese and avocado. They top it off with panko-coated red onion rings, then drizzle garlic ranch sauce over the top for a tasty twist on classic fare.

12 Idaho: The Celt, Idaho Falls

If you’re good and hungry, you’ll no doubt be happy with the mouthwatering hamburger you’ll discover at this small Irish pub in Idaho Falls. One of the most popular menu items here is the Jameson Burger, served with caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese, and a slathering of whiskey BBQ sauce on a stout bun. They also have 24 different beers on tap and the largest selection of whiskey in town.

13 Illinois: Farren’s Pub & Eatery, Champaign

Burger fans will fulfill their heart’s desire at this popular downtown establishment. Once you’ve perused the menu, you’ll probably have a hard time choosing which one to order. You can’t go wrong with any burger listed, but fans say the Russell Burger, a thick-and-juicy, custom-ground hamburger covered in sauteed mushrooms, pepper jack cheese, and blue cheese sauce is the star of the menu. If you follow a selective diet, you can swap out the beef patty for a black bean patty, or for those who prefer poultry over beef, choose grilled chicken instead.

14 Indiana: Punch Burger, Indianapolis

When you pair up grass-fed Angus beef with the best ingredients available, you can’t help but create the perfect burger. Punch Burger, with two locations in Indianapolis, offers some unique and flavorsome approaches to the classic burger. Sure, you can order the delightful Punch Cheeseburger, a traditional burger with American cheese. Or, you can step out of your comfort zone and go for a specialty burger, the Thai, a spicy creation with peanut butter, onion, Asian slaw, and sweet chili sauce piled on top.

15 Iowa: Saucy Focaccia, Cedar Rapids

This family-owned, food-truck-turned-sandwich-restaurant is a classic American success story and has received numerous “best of” awards over the last decade. Burgers start with fresh-baked focaccia bread and a quarter-pound beef patty. From there, anything is possible. The Bacon Mac & Cheesy Burger with fried macaroni and a drizzle of homemade cheesy sauce is a favorite among locals who’ve made this their go-to place to eat in northeast Cedar Rapids.

16 Kansas: Bomber Burger, Wichita

No matter what list you go by, this small, diner-style restaurant in south Wichita serves burgers that make the top of the list for their size and flavor. The retro-vibe atmosphere may not be for everyone, but the tasty Angus beef burgers, seasoned with a secret mixture of garlic powder and a variety of other spices, are amazing. The most famous selection on the menu by far is the monster-sized Bus #36 Burger, made from two pounds of ground beef and six slices of cheese. The hand-cut french fries are the perfect side. Be prepared to pay cash. The owner doesn’t accept plastic.

17 Kentucky: Mussel & Burger Bar, Louisville

The menu claims the burgers at Mussel & Burger Bar are “inventive,” and that is a perfect description. If you love biting into a thick, juicy-but-not-greasy burger, you’ll certainly find that here. The C.E.O. burger is a top favorite for diners and not your ordinary pub-style hamburger. With its caramelized onions, Gruyere cheese, oven-roasted tomatoes, truffle aioli, and mixed greens, this indulgent burger makes the top of the list. Travelers from around the state make a point to stop here, and they continually give the pub and its expertly crafted burgers a thumbs up.

18 Louisiana: Cotten’s Famous Hamburgers, Lake Charles

For those who love a good bargain and a delicious meal, Cotton’s Famous Hamburgers won’t disappoint you. This locally owned restaurant in Lake Charles has earned the “Best Burger” award several times in its 37-year history. The menu is small, and you’ll find no gourmet burgers here. But you will find an amazing, old-fashioned cheeseburger combo that costs far below the price of those served at fast-food restaurants and fancy cafes. Its famous Old Fashioned Egg Burger is a tasty treat that all burger lovers should try.

19 Maine: McKay’s Public House, Bar Harbor

The atmosphere alone in its historic Victorian building is worth the trip. But at McKay’s, the chefs prepare one of the best burgers in the state. It doesn’t need a catchy name. It’s simply called The Burger, served on a brioche bun and covered with the cheese of your choice along with organically grown fixings. They add a secret sauce, and you can add your favorite extras like sauteed mushrooms, a fried egg, and caramelized onions.

