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Tybee Island's Top Spots: Dive into Coastal Fun

Listen up, wanderlust souls and beach lovers! Ever heard of a place where the waves whisper tales of old, where the sands are as golden as the sun's first light, and where every corner beckons with a new adventure? That's Tybee Island for you. Nestled off the coast of Georgia, this barrier island isn't just another dot on the map. It's where history meets the tides, where the small-town charm is as palpable as the ocean breeze, and where every face greets you with a warmth that feels like home.

Now, let's talk numbers because they've got a story to tell. Nearly 2 million folks, with their sun hats and adventure boots, make their way to this coastal gem every year. And no, they aren't just coming for the postcard-perfect views. Georgia Southern University spilled the beans: Tybee Island isn't just a hit; it's a sensation!

So, if you've got that itch to travel, that longing for sun-kissed adventures, and that desire to create memories that'll last a lifetime, Tybee Island's waiting and promises a journey like no other. Pack those bags, slap on some sunscreen, and let Tybee's magic sweep you off your feet!


01 Tybee Island Light Station and Museum: a beacon of history

Ah, the allure of lighthouses! Tybee Island boasts Georgia's oldest and tallest lighthouse, a majestic structure that has been guiding mariners safely into the Savannah River for nearly three centuries. But it's not just about the lighthouse. Surrounding it are three quaint light keeper's cottages, each whispering tales of yesteryears. And if you saunter across the street, you'll stumble upon the 1899 Military Battery. This isn't just a building; it's a time capsule. Inside, a museum unravels the rich tapestry of the island's history, from tales of brave sailors to the island's vibrant community. As you wander, you'll feel the weight of time, the stories of those who've come before, and the enduring spirit of Tybee Island.

02 Fort Pulaski National Monument: where nature meets history

Imagine a place where verdant landscapes embrace a structure that's witnessed the tides of time. That's Fort Pulaski for you. During the Civil War, it stood as one of the most formidable harbor defense structures in the U.S. Fast forward to 1924, and it was christened a national monument. Today, it's not just a relic of the past but a vibrant blend of history, architecture, and nature. Whether you're a history enthusiast or someone who just loves the great outdoors, Fort Pulaski promises a day of discovery and wonder. Walk its walls, explore its chambers, and let the winds of history carry you away.

Fort Pulaski NM scgerding / Getty Images

03 Tybee Island Marine Science Center: dive into the deep blue

Ever wanted to touch a starfish or get up close with a hermit crab? The Tybee Island Marine Science Center is where marine dreams come true. It's not just an aquarium; it's an experience. Their touch tanks are a marvel, letting visitors interact with marine creatures. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The center also offers guided beach walks, marsh treks, and birdwatching activities. It's an educational wonderland, making marine science fun and accessible for all. Dive deeper, explore more, and let the mysteries of the ocean captivate your heart and mind.

04 North Beach: a coastal paradise

Picture this: golden sands, azure waters, and the gentle hum of the waves. That's North Beach for you. It's not just any beach; it's one of the country's top beaches. But there's more than just natural beauty. The area is dotted with historic attractions like the Tybee Island Lighthouse and Museum. And when hunger strikes, unique eateries, and shops promise a delightful culinary journey. Feel the sun on your skin, the breeze in your hair, and let North Beach's magic transport you to a world of relaxation and wonder.

Tybee Lighthouse Douglas Rissing / Getty Images

05 South Beach: the heartbeat of Tybee Island

South Beach isn't just a beach; it's an experience. Home to the iconic Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion, it's a hotspot for fishing and sightseeing. But there's more. The South Beach neighborhood, often dubbed the island's downtown district, is always abuzz. From seafood delicacies to quirky gift shops, it's a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Feel the rhythm of the island, dance to its beat, and let South Beach show you the vibrant heart of Tybee Island.

