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These Are Contiki’s 15 Most Popular European Tours

Contiki has over sixty years of expertise in curating safe and stress-free social travel experiences for young people between 18 and 35. You can focus less on the logistics of transport and accommodation and more on having the time of your life with like-minded individuals. More than half of Contiki travelers are solo travelers, and itineraries are formulated to make fast friends out of strangers. Efficiently check off multiple countries in one trip, and rest assured that the company is prioritizing environmental sustainability while getting you where you want to go. There's no better place to start than Europe, with its immense variety of landscapes and cultural heritage. Contiki offers multiple tours to suit various interests. We touch on 15 of the top-rated trips below.


01 Exploring the Amalfi Coast

greek island tour

Contiki's 12-night "Italian Escape and Sicily" trip doubles down on the seaside charm. Starting from $3,357, this Rome to Palermo adventure whisks travelers through bucket-list destinations. There's Pompeii, where history enthusiasts can learn more about the famous Mt. Vesuvius eruption that bathed the city in ash and preserved victims in action, and Positano, where the steep streets and colorful buildings are like your favorite screensaver come to life. In glitzy Capri, an optional boat cruise facilitates swim sessions in memorable locations. You may even glimpse the rich and famous through a pair of binoculars.


02 Greek Island Adventures

overview of mykonos greece

Blue domes, whitewashed homes, captivating sunset vistas, and parties galore. Board a ferry and go island hopping like a pro on Contiki's highly-rated 10-night Greek odyssey that begins and ends in culture-rich Athens and stops in Mykonos, Santorini, Ios, and Paros. Snap selfies with the windmills and have your fill of moussaka and loukoumades before seeing what the nightlife has in store for you. In Santorini, you can add on a scenic crater hike and take a dip in a stress-melting hot spring.


03 A Journey Through England and Scotland


Meander through alleys and past castles over nine days. England and Scotland have no shortage of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and this tour embarking from London will show you many of them. Explore Liverpool (The Beatles' hometown) and jump across the map to have high tea a stone's throw away from gothic York Minster. Stroll through the beloved Lake District countryside before contemplating the ancient ruins of Hadrian's Wall, the 73-mile Roman fortification that inspired the wall in Game of Thrones. All this before you even reach Scotland. In Edinburgh, you'll hear bagpipers along the Royal Mile. St. Andrews is renowned among golfers and fans of Prince William. And the Highlands await, where you can inhale some crisp air while you look for signs of Nessie underwater. On the trip back south, the lads and ladies of the group can marvel at the Glenfinnan Viaduct, made iconic by the Harry Potter films, and practice their Scottish brogues while reciting William Wallace's Braveheart speech in the town of Stirling. Glasgow rounds the trip out.


04 The Ultimate European Experience plus Egypt

woman on camel

16 countries. 45 days. It all goes down on the popular Ultimate European tour. From the French Riviera and the Tyrolean mountains to dreamy tulip-dotted cities in the Netherlands and Turkey, the breadth of this epic journey will leave you breathless and full of wonder. The trip touches down in the land of the pharaohs too, so when you thought things couldn't get any more exciting, the Great Pyramids will transport you back to a time of mummies and mystique.


05 Discovering Iceland's Wonders

person in ice cave

The Fire and Ice trip is as sensory as it sounds. Between gazing upon mossy green hills, deep gorges, frosty glaciers, and black sand beaches, you'll come across basalt rock formations similar to those at the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, mini blue-eyed horses, and seemingly magical rainbows. Visit the pounding waterfalls of Skaftafell and geothermal pools like the lava field spa at Blue Lagoon. This tour promises five nights you're not likely to forget anytime soon.


06 The Charm of Winter in Europe

paris in winter

Sweaty summer trips aren't for everyone. If you prefer traveling when the weather's a little more brisk, you'll love the 24-day Winter Wanderer tour. It's full-on festive vibes during November and December. Soak up the atmosphere at delightful Christmas markets in Vienna and beyond. Think cozy hot beverages, apple strudel, roasted chestnuts, carousels, toasty fires, and pom pom beanies. Amble through legendary museums like the Louvre in Paris, check out the snow-capped peaks of Lucerne and fill your camera reel with warm smiles and chilly surroundings.