20 Maryland: Abbey Burger Bistro, Ocean City

Award-winning burgers are enticing enough. But the atmosphere here is also top-notch. The selection at Abbey Burger Bistro includes a rotating menu of exotic meat burgers, like antelope and bison. The bistro’s Baltimore Burger is famous around the state and the main draw for burger lovers. It’s a savory Angus beef burger, served with a dollop of crab dip, crowned with slices of applewood bacon and cheddar cheese. If you’re not a fan of beef, try the Southern Chicken Burger with pimento cheese, spicy pickles, and slaw.

21 Massachusetts: The Fix Burger Bar, Worcester

Love the idea of creating a burger masterpiece and staking your claim to the best burger ever made? The Fix provides you with everything you need, and then some more that you don’t but should try anyway. If choosing between 12 different patties, 40 toppings, and eight kinds of cheese sends you into a quandary, you can choose one of the expertly crafted burgers on the menu. Try the Bigger Mac, a 1/4 -pound burger with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun. It may sound familiar, but this version is so much better than those you’ve had before.

22 Michigan: Taystee’s Burgers, Dearborn Heights

It’s no secret that Michiganders are burger devotees, and there are a lot of establishments preparing a wide range of classic and unique burgers. Taystee’s has won numerous burger awards since its humble beginnings in 2014. People come from miles around to get their hands on Ali’s Notch-Yo-Burger, a five-ounce patty on an onion bun and piled high with grilled onions, jalapeños, American, swiss, pepper jack, and nacho cheeses, plus bacon. They add some crunch with nacho cheese tortilla chips and top it off with a dollop of hot sauce.

23 Minnesota: King’s Place, Miesville

For nearly 40 years, this family-owned burger joint has been welcoming burger fans with what they claim are the best burgers in Minnesota. People hear about the award-winning burgers served here and arrive from all over to judge for themselves. Others find this eatery while passing through to somewhere else. Miesville is a tiny town with a population of 125. Once you step through the King’s Place doors, you’ll discover a comfortable atmosphere and a menu filled with 50 different burgers at a reasonable price. The King is one of the establishment’s best, with bacon, American cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and onions.

24 Mississippi: R House, Columbia

For the past two years, both fans and the Mississippi Beef Council have proclaimed that the R House serves the best burger in the state. The house burger is the most popular choice on the menu. Nothing fancy here. Just a thick, juicy, grilled, never-frozen ground beef patty, layers of lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and pickles, along with some mayo, mustard, ketchup, and a sauce of your choice. You’ll find the R House in Marion County, in the southwest part of the state, about five miles from the Red Bluff Geologic Formations nature area.

25 Missouri: Black Sheep Burgers and Shakes, Springfield

Not only has this ritzy-but-comfy restaurant picked up an award for the best burger in southwestern Missouri, but it also earned kudos for being among the Five Best Restaurants in Springfield along with Best New Restaurant. The Cowboy Carl burger is no doubt one of the reasons. Starting with a four-ounce patty, cover it with smoked brisket, sharp white cheddar, candied bacon, and spicy fried onions, then drizzle chipotle bbq over it and add a couple of housemade pickles. Boozy shakes like the Sugar Daddy, made with frozen vanilla custard, smoked bourbon, candied bacon, pecans, and butterscotch schnapps, pair up nicely with the burgers here or make a great after-dinner splurge.

26 Montana: Naps Grill, Hamilton

When you travel to Montana, you expect to find amazing steaks and burgers. Naps Grill won’t leave you disappointed. Polls have recognized this rustic-yet-elegant eatery for serving one of the top 50 burgers in the country, but there’s also a homey vibe here. Choose the size of burger you want, from three ounces up to 12, then pick toppings from a long list of goodies, like bourbon-glazed onions, grilled pineapple, green chilis, portobello mushrooms, and your favorite cheese. Hamilton is only about 15 minutes away from Lake Como, an area with beautiful views you won’t want to miss.