Sunset at Tybee Marie.L.Manzor / Getty Images

06 Mid Beach: serenity amidst the sands

For those seeking a tranquil escape, Mid Beach is the answer. Stretching from 1st to 14th streets, it's a haven away from the usual hustle and bustle. Its central location means everything on Tybee Island is just a stone's throw away. Whether you're sunbathing or building sandcastles, Mid Beach promises a serene experience. Let the waves wash away your worries, let the sands tickle your feet, and find your peaceful corner in the heart of Tybee Island.

tybee island beach Bear2016 / Getty Images

07 Savannah River Beach: nature's best-kept secret

Tucked away from the usual tourist trails is the Savannah River Beach. It's not just quiet; it's serene. Whether you're birdwatching or gazing at playful dolphins, this beach offers a slice of nature like no other. And if you're lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of a dolphin or two frolicking in the waves. Let the river tell you its tales, let the birds serenade you, and find solace in the embrace of nature at Savannah River Beach.

Tybee Island Beach at Dawn aimintang / Getty Images

08 Back River Beach: Tybee's hidden gem

Ever heard of a secret beach? That's Back River Beach for you. Located on Tybee Island's southern tip, it's a world away from the usual tourist spots. Famous for its mesmerizing sunsets and abundant wildlife, it's a paradise for nature lovers. And with its calm waters, it's perfect for families looking for a safe and fun day out. Watch the sun paint the sky, listen to the whispers of the waves, and let Back River Beach steal your heart.

Sunrise at Tybee Island GA Laurie Drake / getty Images

09 Captain Derek's Dolphin Adventure: sail the seas

Imagine sailing the serene waters of Tybee, with dolphins playfully swimming alongside. That's what Captain Derek's Dolphin Adventure promises. From historic lighthouses to the majestic Fort Pulaski, every moment aboard promises a new discovery. And with tours lasting up to one and a half hours, it's an adventure you won't forget in a hurry. Feel the wind in your hair, the salt on your skin, and embark on a journey of wonder with Captain Derek.

10 Paddle Boarding with East Coast Paddle Boarding: glide and explore

The waters around Tybee Island are a paddle boarder's dream. With East Coast Paddle Boarding, you can glide through the island's coastline, exploring its salt marshes and spotting marine life. It's not just a sport; it's an experience, letting you delve deep into the area's ecology and history. Let the waters guide you, let the horizon beckon, and embark on a paddleboarding adventure like no other.

summer sunset lake paddleboarding detail amriphoto / Getty Images

11 Kayaking with Sea Kayak Georgia: row, row, row your boat

With Sea Kayak Georgia, kayaking becomes an adventure. Paddle through the salt marshes, tidal creeks, and estuaries surrounding Tybee Island. From birds to dolphins, every trip promises a new discovery. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned kayaker, there's something for everyone. Let the waters tell their tales, let the birds sing their songs, and dive into a kayaking experience that'll stay with you forever.

Woman Kayaking on a pristine lake, top view peakSTOCK / Getty Images

12 The Crab Shack at Chimney Creek: a culinary delight

Craving seafood? The Crab Shack is where you need to be. From pizzas to beef brisket, it's a culinary journey like no other. And with its unique alligator lagoon, it's not just a meal; it's an experience. Dive into flavors, explore new dishes, and let The Crab Shack take you on a gastronomic adventure.

13 A-J’s Dockside: dine by the river

Overlooking the beautiful Back River, A-J’s Dockside Restaurant promises a feast for the senses. With its extensive menu and full bar, every meal is a celebration. And with its outdoor deck, you can dine under the stars, listening to the gentle lull of the river. Let the flavors dance on your palate, let the river's stories enchant you, and indulge in a dining experience like no other at A-J's Dockside.

14 North Beach Bar and Grill: sun, sand, and delicacies

Tucked between the beach and the lighthouse, North Beach Bar and Grill is where flavors come alive. From fresh catches to coastal delicacies, it's a culinary journey you won't forget. Let the sun kiss your skin, let the waves serenade you, and dive into a feast that celebrates the spirit of Tybee Island.

15 Tybean Art & Coffee Bar: brews and views

For the art lovers and coffee aficionados, Tybean Art & Coffee Bar is a treat. With art adorning its walls and premium coffees brewing, it's a haven for the senses. Dive into rich brews, explore captivating artworks, and let Tybean Art & Coffee Bar be your cozy corner on Tybee Island.


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