Things to Do in Phoenix with Kids

Escaping with the whole family on a little getaway is always exciting, but not every destination is great for kids. The last thing anyone wants is for a family vacation to be boring or not suitable for everyone. Thankfully, Phoenix is full of fun and adventure for the whole family. With hundreds of attractions and fun activities, you’ll be able to create lasting memories regardless of your family’s interests.


01 Phoenix Zoo

A zoo is a classic go-to for a family vacation destination, and the Phoenix Zoo will not disappoint you and your family. It is home to over 3000 different species, including exotic creatures like zebras and lions. Wander into the Monkey Village and enjoy the only walk-through squirrel monkey exhibit in the United States. Head into the Red Barn, where your kids will be able to pet and brush goats and get up close to a variety of other barn animals.

02 LEGOLAND Discovery Center

There’s no doubt that LEGO are the literal building blocks of millions of fond childhood memories. The LEGOLAND Discovery Center is an exciting and educational destination that provides endless entertainment for the whole family. For adventure and thrills, Kingdom Quest allows you to save a princess by fighting off trolls, skeletons, and other fantastical creatures. Of course, it wouldn’t be LEGO without constructing something. Stop by the LEGO racers track so you and your kids can compete to build the fastest LEGO race car.

03 OdySea Aquarium

family fish aquarium Peter Cade / Getty Images

Kids everywhere love the sea and the wondrous creatures that lie below its depths. OdySea Aquarium lets you get up close to ocean denizens that you can normally only admire from afar. If you have an older child, consider taking the helmet diving tour. A guide will let you dive in and walk along an underwater trail as fish swim right up to you. If your kid is too young to participate, ride the Deep Ocean escalator as it passes underneath a massive tank full of a variety of sea life.


04 Castles N’ Coasters

Modern children have a variety of interests, but if there’s one thing that’s universal, it’s video games. Castles N’ Coasters brings all the fun of an amusement park but with some cutting edge additions. Become fully immersed in the XD Dark Ride as its moving seats and 3D screen make you feel like you’re actually on a minecart hurtling towards the unknown. There are also more traditional attractions like a log ride, four mini-golf courses, and go-karts.

05 Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting

child firetruck toddler Mitch Diamond / Getty Images

It seems like every kid falls in love with fire trucks at some point in their lives. The Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting presents the world’s largest collection of firefighting equipment, including pieces from the 1700s. Your child can feel like a real firefighter thanks to the museum providing official-looking coats, hats, and gear for dressing up. Once you and your kid are suited up, they can climb onto and enjoy a repurposed fire truck.


06 I.d.e.a. Museum

While there are many attractions to visit in Phoenix, few are as unique as the .i.d.e.a. Museum. It offers activities and exhibitions for children of all ages that help stimulate their minds and nurture creative thinking. ArtVille is an engaging space within the museum where toddlers have the freedom to climb, build, and explore. Alternatively, stop by the HUB so your kids can build elaborate sculptures, play with the magnetic ball run, express themselves with digital art, and draw on walls.

07 Singh Meadows

Sometimes the best thing for a child is some time spent outdoors. Singh Meadows is a former golf course that is now a gorgeous 72-acre park. Have some fun with your family the old-fashioned way by flying a kite, throwing a picnic, going on a walk, or playing catch. The park is home to an indoor farmers’ market and several impressive restaurants, making it a great resting point between other attractions.

08 Children’s Museum of Phoenix

child interactive museum MartinPrescott / Getty Images

When most people hear the word “museum” they probably imagine a space that probably won’t be able to hold their child’s attention, but this museum is a little different thanks to its hundreds of interactive attractions. At Building Big, kids will build massive forts with columns, beams, roofs, and walls. They can also head into the Noodle Forest, which is quite literally a forest of dangling foam noodles. More active kids can take on the Schuff-Perini Climber and enjoy a thrilling, but safe, obstacle-laden tower.


09 Arizona Science Center

science exhibit museum monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

Science can be fun and the Arizona Science Center can prove it. Its Dorrance Planetarium is one of the largest and most impressive planetariums in the United States. Families can learn about gravity in the Evans Family SkyCycle or discover the marvel of the human brain at the W.O.N.D.E.R Center. Alternatively, spend some time with the mechanical levers, pulleys, and circuits at the Get Charged Up attraction.


10 Enchanted Island Amusement Park

People with kids of different ages often struggle to find something that the whole family can enjoy. Enchanted Island ensures that this won’t be an issue. For a more leisurely amusement park experience, ride the C.P. Huntington Train as it tours the park. Children new to amusement park thrills can start small with the Dragon Wagon, a tame kid’s coaster. Perhaps the most interesting attraction is the Parachute Tower. Visitors will ascend and take in a beautiful view of the Phoenix skyline before gently parachuting back down to the ground.


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