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Top Things to See and Do in Colorado Springs

The beautiful mountain backdrop and open areas in Colorado Springs bring a wide range of opportunities for visitors of all ages. More than 50 attractions including trains, outdoor adventures, and restaurants create limitless possibilities for fun!


01 Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs ninitta / Getty Images

Pikes Peak is perhaps one of the most well know areas in Colorado Springs and for a good reason. The largest summit in the United States reaches 14,115 feet Pikes Peak and lies southwest of Colorado Springs by approximately 12 miles. A National Historic Landmark and sitting in the Pike National Forest, it belongs to a classification of mountains in Colorado called ‘Fourteeners” because it is over 14,000 feet tall. There are 53 of these mountains all throughout Colorado. Those choosing to visit Pikes Peak can hike, mountain bike and even drive making it easy for everyone to enjoy. Wildlife is all around and often easy to spot with animals such as bighorn sheep, bear and mountain line. Wildflowers and trees provide enjoyable scenery throughout the journey.


02 Manitou Springs

South Gateway Rock formation framed by Juniper Trees at the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado with fresh fallen snow in early morning

Located just 15 minutes from Colorado Springs, the town of Manitou Springs has long been a destination for tourists and sightseers. This picturesque town is primarily known for its mineral springs, which legend says have healing properties. Even if they don't, visitors do find them relaxing and rejuvenating. While you're there, take a stroll along Manitou Avenue to check out numerous art galleries and boutiques featuring local artisans' work.


03 Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Pikes Peak Cog Railway surrounded by the landscape of Pikes Peak Park in Colorado Cori Hendricks / Getty Images

The Pikes Peak Cog Railway offers visitors to Pikes Peak Park an alternative method of seeing the natural site. The entire trip takes 3 hours and provides riders with a 360-degree view of the scenery along the way including wildlife, vegetation and mountain ranges. The railway offers a good look at the streams, forests and the entire City of Colorado Springs. Even if you decide that you want to hike or bike Pikes Peak, a trip on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway can add another way to experience the park to your trip.


04 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

A giraffe captured in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado cumulus_humilis / Getty Images

While wildlife is abundant throughout the Colorado Springs area, visitors can see animals from all over the world at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoos. This zoo is home to 150 species of making up a community of 750 animals. This non-profit zoo has over 30 endangered species and a herd of giraffes that is larger than most in the United States thanks to their efforts for giraffe breeding. The zoo encourages interaction with the animals allowing visitors to feed them for a fee and provides education about each of the animals residing on the property.


05 Red Rock Canyon

Tall red rocks at the Red Rock Canyon in Colorado SWKrullImaging / Getty Images

Red Rock Canyon is a 789-acre open park in Colorado Springs. The park is an extension of another park called Garden of the Gods and was designated as a recreational area in 2003. Before this designation, the area consisted of a 53-acre landfill, quarries and gold mills. The Kenmuir Quarry sits on the property but is not accessible to visitors as it is not safe. The park is filled with bright red rock that has ridges and cutbacks to form a dramatic canyon that is excellent for rock climbing. The area is also a popular hiking destination with miles of trails featuring unique vegetation and views making it excellent for photography. Depending on the time of day visitors can enjoy beautiful sunsets or amazing stars. The trails provide a variety of experience levels from flat to hills, easy to moderate.


06 Garden of the Gods

Beautiful scenery of red rocks surrounded by the green landscape of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado RondaKimbrow / Getty Images

One of the registered national landmarks, Garden of the Gods Park is visited by over 2 million people a year. The park is a natural geological landscape with a mix of red rock formations in all shapes and sizes. The area has a mountainous backdrop and vegetation unique to the area. The dramatic look of the area provides a beautiful foundation for horseback riding, biking, hiking, and education. An information center offers 30 exhibits that help to educate the visitors on the formation and history of the area.


