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Things to Do in Muncie, Indiana

Located in the heart of Hoosier State, Muncie, Indiana, is full of exciting activities and attractions perfect for a family fun day, a romantic escapade, or a night out with friends. This vibrant city caters to all your outdoor adventure, fun, and exploration needs. Whether you're rooted in history, love nature, or enjoy tasting excellent food, Munice has something that will keep you amused. From experiencing unending fun in picturesque parks and exploring outstanding museums to hiking extensive trails and treating your kids to memorable experiences, this vibrant city has you covered. Let's delve into some of the top activities to do while in Muncie.


01 Check out Ball State University

Founded in 1918, this public research university in Muncie, Indiana, contributes to the city's robust art and music industries. The campus offers a picturesque view, and the towering 150-foot free-standing Shafer Tower is amazing. Listen to the Westminster Quarters from the Carillon Bell Tower all day. The David Owsley Museum of Art is a famous site you can't miss visiting while taking a tour of the university. Located in the Fine Arts building, it blows art lovers away with its rich history and ancient artifacts. Enjoy a free planetarium show at the Charles W. Brown Planetarium. The planetarium is one of the best in the area and opens its doors to the public every week.


02 Explore Minnetrista's rich history

Minnetrista Museum and Gardens large building under cloudy blue sky on summer day, Indiana

Minnetrista highlights the rich cultural and historical heritage of the city. It is a must-visit site for history buffs who wish to understand the culture of this lovely city. Visit the Minnetristra Cultural Center to get highlights of the area's rich history and culture. The museum has modern facilities that feature interactive exhibits that portray the history and early lives of the people. It has beautiful gardens, lovely walking trails, educational programs, and engaging workshops that fit all ages. There are various events all year that you can attend. Look out for the next community event, workshop, or exhibition, and register.


03 Enjoy outdoor adventure at the Cardinal Greenway

Cardinal Greenway Underpass In Muncie Indiana

Boasting Indiana's longest rail trail, the multipurpose Cardinal Greenway offers crucial connections to parks, schools, and local resources. The 62-mile-long recreational trail stretches from Marion through Muncie to Richmond. The Cardinal Greenway traces its roots back to 1891, when the electric railway started passenger operations between downtown Muncie and Anderson. It is outstandingly paved with nice and wide paths, making it suitable for walking, running, and biking. The trail is lovely, offering a nature-filled and peaceful riding, biking, and walking experience.


04 Have a family fun day at Muncie Children's Museum

Housed at the Horizon Convention Center, the Muncie Children's Museum, established in the 1970s, offers interactive exhibits for kids. The spacious venue, measuring 24,000 square feet, offers a perfect avenue for open-ended exhibits. Expose your kids to the power of running water at the Water Works as they get informed about animal husbandry at the Veterinarian Office.

Drive the wheels at the Big Rig, learn nutrition basics, and experiment with a shopping trip at the Marsh Market. There are different activities that will leave your kids entertained despite their ages. Visit Tsot Spots if you have under fives and Discovery Park, which has live animals in terrariums.


05 Enjoy creative art at Muncie Civic Theatre

The Muncie Civic Theatre, established in 1961, hosts the Muncie art scene and has excelled at showcasing creative talents. Come with family and friends and get entertained with captivating stage performances from musicians, comedians, and thespians, among others. Enjoy live performances, events, and programs customized for youth and children's performance development. Look at the calendar of events and book a ticket to catch a captivating play or artistic performance from some of the best local and regional artists.


06 Take in the National Model Aviation Museum

The National Model Aviation Museum, located in the Academy of Model Aeronautics, East Memorial Drive, Muncie, Indiana, is the largest institution dedicated to model aviation. It hosts an extensive archive of over 11,000 artifacts and 100 vintage aircraft that offer an in-depth exploration of the history, technology, and information on the model airplane. It explains the evolution of the aviation industry with a display of detailed miniature replicas.

Visit the National Model Aviation Museum and immerse yourself in the intricate world of model aircraft. Enjoy a well-curated exhibition with interactive displays that are easy to understand, even by young ones. Learn and understand the aerodynamics, engineering, and science behind aviation through engaging educational programs available at the museum.


