10 Road Trip Planning Tips

Road trips are always fun. It's one of the best ways to spend quality time with your significant other and kids. If you plan carefully, problems on the road can be avoided, and everyone will be happier.  Road trip planning has never been easier, and your family will never be closer.


01Start a Travel Fund

Start saving a few months before the scheduled road trip. It's best to open a separate bank account for this. Each month or bi-weekly, set up automatic transfers directly to this account. Having a savings account dedicated to travel eliminates the hassle and stress of acquiring the funds a few days or a couple of weeks before the road trip. Better to be always prepared ahead of time. Remember that every penny counts. If you have remaining funds for the month, allot them into this savings account. Saving for a road tripkwanchaichaiudom / Getty Images

02Stick to Your Budget

You can save when you book accommodations a few weeks or months before your scheduled road trip. This is why it's essential to have a travel fund for when you find a good deal; it will be convenient to book right away. Always do careful planning before the trip. How much are you going to spend on food? Lodging? Do you need to buy more things for your trip? If possible, write everything down including how much you're spending on each need. Planning lets you avoid overspending. Budgeting for a road tripCn0ra / Getty Images

03Find Out Which Routes You'd Like to Take

It's not enough to decide on a destination. You need to also plan your routes to save time and money. Some mobile applications can help you with the directions and lay out the best route for your trip. If you plan to eat out, some apps can also show you which restaurants you can dine. When planning, consider the popular attractions along the way. Choose routes with parks, zoos or other attractions that the entire family may be interested in. deciding on road trip routesserda_ik / Getty Images

04Inspect Your Car Engine

If your car batteries are three years old or more, you may want to have it checked by a technician before your road trip to avoid potential battery breakdown. Try to also check your air conditioner before setting off. Otherwise, it will be extremely uncomfortable if you're traveling during the summer time. Inspect your tires and car oil as well. Use a reliable technician to ensure that you won't have problems on the road. Before you set off for your trip, make sure everything is good to go. making sure your engine is ready for a road tripMagnetic-Mcc / Getty Images

05Bring a First Aid Kit

This is the last thing that every parent wants to use, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Always buy the essentials such as bandages for cuts, gauze for applying pressure on a wound, small scissors and surgical tape, pain relievers, loperamide and antibacterial creams. These are just the essentials; it would still depend on what your family needs. If your kid has asthma, pack antihistamines. Do make sure your kids aren't sick during the road trip. travel first aid kitartisteer / Getty Images

06Prepare Snacks for the Kids

You will need snacks for a long drive especially if you're traveling with kids. Although there are probably fast food and restaurants on the road, it's always better to have some food on hand. Don't put the snack boxes in the trunk. Keep it with you just in case your kids go hungry on the road. Some snacks you can pack are carrots, grapes, pretzels or cheese sticks. Ask your kids what they want to have and get these as well. road trip snacks for kidssamael334 / Getty Images

07Pack Smart

Make a list of the things you need to pack on the road trip. This ensures that you won't miss anything out. The list also lets you avoid packing things you don't really need on your trip. Start with the essentials such as your wallet, credit cards, mobile phones, charger, and camera. Bring a separate bag or box for important supplies and make sure they're easily accessible. What you don't really need on the road should be placed on the trunk. Food, mobile phones, cash and other essentials should be on the front seat. packing for a road tripfstop123 / Getty Images

08Have Some Entertainment

Entertainment is important for long drives and if you're traveling with kids. Make sure you pack your kids' favorite toys. Bring children's books as well or board games that they can play at the back of the car. You can also create a music playlist to overcome boredom while driving. Or when you pass by beautiful attractions, talk to your kids about it. Be as educational as possible. Keeping your kids entertained alleviates boredom especially on long drives. entertaining kids during a road tripanandaBGD / Getty Images

09Keeping Your Car Clean

Talk to your kids about staying clean on your road trip. In the back seat, put a small garbage can for your kids' trash. A small grocery bag would do the trick. For the cup holders, why not put some cupcake liners, so they're easy to remove when it's time to clean them. Kids are always messy so encourage them to clean their surroundings. getting your car ready to travelWavebreakmedia / Getty Images

10Prepare for the Trip Back Home

Before you head back home, inspect your car to make sure it's safe to go. Check all your belongings and see whether everything is in the car. Pack extra food on your way home. Also, stick to your budget still. Avoid spending more on other stuff. Check for the best route and where you can get the cheapest gas. going back home after a road tripAGrigorjeva / Getty Images

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