27 Nebraska: Stella’s Bar & Grill, Bellevue

Sometimes, a burger earns its reputation not only because it’s delicious but because it’s extreme. At Stella’s Bar & Grill, you can prove how devoted you are to America’s favorite sandwich by taking the Stellanator Challenge. With 45 minutes on the clock, contestants must eat this massive burger before time runs out. It measures about a foot tall and includes six burger patties, six fried eggs, six slices of cheese, 12 strips of bacon, all the usual salad fixings, peanut butter, jalapeños, and fried onions. Diners who manage to get the job done get it for free and earn a t-shirt to show proof. And yes, it has been done before. One woman has defeated the Stellanator three times in under four minutes.

28 Nevada: Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews, Las Vegas

Don’t let the name fool you. The half-pound burgers served here are among the best in the state. Choose from a list of 50 burgers from the original Kobe beef or Supercharged sections of the menu. Their award-winning signature version, the Sickies Burger, is a spicy barbecue masterpiece. Bite into layers of juicy beef, peppered bacon, fried egg, pulled pork, and American cheese with just a splash of red hot sauce. The sides are just as unique, with options like waffle rings, sweet potato fries, and bacon and jalapeño creamed corn.

29 New Hampshire: Papa Joe’s Humble Kitchen, Milford

There are roadside burger stands that just seem to exude home-cooked goodness, and Papa Joe’s Humble Kitchen is a great example. Diner reviews consistently top out at five stars for this establishment, with glowing recommendations for the delicious burgers and sides served here. The delicious Humble Ken Burger is the eatery’s most popular menu item. You’ll find interesting sides to add on, too, like Oma’s Fried Pickles or poutine, a dish of french fries, topped with cheese curds and gravy.

30 New Jersey: The Irish Rail, Manasquan

For many burger fans, the messier a burger is, the better it tastes. The Chili Cheese Burger at The Irish Rail is proof. Chefs take a half-pound patty and top it with house-made filet mignon chili, diced onions, and lots and lots of cheddar cheese. This bar and grill sits in the heart of Manasquan, a small town on the Jersey Shore, just south of New York City. Don’t forget to ask about the weekly specials.

31 New Mexico: Sparky’s Burgers, Barbecue, and Espresso, Hatch

When it comes to examples of culinary excellence, there’s a lot of competition in New Mexico. But over the last 20 years, this establishment in Hatch, the Chili Capital of the World, has perfected the green chili burger. In 2020, it was a James Beard Foundation semi-finalist. Sparky’s vintage memorabilia decor and brightly painted building resonate an energetic, fun atmosphere. The star of the menu is the #2 Oinker, a green chile cheeseburger topped with pulled pork. The number of people who come to this village to experience the ultimate green chili burger is proof.

32 New York: P.J. Clarke’s, New York City

Most cities have an amazing culinary history that dates back to its earliest inhabitants. New York City certainly does, so why not try one of its most famous burgers? P.J. Clarke’s has been around since 1884. Throughout its history, Irish immigrants and famous patrons like Frank Sinatra came around for its top-notch menu. Buddy Holly even proposed to his wife here. The signature burger is the Cadillac, piled high with country bacon, American cheese, and of course, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Nat King Cole once called his favorite cheeseburger on the menu “the Cadillac of Burgers,” which is likely where the name originated.

33 North Carolina: Al’s Burger Shack, Chapel Hill

You can always count on university towns when you’re seeking a great burger. Critics named this super-casual hotspot as the creator of the “Best Burger in America” just a few years ago. The Bobo Chili Cheeseburger, a delicious creation with chili sauce, slaw, onion, and American cheese, earned the restaurant its number one spot and is their signature burger. The owner says the secret of great-tasting burgers starts with quality beef, raised in North Carolina pastures, without the use of antibiotics or hormones. The restaurant is just down the road from the University of North Carolina.