07 Have fun at Prairie Creek Reservoir

Experience the natural beauty and plenty of outdoor activities to explore at this popular Muncie park, Prairie Creek Reservoir. Muncie, with its wealth of outdoor activities, will help you break away from the city's hustle and bustle, making you enjoy nature to the fullest. Enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, boating, and biking at this extensive park. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy uninterrupted fun on its expansive 750 acres and will testify why it is indeed a hidden gem. Pitch a tent or rent an RV site and spend a fun-filled, peaceful afternoon with family and friends.


08 Learn Delaware history at the Delaware County Historical Society

If you love history and want to understand the history of Delaware County, the historical society has got you covered. It was founded in 1925 and has been collecting, preserving, and protecting data that reflects the history of the people, places, and events in Delaware County. Visit the resource center and explore the book galleries and resources that articulate the county's history. Through historic buildings and exhibitions, discover the history of rural America and its rich culture.

Pay a visit to the 1797 Frisbee House, where politicians met to form Delaware County. See the original barns, Freebee family cemetery, and nineteenth-century buildings. Walk in the blacksmith shop, gun shop, turnpike, tollgate house, one-room school house, and many more. Explore Delaware history through exhibit galleries, archives, and nature trails available at the Historical Society.

Check the calendar and attend a workshop or educational program held throughout the year at the society.


09 Entertain yourself in Canan Commons

Throughout the year, Muncie hosts a variety of seasonal events and festivals that celebrate the city's culture, heritage, and community spirit. Enjoy the Muncie Three Trails Music Series, a free outdoor concert series featuring live music from local and regional artists in downtown Muncie's Canan Commons. Enjoy live events and music festivals while enjoying a lovely view of downtown. Canan Commons also offers a perfect venue for picnics, where you can create unforgettable memories with family and friends.


10 Have a taste of wine at Tonne Winery

Tonne Winery is your perfect destination to have a taste of Indiana wine as you relax and have fun. They blend the fruits of a meticulous vineyard, producing a natural taste of the terroir. From grapes to reds to crisp whites, the drinks guarantee an enjoyable experience. Be treated to a breathtaking ambiance in the cozy rooms while sipping wine, enjoying the lovely view of vineyards, and getting stories of the wine-making process from the friendly staff. The winery offers a good environment for special events. You can walk in and learn more about their tours and special events.


11 Embrace performing art at Emens Auditorium

Located at Ball State University, the 3581-seater auditorium, commissioned in 1964, offers a huge venue for performing arts in the eastern Indiana area. Apart from staging college events, the auditorium is always busy with dance performances, comedy shows, Broadway shows, and concerts, among other activities. The Emens Auditorium has graced big celebrities and world-celebrated arts and performances. Follow them to know the scheduled events and ticket information to get a feel for this artistic auditorium. The calendar is full of performances that you can't miss attending.


12 Visit Be Here Now

Have a taste of Midwestern drinks in an impressive outdoor beer garden or a front patio at Be Here Now. Blended with live music and a taste of a vegetarian dish, you will enjoy your time at this unique bar. The bar brings local and touring musicians who do mind-blowing live performances that will keep you on your feet all night.


13 Take the family to Escapades Family Fun Center

Bring your family to the Escapades Family Fun Center, where you can enjoy fun-filled indoor activities thanks to the three-story indoor maze, restaurants, and arcade. This Indiana's premier indoor family fun center has outstanding play activities featuring tunnels, slides, tubes, giant ball games, monkey bars, and many more. Bring your child to have an experience of a lifetime that all of you will want to experience again.


14 Tour Heekin Park

Bought by the city of Muncie in 1914 and turned into a public city park, Heekin Park has been serving the community on Memorial Dr Madison St., Penn St., and Hackley St. It has beautiful trees, a picnic shelter, cabins, and playgrounds to explore. Walk along Hackley Street or bring your family to the event and enjoy the lovely environment around the park. Rent a cabin and enjoy a fun time with your loved ones. If you're a sports enthusiast, you won't be bored.