07 Cultural Deep Dive from London to Berlin

museum in London

Contiki's nine-day London to Berlin by Train tour is filled with art, theatre, and culinary appeal. It starts with a walking tour of the West End and whizzes across the English Channel on the Eurostar. Walking tours are often led by refugee or formerly homeless guides with a unique perspective on the cities you'll encounter. In Paris, pair Moulin Rouge pizzazz with fare from the boulangeries and patisseries. Savor each bite at Amsterdam's street food fiesta, Foodhallen, before taking selfies by the canals, and appreciating the Rijksmuseum's collection. Berlin's happening foodie scene keeps tastebuds happy. The city's history is eye-opening, and there may be a dash of techno music thrown in for good measure.


08 Balkan Exploration

woman in Balkan

Discover the Balkans on this top-rated tour covering five countries in 11 days. From stunning Dubrovnik in Croatia with its unparalleled Old Town and resemblance to King's Landing to the "Paris of the East", Budapest, on the Danube River, this voyage is diverse and riveting. It will take you to the Dalmatian coastline, the super yachts of Kotor, and the millennia-old town of Budva, before traveling north to a bridge you might know from Instagram, the Mostar Bridge. Learn about Bosnia's Ottoman history and the region's turbulent recent past. In Serbia's capital, the Belgrade Fortress dates back to 279 BCE.


09 Authentic Italian Experiences

woman in italy touring around

Go all in on Italy with this two-week winter or summer break that checks all the boxes. You'll swing past Renaissance masterpieces, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera, jaw-dropping Lake Como, the cobblestone streets in Lucca and Siena, and much more. The whole time, you'll be indulging in real-deal Italian cuisine, so don't be surprised if your buddies hear you mumbling about Duomos, gelatos, and risottos in your sleep. Have fun under the Tuscan sun, unleash your inner fashion critic in Milan, and capture the gondoliers of Venice as they set the scene for marriage proposals.


10 European Horizon: A multi-country adventure

amsterdam boat tour

This whirlwind tour is fast and furious, knocking off seven countries in eleven days for those short on time but full of energy. From London, it's off to the continent via the White Cliffs of Dover. The group touches ground in Belgium, may venture into Amsterdam's Red Light District, and traverses the Rhine Valley with its vineyards and regal architecture. In Munich, there's an option to cycle through the charming English Gardens, popular with river surfers. You can expect additional high-adrenaline activities in Hopfgarten im Brixental and the Swiss Alps. Check out the Jet d'Eau in Geneva and say bonjour to the glittering Eiffel Tower in the city of love and lights.


11 Scandinavian Wonders

scandinavia tour

Scandinavia, like Iceland, can seem almost otherworldly and far away. But a 10-night trip to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden will show you just how special and accessible this part of the world is. You'll get to see Copenhagen's Little Mermaid sculpture, become more familiar with the Vikings' legacy, and ride the Voss gondola or Lillehammer Olympic bobsled as add-ons. The Geiranger Fjord is at the top of the list of must-see natural attractions. You'll likely get to interact with beautiful huskies, and depending on whether you go in summer or winter, you may experience white nights.


12 From London to Vienna


This one's stacked with an itinerary for the history buffs and culture vultures. Stops in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, and Kutna Hora ensure a rich and immersive experience. You'll pass chapels furnished with bones, see Cold War and World War 2 relics, and be treated to spontaneous classical music performances on the streets. After all, Vienna waits for you.


13 Mini Balkan Getaway

couple in hungary

Five days is all it takes to see some of the best parts of the Balkans in Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary. Lake Bled, a stone's throw away from Ljubljana, is catnip for photographers, as is Plitvice Lakes National Park. The latter is a supremely underrated natural wonder full of lakes connected by waterfalls and deserves endless praise. Then it's off to Split by way of archaeologically-blessed Zadar.


14 European Explorer

woman taking a picture in Spain

This 35-day trip crosses the borders of 17 countries. Hit up cities like Barcelona, Clermont-Ferrand, Monaco, Verona, the Vatican, Sorrento, Kusadasi, Crete, and Vaduz. It's a wide-ranging expedition with too many highlights to count, including the monasteries of Meteora, the Sistine Chapel, Plitvice Lakes National Park, and chillouts on remarkable beaches.


15 Embracing the Worldwide Sale

overview of Contiki bus

With Contiki's "Travel Together Worldwide Sale," you can get up to 25% off trip rates. Deposits are flexible—you won't lose your money if you cancel your trip more than 60 days before it departs. You can put it towards another trip or gift it to a friend. In addition, you can secure your spot and lock in a discounted price without worrying about currency changes. Pay over time sans interest—it's all cool as long as your trip is fully paid for at least 60 days before it commences.


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