07 Miramont Castle

The door knob to the Miramont Castle in Colorado Spiderstock / Getty Images

Built in 1895 by Father Jean Baptist Francolon, Miramont Castle is historic and reportedly haunted. The private home was restored in 1976 and is now a museum featuring unique architecture and secret passageways. Within the museum visitors can enjoy the Victorian era tea room serving foods and beverages from the Victorian area. The 42 furnished rooms and beautiful gardens provide visitors with a view into the past.


08 Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum

Golden Colorado sky torwai / Getty Images

The Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum is situated in the heart of Colorado Springs metropolitan area. The museum was formerly the El Paso County Courthouse dating back to 1903. This restored piece of history exhibits quilts, Van Briggle art pottery, landscape collections of Colorado. The exhibits are influenced by the Native American community as well. There are rotating exhibits constantly changing that express the history of the area. This museum appeals to all ages and backgrounds.


09 Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument in Central Colorado snikeltrut / Getty Images

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument in central Colorado is the home of petrified redwood stumps as wide as 14 feet and fossils of plants and insects. The monument has ranger-guided programs during the summer months to allow visitors to learn all that they can about the prehistoric life that is a part of the Colorado area. For those that love the stars, the night sky programs offered will show off an amazing star system with incredibly stunning results. The monument also offers hiking on the 15 miles of trails.


10 Dinosaur Resource Center

Dinosaur statues walking over a river para827 / Getty Images

The Dinosaur Resource Center is a nearby attraction that is great fun for all ages. They display dinosaurs, pterosaurs, fish and marine reptiles from the late Cretaceous period. The fossils that they display are complicated by art and graphics that match the information they are exhibiting. The museum is open year round, 7 days a week making it easy to access no matter when you visit the Colorado Springs area. The children’s learning center within the museum provides a friendly atmosphere that nurtures the imagination of young children.


11 American Numismatic Association Money Museum

Front and back view of an antique three pence coin from 1944 Yaroslaw / Getty Images

The American Numismatic Association Money Museum is an unexpected destination in Colorado Springs. It features exhibits on coin and paper money from all eras. The museum provides visitors with exhibits with themes such as World War I in Remembrance, Money History and National Money Show. The museum also has conventions and exhibitions with different types of money. Through their workshops and seminars, visitors can learn more about the history and value of money. This is a great education for children and adults.


12 North Cheyenne Canon Park

If you're searching for spectacular views, lovely waterfalls, and great animal-watching opportunities, check out North Cheyenne Cañon Park. This gorgeous park is located at the bottom of a natural canyon and features about 56 miles of trails winding through it. Two visitor centers are available to help people learn about the nature and geography of the area, and staff are available to recommend suitable trails and popular destinations.


13 Western Museum of Mining and Industry

While cowboys may get most of the attention, miners were often the driving force of western migration and settlement. This unique museum celebrates that history, with displays showing how gold, oil, and other valuable materials were mined throughout time. There's also a working blacksmith shop and other live demonstrations available. You can enjoy this museum as a self-guided experience or register in advance for a guided tour.


14 Mueller State Park

An old dead tree on top of a Grouse Mountain in Colorado's Mueller State Park.

With more than 5,000 acres and spring-fed grasslands, Mueller State Park is a wildlife watcher's dream. This park is known for its high populations of elk, mule deer, black bears, and plenty of birds and smaller mammals. It's also a great place to see seasonal changes, such as summer wildflowers or colorful fall foliage.


15 Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site

Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site strives to bring history to life. This museum focuses on everyday life for people living in the area from 1775 onwards. Visitors can see what a traditional Ute camp would have been like or watch a pioneer tend to their crops. Livestock also lives on-site, so visitors are welcome to say hello to cows, horses, chickens, and sheep. Exhibits are interactive and entertaining for all ages.