34 North Dakota: JL Beers, Various Locations

With several locations around North Dakota and in a couple of other states, JL Beers knows what their customers look for in a great burger. The JL Burger is a patron favorite, topped with grilled onions, cheese, and a special sauce. For those who are more daring when it comes to burger fare, there’s the Not Just a Nutter Burger, served with a healthy dollop of fresh peanut butter, a layer of red pepper jelly, some diced jalapeños, cottage bacon, and pepper jack cheese. While you’re there, pair up your burger with one of their superb craft beers.

35 Ohio: The Thurman Cafe, Columbus

There are thousands of possibilities when it comes to creating a unique burger. The Thurman Cafe has several to choose from. The massive Thurmanator has two 12-ounce patties, sauteed onions, mushrooms, ham, mozzarella, American cheese, banana peppers, pickles, lettuce, and tomato. It’s a monster of a burger and a perfect choice to share with your crew unless you’re really hungry.

36 Oklahoma: Nic’s Grill, Oklahoma City

There are more than 7,000 eating and drinking establishments across the Sooner State, and 654 of them serve burgers. Nic’s Grill in Oklahoma City is a local favorite, serving burgers reminiscent of those served in the 1950s — big enough to fill you up and tasty enough to make you come back for more. The cheeseburgers are iconic and served with a basket of tasty fries. This small establishment only has 15 seats, so be prepared to wait.

37 Oregon: Union Burger, Portland

Sometimes, you crave a reasonably priced, juicy burger. You don’t want to peruse a long list of menu selections. All you’re looking for is a simple burger on a bun—nothing fancy, just meat, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and maybe a tasty sauce. Union Burger deliciously ticks all those boxes and provides three burger options: a hamburger, a cheeseburger, or a veggie burger on a brioche bun. They also serve a specialty version, the Union Burger, with bacon, a spicy hot link, a fried egg, and cheese.

38 Pennsylvania: Village Whiskey, Philadelphia

Combining the flavors of juicy beef with bourbon creates a tempting flavor profile, and the Whiskey King burger at Village Whiskey is proof that it pays off. With maple bourbon-glazed cipollini onions, blue cheese, applewood bacon, and foie gras, this burger is a connoisseur’s dream. Add a side of duck fat fries, and you’ll be dreaming of this combo the next time you crave a burger. You’ll find Village Whiskey at Rittenhouse Square at Penn Center.

39 Rhode Island: Crazy Burger, Narragansett

Culinary explorers will find just the burger they’re looking for at Crazy Burger. These twists on the classic burger start with a ground short-rib and chuck blend patty, and from there, just about anything is possible. The Whassuppy Burger may sound a bit intimidating, but once you sink your teeth into this, you’ll be a lifelong fan. The chef coats the meat with a sesame-fennel-wasabi rub, then topped with a slice of Brie, a layer of onion rings, and served on an ancient grain bun with wasabi-chipotle mayonnaise.

40 South Carolina: Burgers & Barley, Rock Hill

There’s nothing more southern than pimento cheese. Burgers & Barley took theirs one step further and created a smoked pimento cheese, which is even better. So, it makes perfect sense to add a glob to a delicious, double-stacked burger. Add a couple of bacon slices, cover it in BBQ sauce, and you’ve discovered a savory, smoky burger pièce de résistance, the Mr. Big Stuff. Rock Hill is a popular nature trail destination in the Charlotte metropolitan area, with riverfront views of the Catawba River.

41 South Dakota: Black Hills Burger & Bun Co., Custer

In 2014, this family-owned eatery earned an award for "Best Burger in the Nation." Their burgers are just as great today. They begin with specialty cuts of meat ground in-house, hand patted, and served on a house-made bun. The Hot Granny is a much-loved fan favorite. Bacon, cream cheese, fresh jalapeños, and sweet-n-spicy jalapeño sauce make it a top choice for diners who love a bit of spice in their burgers.

42 Tennessee: The Pharmacy Burger Parlor, Nashville

This casual establishment in east Nashville features an old-school soda fountain, a beautiful biergarten for outdoor dining, and a vast and enticing beer selection. There's a long list of top-level burgers to choose from, including three different veggie burgers. The rustic Farm Burger topped with ham, and a fried egg is a fan fave here. But the White Oak BBQ Burger, featuring a house-made BBQ and cola sauce, smoked BBQ onions, provolone, applewood smoked bacon, crispy onion straws, and a pickle, likely runs a close second.

