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Steep Yourself in History in Palestine

For anyone who follows Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, a visit to Palestine is a genuinely religious experience. The deep history and the presence of significant religious landmarks in the area make this a life-changing destination for Muslims, Jews, and Christians. People who don't subscribe to these religions find this area aesthetically, historically, and culturally rewarding, too. There are so many one-of-a-kind things to see in Palestine, making it an ideal destination for any adventurer.


01 Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Holy Sepulchre Joel Carillet / Getty Images

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is one of the most sacred places in the world in Christianity. This site is where the crucifixion and burial of Jesus took place, as told in the Bible. Whether you are interested in its religious significance or not, the beauty and history of the church are worth a visit. The domed ceilings and ornate interior are a must-see for architecture lovers.


02 The Garden of Gethsemane

The Garden of Gethsemane tkachuk / Getty Images

Another important location in the Christian Bible is the Garden of Gethsamane, said to be the place where Jesus was praying when he was arrested before his crucifixion. Like so many sites in Palestine, the Garden of Gethsemane holds religious significance, but it's also a breathtaking place to visit to take in the surroundings. Filled with ancient olive trees and lush grasses, Gethsamane is an ideal place to meditate.


03 Old City Jerusalem

Old City Jerusalem alexsl / Getty Images

Old City Jerusalem stands as one of the most fought-over cities of all time. It's divided into four separate quarters: the Christian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter, the Muslim Quarter, and the Armenian Quarter. Each one functions as its own community, so there's a lot to see here, including popular religious and historical sites as well as small little-known places where you can get to know how the people in each quarter live.


04 The Abraham Mosque

Abraham Mosque Joel Carillet / Getty Images

The Abraham Mosque is sacred not only to Christianity but also to Islam and Judaism as well. It's believed to be where several key religious figures are buried, including Abraham, Sarah, Leah, Rebecca, and Jacob. The interior of the mosque is adorned with ornate, impressive colors and eye-catching details that make this spot well worth a visit.


05 Ruins of Sebastia

Ruins of Sebastia javax / Getty Images

One of the most unique experiences in Palestine is a visit to the Ruins of Sebastia. Here, you'll see the ruins of Byzantine churches, Hellenic towers, and Samaritan palaces, houses, and temples as well as an old Ottoman railway station. If you're up for it, you can even take a step back in time by staying the night in one of the Byzantine rooms.


06 Haram al-Sharif

Haram al-Sharif Joel Carillet / Getty Images

The Haram al-Sharif is another area with widespread religious significance. It's the home of the Dome of the Rock, one of the most important mosques in Islam, as Muslims believe this is the place where Muhammed ascended to heaven. In Judaism, it's believed that this structure was built over what was once the temple of Herod. The golden dome is one of the most beautiful places in Jerusalem, and a visit here is an experience you can't get anywhere else.


07 Monastery of the Temptation

Monastery of the Temptation Purplexsu / Getty Images

The Monastery of the Temptation is built into the side of a cliff, and it provides impressive views of the surrounding desert. Unsurprisingly, this destination has strong ties to Christianity; according to the Bible, this is where the devil tempted Jesus during his 40-day fast. The monastery is well worth a visit. Don't forget your camera.


08 Nablus

Old City Nablus Hamadah / Getty Images

Nablus is about 37 miles north of Jerusalem and is one of the major centers of commerce and industry in Palestine. Old City features narrow streets lined with stunning architecture, including dense residential areas, churches, mosques, and a synagogue. There are a lot of things to see in and around the city, like Jacob's Well, the Turkish baths, and local markets full of the sweets and olive oil soaps the town is famous for.


09 Khan al-Umdan

Khan al-Umdan trabantos / Getty Images

The Khan al-Umdan was built in the 18th century in the port of Acre, located just next to the marina. What's great about the Khan al-Umdan is that it served a functional purpose. The bottom floor was for unloading goods from ships while the second floor served as the sleeping quarters for merchants and workers staying overnight. Despite this, the architecture is simply stunning. This beautiful structure features granite pillars, courtyards, and an Ottoman clock tower.


10 Herodyon National Park

Herodyon National Park Jacek_Sopotnicki / Getty Images

Herodyon National Park is home to the ruins of a fortress, palace, and the small town that surrounded them. It sits on a cone-shaped hill, where it once served as the home of Herod the Great. Through the ruins remain, it's not hard to imagine how overwhelming Herodyon once was. Exploring the area transports you to another time and place.


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