16 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

meerkat family Hillary Kladke / Getty Images

Nestled in the embrace of the Rockies, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a high-altitude haven for animal lovers. Perched at over 6,700 feet, this zoo is a treasure trove of biodiversity. The winding paths lead you through habitats that house everything from majestic giraffes to playful meerkats. The zoo's conservation efforts are commendable, and the interactive exhibits make it an educational experience for all ages. Don’t forget to take the Mountaineer Sky Ride for an aerial view of the zoo and the surrounding mountains.


17 Monument Valley Park

Beautiful spring landscape in Monument Valley Park, Colorado Spring Faina Gurevich / Getty Images

A serene oasis in the heart of Colorado Springs, Monument Valley Park is where nature and history intertwine. The gentle trails meander along Monument Creek, with lush greenery and blooming flowers painting a picturesque setting. Whether you're an avid jogger, a casual stroller, or a family on a picnic, this park caters to all. The sculptures and historical markers add a touch of culture to your visit.


18 Adventures out West

Unleash your adventurous spirit with Adventures Out West. Whether you're soaring through the skies in a hot air balloon, ziplining over the rugged terrain, or exploring the iconic Garden of the Gods on a Segway, this place has it all. The experienced guides ensure not just your safety, but also enrich your adventure with fascinating stories and facts about the area. Don’t forget to bring your camera; the views are breathtaking.


19 Glen Eyrie

Step into a fairytale as you enter Glen Eyrie. This enchanting Tudor-style castle is nestled amidst the verdant wilderness. The grandeur of the Great Hall, the elegance of the Tea Room, and the mystique of the secret chambers make you feel like royalty. Whether you're here for a historical tour, a royal tea experience, or a stay in one of the castle's rooms, Glen Eyrie is sure to leave you spellbound.


20 United States Air Force Academy

United States Air Force Academy Chapel with aircraft sculpture in the foreground

A testament to valor and discipline, the United States Air Force Academy is a must-visit. The stunning Cadet Chapel with its soaring spires is the crown jewel of the campus. The Honor Court, with its striking sculptures and memorials, instills a sense of pride. While the Barry Goldwater Air Force Academy Visitor Center offers insightful exhibits on the life of cadets.


21 Memorial Park

Memorial Park is the beating heart of Colorado Springs. This sprawling park is a hub of activity with something for everyone. From the serene Prospect Lake, perfect for boating and fishing, to the skate park for the thrill-seekers. The sports courts are abuzz with energy, while the picnic spots are perfect for a leisurely day out.


22 Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Delve into the rich tapestry of history at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. Housed in the historic El Paso County Courthouse, this museum is a treasure trove of artifacts, photographs, and documents. The exhibits weave a story of the indomitable spirit of the pioneers and their journey. The beautifully landscaped grounds are perfect for a stroll back in time.


23 Old Colorado City

Take a leisurely stroll through the pages of history in Old Colorado City. With its charming brick buildings and quaint shops, this neighborhood exudes a rustic charm. The art galleries beckon the connoisseur, while the boutiques entice the shopper in you. Don’t forget to savor a meal at one of the many cozy eateries.


24 Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

Wolfpack Andreas Hahn / 500px / Getty Images

Venture into the wild at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. Nestled in the town of Divide, this center offers a unique opportunity to observe wolves, foxes, and coyotes in their natural habitat. The guided tours are not only educational but also focus on the importance of conservation. The highlight of the tour is the interactive wolf-feeding session, where you can watch these majestic creatures up close.


25 Broadmoor Seven Falls trail

A spectacle of nature's grandeur, the Broadmoor Seven Falls trail is a must-visit. The trail takes you through a series of cascading waterfalls, each more beautiful than the last. The rhythmic sound of the water, the lush greenery, and the sheer beauty of the falls make this a tranquil retreat. The trail is easily accessible and offers stunning views of the falls and the surrounding landscape. Whether you're an avid hiker or a nature lover, the Broadmoor Seven Falls trail is sure to leave you in awe.


Where will your memory of a lifetime begin? Whether you're all about hitting every trail you can or mostly want to indulge in some great shopping and beverages, you sure won't be bored during your trip to Colorado Springs.

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