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Ways to Make the Most of a Miami Spring Break

For vacationers looking to let loose, Miami is the ultimate oasis. Every Spring Break, the city brims with activity as thousands of tourists encroach on South Florida, bringing the city to life with around-the-clock action from sunup to sundown. From South Beach bars to downtown lounges, no spot's left unturned. Creating the ideal itinerary will amplify your trip, providing a glimpse into the city's world-renowned nightlife, activities, and attractions. Pack your bags; the ultimate Spring Break awaits.


01 Get out on the water

Spring Break boat party on the sandbar in Florida

The best way to experience Miami is from the water, so take a Spring Break cruise to the seas. You'll catch postcard-worthy views of Biscayne Bay, the city skyline, and the sunset, no matter what your vibe. Whether you want a laid-back day on the bay or a party boat with unlimited adult beverages, options abound.

Your vacay is an excellent time to escape your comfort zone, too, so pump up the adrenaline with a flyboarding, parasailing, or surfing lesson. Flyboarding is the latest extreme sport to encompass the beach, propelling you up to 72 feet above sea level. It's an indescribable feeling and an excellent way to make the most of your time in town.


02 Frolick with free-roaming monkeys

Explore Monkey Jungle, a unique discovery center that features a subtropical forest where jungle wildlife roams free. Take a guided tour to admire 30 acres of greenery and interact with friendly monkeys up-close, even feeding them from the palm of your hand! You'll also catch a full schedule of engaging shows and performances highlighting animal residents in their natural habitat.

03 Celebrate spring at a 24/7 club

E11EVEN is the world's only 24/7 ultra club, and it lives up to its name with mind-bending performances from the top names in music. Providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for partygoers, visit at any hour, and you'll find yourself getting up close and personal with celebrities, catching riveting shows from world-renowned aerialists, acrobats, contortionists, DJs, musicians, and go-go dancers, and discovering the premier VIP experience in Miami. From performance art to pop concerts, there's truly something for everyone, and shows use state-of-the-art audio, LED video walls and lighting, 58 moving head fixtures, and Kyrogenifex special effects for a truly immersive experience.

04 Get immersed in Cuban culture at Calle Ocho

Little Havana in Miami

This vibrant street is the heart of Little Havana, and it's the next best thing to visiting Cuba itself. Spend the day engrossed in the culture by visiting authentic Cuban eateries, cigar shops, and ventanitas. Regarded as the world's most famous Cuban restaurant, Versailles is a must-try for scrumptious cuisine. Intriguing bars get the neighborhood up and dancing, and you'll have countless options to choose from. Walk Cuban Memorial Boulevard to pay homage to the country's heroes, join a bingo game with the locals at Maximo Gomez Park, or catch a performance at the Art Deco Tower Theater.


05 Two words: South Beach

This legendary district is Miami's party central, and no visit is complete without it. From trendy nightlife to Art Deco architecture and luxury shopping, the area has a lot to offer. Crystal clear water sparkles during the day as the beaches brim with visitors. Relax, rejuvenate, and sip a daiquiri as you watch the boats speed by. Take a walking tour, enjoy the finest in oceanside dining, immerse yourself in a vibrant arts and cultural scene, or join in the around-the-clock action at the city's premier nightspots.

Miami Beach view from pier antoniodibacco / Getty Images

06 Admire street art in Wynwood

With over 200 street murals to discover, Wynwood is an art lover's oasis. The neighborhood features 50 city blocks of colorful and eclectic creations, essentially functioning as an open-air gallery. Street art is embraced rather than frowned upon, so aesthetic experts use the area as their canvas. At the Wynwood Walls, you'll find six gargantuan buildings covered in over 40 murals, along with chic galleries, restaurants, and shops. Art walks and educational tours add to the experience, guiding you through the most buzzworthy spots in town.

Wide view of crowd of people walking in Wynwood Garden Julian Prizont-Cado /

07 Explore the Everglades

Blue skies are reflected in the still waters of the everglades while tourists take airboat rides to visit aligators in the wild

Connect with nature at this 1.5 million-acre park, an international biosphere reserve that makes the coveted list of world heritage sites. From guided tours to hiking, camping, and educational programs, there are countless ways to explore. You'll spot unbelievable floral and fauna along the route, including 39 rare and endangered species. The landscape itself is truly unique, with swamps, subtropical jungle, and prairie all in one place.


08 Visit an outdoor aquarium

With interactive exhibits that get you closer than ever to aquatic life, the Miami Seaquarium is in a league of its own. Learn about local wildlife as you walk by rescued manatees and sea turtles, discover engaging displays on marine animals around the globe, or swim with the dolphins directly on-site! Tidepool touch tanks and shark encounters are the closest you'll get to many of these species without being in the ocean itself.

dolphin jumping out of water prompted by trainers and fish at the Miami Seaquarium Al Calvillo /

09 Stop by the Versace Mansion

In this luxury hotel, history runs deep, but you don't have to book a stay to discover more. The Villa Casa Casuarina is the former home of fashion designers Gianni and Donatella, so it boasts unrivaled luxury over 19,000 square feet. Ten exceptional suites await inside, but you'll also find a bar, restaurant, rooftop lounge, and a mosaic pool designed with 24-karat gold tiles. Architecture and art collide in a villa that harkens back to the golden age of Greek and Roman mythology.

10 Check out the Coral Castle Museum

This one-man sculptural marvel is truly a sight to behold. Using over 1,000 tons of coral rock, heartbroken Edward Leedskalnin built it brick by brick under cover of darkness, and no one is sure how he got the job done. A lifelong project dedicated to his lost love, Ed told others that he knew "the secrets of the pyramids" — secrets that have never been uncovered. Even scientists are stumped, so enter the walls, look around, and decide for yourself.

Coral Castle Museum near Miami photravel_ru /

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