43 Texas: Rodeo Goat, Dallas

Naming a top hamburger in Texas is like stepping into a pit of rattlesnakes. Competition is fierce here, and no two people agree on what constitutes a perfect burger. To make the choice even more difficult, you're just as likely to discover a mouth-watering burger at a small-town roadside stand as you are in a full-service gastro pub or high-brow restaurant. You'll find one of the top contenders at Rodeo Goat. When you order, ask for the Royale With Cheese. You'll get a big, juicy masterpiece topped with American cheese, chopped onions, jalapeño bacon, mustard, and a bit of spiked ketchup.

44 Utah: Pago, Salt Lake City

Not only will you find an expertly crafted burger here, but you'll love dining in this small, family-owned, eco-friendly restaurant in the city's charming 9th and 9th neighborhood. It's an upscale restaurant, using only locally sourced ingredients in its menu selections. The Pago Burger is the sole burger on the menu, but you won't feel disappointed. It features bacon, cheddar cheese, pickled onion, arugula, and black garlic aioli, a special mayo blend with a side of truffle fries.

45 Vermont: Farmhouse Tap & Grill, Burlington

Local diners and travelers alike rave about the burgers at this popular farm-to-table gastropub. Immerse your taste buds in the Bayley Hazen Blue Burger. This showpiece has blue cheese, roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, arugula, and dijonnaise. Plus, there's a selection of add-ons, like kimchi, braised kale, or pickled red onions if you love creating your own unique burger.

46 Virginia: Viking Burger, Newport News

Even Leif Ericksson himself would be a huge fan of this locally owned establishment. As you scan the menu, you realize it is an homage to the great Norse seafarers and explorers. You'll find cheeseburgers like the Ragnar, the Odin, and the Thor, with a variety of add-ons like grilled onions or Viking special sauce. If you're feeling brave, the Helheim is a daring choice. Topped with ghost pepper cheese and grilled jalapeños, then seasoned with cayenne pepper and hot sauce, you'll no doubt feel the strength of Valhalla running through your veins as you bite into this big burger.

47 Washington: Boomers Drive-in, Bellingham

If the only drive-in you've ever experienced was a Sonic, Boomers will no doubt be a unique and fun-filled adventure, and you'll get a great burger in the process. The bright red-and-black-checkered exterior takes you back to simpler times when drive-ins were the social hubs of communities across the country. You can choose the carhop service or opt for indoor dining. The featured menu item here is the Big Boom, a big half-pound burger with American cheese and one that draws in burger lovers from all over.

48 West Virginia: Avenue Eats, Wheeling

When Bon Appétit includes a burger on one of its culinary travel guides, you know it's something special. Wheeling lies in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in the northwestern part of the state. You'll find Avenue Eats in the city's eclectic Pleasanton neighborhood, but chances are, you'll have to wait for a table. Choose from a variety of classic and gourmet versions, including a unique brie and grilled pear burger with caramelized onion, served on a bacon ciabatta roll.

49 Wisconsin: 1919 Kitchen & Tap, Green Bay

This popular eatery makes its home at Lambeau Field, the home stadium for the Green Bay Packers. Football fans and burger aficionados will dream about these delectable burgers and the iconic, beautiful setting. The signature 1919 Burger opts for a more subtle, Danish cheese — Havarti — to showcase the flavors of their Angus beef patties even more. They add slices of peppered bacon, some red pepper pesto aioli, plus a side of house-made potato chips.

50 Wyoming: Cowfish, Lander

This central Wyoming town has a population of around 7500 people. Travelers come to this part of Wyoming to enjoy its many guest ranches and to take in some of Mother Nature's finest work. The Cowfish is a gastropub and brewery. There are two food menus, so you'll need to head to the pub to try out the burgers. The Beer Cheese Burger, with layers of crispy bacon, roasted tomatoes, and a slice of the special Jack Mormon Pale Cheese, is a one-of-a-kind delight. They're juicy, filling, and superbly delicious.


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