There are plenty of sporting facilities, from a well-maintained playground and a soccer pitch to a baseball diamond and basketball court.


15 Have fun at Tuhey Pool

Beach ball floating in swimming pool. Advertising for summer vacations. Space for text. Colorful beach ball in swimming pool.

Tuhey Pool is one of Indiana's premiere aquatic sites that is situated in a lovely park setting. Break away from the summer heat and come enjoy the crystal-clear waters at this spacious pool. The pool features swim laps, water slides, and kids-friendly attractions that will leave them entertained. With well-maintained amenities and experienced lifeguards, Tuhey Pool offers a safe and exciting environment to relax and float while enjoying the inviting atmosphere. Grab your ticket now and enjoy some outdoor fun with kid-friendly programs.


16 Shop at Muncie Mall

Bellingham, WA, USA - January 5, 2023; Entrance to Macy's at Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham WA with name above door

Muncie Mall is Muncie's largest shopping center, with over 50 retail shops and stores. Located in downtown Muncie, the mall has a long history of providing top-notch shopping experiences with plenty of free parking areas. There is a wide selection of stores on the front, ranging from restaurants to breweries to chain stores.

Walk into JCPenney, Macy's, or Victoria's Secret as you tour the mall. Buy unique and locally made vintage clothing, artifacts, and handmade jewelry from the stores. There is a food court you can walk into and have a taste of Indiana's delicacies.


17 Grab a drink at the Fickle Peach

Enjoy a wide range of local brews and craft beers in a lovely atmosphere at the Fickle Peach. Mingle with the welcoming and friendly locals as you enjoy a laid-back environment on a cozy outdoor patio. The old bank house, marble floor, and tin ceiling accentuate its uniqueness. The friendly and professional staff will help you make the most of the drinks, whether you are in for a local taste, a wine, a cocktail, or cider. Unwind at the Open Mic Night on Monday or participate in a running trivia game on Tuesday. You can also meet local musicians on Friday while enjoying affordable beer on the outdoor patio.


18 Elm Street Brewing Company

If you want to enjoy craft beer, then Elm Street Brewing Company has you covered. The brewing company is located just five miles from Ball State University to give you a great beer-tasting experience. Enjoy a great atmosphere, with plenty of dining space on the inside and a large patio on the outside. The friendly and welcoming staff are always available to make your stay worth it.


19 Explore the Cornerstone Center for the Arts

The Cornerstone Center for the Arts opened its doors in 2008 and has been an avenue for creative expression featuring art, theater, and music. Apart from offering art programs, the center hosts community events, performances, and weddings over the weekends. It features music classes, visual and martial arts, dance, and fitness programs; there is something fun and creative for everyone. Get lost in art programs while taking a keen interest in your well-being at the Cornerstone Center for the Arts.


20 Explore Art David Owsley Museum of Art

The David Owsley Museum of Art is situated on the Ball State University campus, offering a great avenue for art enthusiasts. The museum changed its name from Ball State Museum of Art in 2011 to honor the artistic works of avid T. Owsley. It assembles over 11,000 artworks across the world. The collection features works from Europe, Asia, and America, as well as contemporary works. The David Owsley Museum of Art is an educational resource for students, teachers, and art lovers. There are various educational programs, events, exhibitions, and workshops throughout the year facilitated by renowned artists across the globe.


21 Wrapping it up

Muncie, Indiana, USA - August 21, 2021: The business district on Walnut Street

With an array of things to do, Muncie, Indiana, proves to be a hidden treasure of fun and adventure. From the natural beauty of the Cardinal Greenway and tranquil serenity at the pools to the artistic exploration of art and the enjoyable tastes from the wineries and breweries, Muncie, Indiana, has something for everyone. Whether you love art, enjoy history, or seek a thrilling experience, Muncie will sort you out with activities that will leave you wanting more.

Pick your friends and family to embark on this adventurous tour of Muncie while enjoying free or affordable activities. Pack your bags and start the journey of captivating your senses and making long-lasting memories in Muncie, Indiana. Feel free to inquire about any interesting site you wish to explore, and we will help you make the most of your visit.


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