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The Best Parts of Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas opened in 1961 with the six flags representing six countries that have flown their flag over Texas at some point in history. Originally, there was an area reflecting each nation with rides and attractions that matched that country’s theme. Today, Six Flags Over Texas has a total of 10 areas with different themes to ensure there’s something for everyone. The park is constantly unveiling new rides and hosts many special events to ensure there is always something exciting happening.


01 Thrill Rides

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Some of the most popular rides at Six Flags Over Texas are the thrill rides. Currently, there are 19 rides that provide some of the fastest, craziest, and most fun experiences in the country. Dive Bomber Alley allows park visitors to experience the thrill of skydiving when they leap off of a 16-story arch. As a protective cable slows their fall, they will swing forward and soar over the park at speeds that are sure to excite. Titan is one of the most famous thrill rides and hypercoasters in the world. It features a massive 255-foot drop that allows riders to reach speeds of 85 mph. Following the immense drop are multiple back-to-back 540-degree spirals that twist and spin riders around the track.


02 Family Rides

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If you’re looking for rides that are enjoyable and entertaining that remain appropriate for people of all ages, Six Flags Over Texas has 18 different family rides. The Aquaman Splashdown provides a moderate thrill for families looking to enjoy some water during the hot summer months. A large boat slowly rises into the sky before crashing down a 50-foot waterfall at a hair-raising 30 mph. When the boat hits the water, the splash towers over the ride and is sure to drench everyone around.

If you’re looking to relax after some of the more intense rides, there are the Chaparral Antique Cars. Four drivers can choose their favorite 1900’s motor car and take a leisurely ride around the countryside. Though you can drive and steer the cars, a small rail keeps them mostly on track so even young children can enjoy driving.


03 Kids Rides

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Kids need kid-sized thrills, and there are plenty of those available at Six Flags Over Texas. Bugs Bunny Boomtown is a kid-centric area with ten attractions and several rest areas. Young children can climb and slide around the Looney Tunes Adventure Camp. Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters is a fantastic way cool off as rides spin around in giant water barrels, splashing anyone nearby. There are ample rest areas with plenty of shades so parents and guardians can rest and cool off while the always energetic children can keep having fun.


04 Entertainment

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Rides and thrills aren’t all Six Flags Over Texas has to offer. The Silver Star Carousel Stage, Courthouse Stage, and Boomtown Stage all offer live music from artists from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Popular Looney Tunes characters dance and put on a show every day at the Looney Tunes Hip Hop Bash. If you’d like to be part of the show, try visiting the Six Flags Radio Stage in the Mexico area for karaoke performances with props and costumes.


05 Dining Options

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Six Flags Over Texas also offers many dining options in the various areas that reflect the cultures that once flew their flags over Texas. There are snacks and beverages that can fill the gap between meals. Funnel cakes, nachos, popcorn, french fries, and more are available across the park. If you would rather sit down and enjoy a meal with the family after a day of fun, there are classic American, Italian, and Asian options. Additionally, they have gluten-free and vegan options for people with special dietary needs.


06 Shopping

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Many people like to bring home souvenirs to ensure that their day of fun results in a lifetime of memories. Six Flags Over Texas has a variety of specialty shops to fulfill any need. They have souvenir and memorabilia stores that sell everything from small gifts to apparel. There are several toy stores full of signature characters that are sure to act as the perfect punctuation for a thrilling day. You can also purchase unique collectibles, such as personal portraits and photos of your day at the park. Finally, you may find yourself needing essentials such as diapers or sunscreen. The park has multiple stores full of sundries for this very purpose.


07 Special Events

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Six Flags Over Texas will often host new and exciting events to keep the park experience fresh. North Texas’ largest water balloon fight is set to occur in the spring of 2019 where park-goers can battle it out in Gotham City. Other special events include celebrations for special days such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. There are often spooky thrills and activities during the Halloween season each year, with winter holiday events following soon after.


08 Special Groups

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If you’re looking to turn a group outing into a memorable day of excitement, Six Flags Over Texas hosts many group events. School groups can meet on educational days to discover and learn about physics, math, and marketing. The park is also popular for youth groups such as various camps, clubs, scouts, and cubs. Company outings celebrating group achievements or providing some fun for employees and their families are also common.


09 When to Visit

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Attendance at theme parks, particularly Six Flags Over Texas, increases dramatically during the summer months. Your best bet for avoiding long wait times is to visit on weekdays during the summer. April, May, June, and September typically have fewer visitors while still allowing you to avoid the chilly weather of the winter months. Additionally, if you check schedules ahead of time, you may be able to streamline your visit. This can enable you to get in line for rides outside of peak hours while still ensuring that you have all the fun you deserve.


10 General Tips

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There are a number of tips you can follow to ensure that your day at Six Flags Over Texas is as enjoyable as it should be:

  • Six Flags is a smoke-free venue, but there are smoking areas. These are visible on maps, or you can ask an employee for their locations.
  • Bring a light jacket or coat, particularly during the spring and fall months. If it becomes too cumbersome, there are lockers available.
  • Arrange a meeting place and time with other people in your group in case any of your group members become separated.
  • Start at the attractions furthest from the main entrance. They’ll typically have shorter lines, and you’ll have to walk less after a day of rides and activities.


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