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On the shores of the Mediterranean nestled in cliffs, you will find Monaco. Officially the Principality of Monaco, Monaco is a country,  microstate, and sovereign city-state on the French Riviera in Europe. Clear blue water, white beaches, and luxury resorts are commonplace here. As one of the wealthiest places in the world, there is extravagance at every turn. From casinos and opera houses to super yachts and Formula 1 race cars, there is no shortage of eye-catching scenery. Steeped in history, Monaco has ancient landmarks, stunning architecture, brilliant museums, and exotic landscaping.


01 Casino Monte-Carlo

The Grand casino in Monti Carlo on a cloud free day mahout / Getty Images

Built in 1863, The Monte-Carlo Casino boasts jaw-dropping architecture and overlooks the Mediterranean. The casino is home to all your favorite games and also houses the Monte-Carlo Opera House, responsible for world-renowned productions. If you're looking for entertainment and sophistication, this is definitely the place to be.


02 The Cathedral of Monaco

Monaco Saint Nicholas Cathedral Interior vichie81 / Getty Images

The Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate is one of the most important landmarks in Monaco. Also referred to as Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the cathedral was built between 1875 and 1903 and stands in the same spot of a much older cathedral, which was constructed in 1252. The Monaco cathedral inherited works of art from the original building, including paintings by Ludovico Brea and Francois Breain and an altar from the early 1500s. It also houses a grand organ with 7000 pipes.


03 The Jardin Exotique

The winding way among the rocky hills with cactuses and blooming agaves in Jardin Exotique botanical garden, Monaco. efesenko / Getty Images

Located on the side of a cliff, this garden, also referred to as Exotic Garden, is home to thousands of cacti and flowing succulents. This awe-inspiring tour is one of Monaco's most popular attractions. Visitors gain access to a botanical center and a cave at the bottom, which has evidence of early humans, as well as an anthropological museum with specialists to guide you.


04 Oceanographic Museum

Museum of Oceanology venakr / Getty Images

Towering over the Mediterranean, the Oceanographic Museum is home to over 6,000 specimens, fossils, and sea fauna. After admiring one of the world's largest collections of artifacts, head downstairs to the aquarium where over 200 species are on display. The incredible architecture of the building, coupled with the extraordinary history and live animals on display makes the Oceanographic Museum a must-see for any visitor.


05 Larvotto Beach

Larvotto Ward - Monte Carlo, Monaco LaChouettePhoto / Getty Images

With the beautiful city behind you and the warm clear blue waters ahead, drop a towel down and soak up the sun at Monaco's Larvotto Beach,  which is famous for its beauty. Instead of sand, the beach is covered in small white pebbles and boasts high-end beach bars and private areas. Whether you go for a swim in the warm waters or just sit and watch the luxury yachts go by, this beach is right out of a dream.


06 Palace of the Prince

Prince's Palace of Monaco 0 / Getty Images

Built in 1191, the palace has been a stronghold of the ruling family for over 700 years. The palace has a variety of architectural styles and reflects the history of not just the Grimaldi family but of Monaco as a whole. After soaking in the beauty of the building, taking a tour of the staterooms will fill you with awe at the history that surrounds this landmark.


07 Prince of Monaco Car Collection

ebastian VETTEL (GER) in his Ferrari SH71 during qualifying for the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix

Prince Rainier III began working on his car collection in the 1950s, and it has been growing ever since. Filled with sports cars and classic cars, the Prince's collection now consists of around 100 automobiles from every decade, starting from the late 1800s. This 5000 square foot museum is a must for any car enthusiast, but anyone will enjoy this dazzling display of fine automobiles.


08 International Circus Festival

Monte Carlo, Monaco-January 14, 2015: Circus artists on the streets of Monte Carlo.

The Monte-Carlo international circus festival is a world-renowned festival that attracts the best of the best. Presided over by the princess of Monaco, the circus has a jury that awards the top acts in the world, with gold, silver, and bronze. The festival is a must-see for any visitor to the city, and it's a great place to take your kids for a fun time.


09 Grand Prix

Kaspersky Lab Hospitality Yacht At Monaco Grand Prix 2018 Christian Alminana / Stringer

The Monaco Grand Prix pits Formula 1 drivers against each other as they danger hairpin turns at breakneck speeds. This world-famous race is truly one of a kind as drivers take to the streets of Monaco. Spectators will be filled with awe as the best racers turn the city into a racetrack. Many of the roads mirror the yacht port, giving this race the most beautiful backdrop imaginable.


10 Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Harbour and Marina in Monte Carlo Deejpilot / Getty Images

The yacht show in Monaco is one of the most extravagant collections of high-end yachts. During the show, 30,000 visitors will come to see the 125 superyachts that are on display. These boats are the height of luxury in Monaco and are sure to leave you wanting to admire them and see more.


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