Find Your Oasis in the Bahamas

If you're looking for an unforgettable adventure and breathtaking scenery, look no further than the Bahamas. Exotic wildlife, lush forests and crystal clear blue water await you at this dream destination. Between touring underwater caverns, scuba diving around coral reefs and taking guides with locals, there is no shortage of fun to be had. The white sandy beaches will bring relaxation to the next level, and the beauty of the landscape is absolute bliss. There is no place on Earth like the Bahamas, so pack your bags and let the fun begin.


01Soar High

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Soaring high above the Caribbean, the Bahamas parasailing tour gives you the ultimate panoramic view of the island sights. The white sandy beaches, beautiful blue water, and Bahamian landscape are all visible from your perch. The crystal clear water allows you to witness the daily lives of sea turtles, tropical fish, and sharks. A parasailing tour offers a view of paradise unlike any other and is a must-do activity for any adventure.



02Nature Tours

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Taking a guided nature tour is one of the best ways to experience the breathtaking landscape of the Bahamas. Along with the aquatic wildlife, the lush forests are home to a variety of tropical birds that will serenade you on your tour. The beaches are home to an array of wildlife including dolphins, sea turtles, and coral reefs. A visit to the Lucayan National Reserve park allows you to tour one of the most expansive cavern systems on the planet.



03Blue Lagoon Island

Beautiful beach and dock on Blue Lagoon Island, Bahamas LeeAnnWhite / Getty Images

The ultimate tropical beach experience awaits you on Blue Lagoon Island. This private island will give you an authentic paradise feel, with unlimited opportunity for relaxation. Visitors will enjoy relaxing on a pristine beach and swimming in the clear blue waters, indulging in tropical drinks from the beach bar and eating unforgettable, authentic Bahamas food. Blue Lagoon Island will give you an experience right out of a storybook.



04Biking Tours

beach scene shows a couple cycling THEPALMER / Getty Images

Taking a guided bike tour is one of the best ways to take in the scenic shoreline while learning the history of the Bahamas settlements. A leisurely journey, with narrated stops, will take you and your family through the townships, by cottages and give a view of the beautiful fauna that surrounds the islands. Take a rest by enjoying a meal at a seaside restaurant or laying in a hammock on the beach.



Woman fishing and paddle boarding FtLaudGirl / Getty Images

Whether you enjoy fly fishing or light tackle fishing, the Bahamas are filled with dream fishing locations. Take a guided tour with locals to find the best fishing spots or take a boat around the islands. The corals attract a large variety of tropical fish. Deep-sea fishing allows you to take in the beauty of the ocean while fishing for large game fish. Chartered boats will take you far from shore where you can fish for mackerel, marlin, mahi-mahi, and barracuda.


06Beach Bonfire

Bahamas bonfire AndrisBarbans / Getty Images

Grand Bahama Island's bonfire on the beach is the perfect way to spend an evening. With an all-you-can-eat buffet and unlimited bahama mamas, prepare to spend the night laughing and dancing to the music, or just sitting by the fire and enjoying the scenery. Enjoy round trip transportation to your hotel and live shows.



07Safari Tour

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Any visit to the Bahamas would be incomplete without a Jeep safari tour. Led by a guide, you drive into the interior of the island. Leaving the shoreline, you move into the lush forests, experiencing the vast ecosystems that encompass the tropical paradise. Drive to the Lucayan National Park to see the Lucayan caves, and then off to the Garden of the Groves to enjoy a walk through unforgettable tropical gardens.


08Explore Nature at Clifton Heritage Park

Setting off on exploration is a great way to make use of a day in the Bahamas. Clifton Heritage Park is a popular tourist location, home to turtles and multiple beaches including Johnston Beach, a quiet locale that's perfect for those who want to relax. This park offers historic sites, as well, and bird-watching for wildlife enthusiasts.


09Get Educated at the Heritage Museum of the Bahamas

Learning the history of a vacation spot can make a trip more fulfilling. There are multiple museums on the islands where guests can learn all about the Bahamas. The Heritage Museum of the Bahamas is an interesting one to check out. This museum allows people to really delve into the past and see what the Bahamas have come through as time has passed. You can even see a slice of an ancient meteorite.


10Scuba Diving

diving in the bahamas apomares / Getty Images

Divers of all skill levels will enjoy the pristine waters around the Bahamas. Take a tour through an underwater dreamland filled with exotic fish and vast corals. You can visit shipwrecks off the coast of Paradise Island and Nassau, or swim with parrotfish, angelfish and mantas. You will get the chance to dive with stingrays and dolphins. If you're worried about your experience level, take the course at Stuart Learn to Dive Resort.


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