The Best Things to do in Barbados

The Best Things to do in Barbados

Getaway Staff
Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Barbados is a beautiful Caribbean island country with a warm climate throughout the year. With festivals and sights to see across the island, it's a fantastic destination no matter what type of traveler you are. From the moment you arrive, expect hospitality from locals and gourmet foods for every meal at your hotel. You and your family will walk away with long-lasting memories and souvenirs for your collection from your trip to Barbados. The best things to do in Barbados range from amazing beaches to historic museums.


01Carlisle Bay

carlisle bay

Carlisle Bay is known for calm waters and aquatic activities such as scuba diving and swimming. When the tide is low, the water becomes crystal clear, and scuba divers can take a look at beautiful reefs and fish. At night, Carlisle Bay is flooded with natural light, making it a spectacular location for stargazing.


02Browne's Beach

browne's beach Wildroze / Getty Images

As a slightly smaller, lesser known destination, Browne's beach is a perfect getaway for the whole family. The soft sand is excellent for picnic spreads and beach towels, and children can create sand sculptures as long as its low tide. Browne's beach is just a short drive from the town center.


03Parliament Building

parliament building

The Parliament building is one of Barbados' oldest buildings and a historic monument in the middle of the city. Guests can take tours of the site and visit a gift shop for long-lasting souvenirs. The Parliament building is open on both weekdays and weekends, and it's a great opportunity to learn more about the island's history.


04Submarine Tours

submarine tours

Touring the crystal clear waters of Barbados via submarine is the best way to get around. Not only can you see fish and other aquatic life underneath the ocean, but you can access small alcoves and bays otherwise inaccessible by foot. On the tour, a guide will tell you all about the shores and tides of the island. The inside of the submarine is lined with glass windows, allowing you to take high-quality photos of the reef and guppies.


05Chattel houses

chattel houses

Chattel houses symbolize the idyllic atmosphere of present and old Barbados. While there's not much to see inside, neighborhoods of these houses form welcoming communities for you and your loved ones. Each house has its unique ambiance, and you can travel from house to house to determine which one matches your ideal lifestyle. Some chattel houses are furnished inside, while others have been left in their natural state from decades ago.


06Lonely Beach

lonely beach TommL / Getty Images

Lonely beach is a hidden treasure of Barbados. Isolated from the main road and other forms of civilization, its a terrific place to watch the sunrise or sunset by yourself. Get there by a short hike, set up a chair, and take in the fresh saltwater breeze and colorful streaks across the sky. At Lonely beach, there's no shortage of trees for shade in the midday heat.




Bridgetown is located at the heart of Barbados, and it's one of the most important stops on your trip. Before heading to the outskirts of the island, you'll want to stock up on food and water here at Bridgetown. Look for grocery stores and trading posts that sell local favorites and delicacies.


08Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill

morgan lewis sugar mill

The Morgan Lewis sugar mill is an iconic sugar mill in Barbados. Spanning over 50 feet tall, the blades of this sugar mill are visible from nearly a mile away. It's a fantastic destination for a short day trip, and there are picnic tables and benches around the sugar mill for your comfort.


09St. John Paris Church

st. john parish church oriredmouse / Getty Images

St. John Paris Church is one of Barbados' oldest religious residences. Surrounded by a miniature forest of vines and trees, this church is home to many weddings and receptions in the summertime. You can hear church bells ringing from a short distance away, and the location is welcoming to visitors of all beliefs. St. John Paris Church does not require any fees, and it is open to reception as long as there are no ongoing services.


10North Point

north point

The north point of Barbados stands out from all the other shores of the island. With waves crashing into the rock wall, you can feel gusts of seawater if you stand near to the edge. There are many walking trails along the north point, and like many other destinations, it's a quiet place of isolation and retreat.


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