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Located in British Columbia, Port Moody is a city only 30 minutes drive from Downtown Vancouver. Sitting on the waters of Burrard Inlet, Port Moody has exciting natural beauty and is rich in cultural practices. Whether you want an outdoor experience to see wildlife or a rich history through artistic endeavors or historic buildings, Port Moody will spoil you with choices. The city comprises one-third of the Tri-Cities with walking and biking trails, offering a unique mix of outdoor adventures, artistic endeavors, and culinary delights.

This underrated city provides extraordinary hangouts for visitors who want to extend to nearby Burnaby and Surrey. It offers memorable experiences on its sandy beaches, extraordinary floating walkways, trails, dining adventures, and eye-catching art galleries. You're sure to create unforgettable moments as you enjoy your summer getaway. If you're still wondering what you can do in Port Moody, worry no more.

We will explore the top picks that will take you away and ensure you get maximum entertainment and adventure activities.


01 Enjoy a Scenic Stroll Along Rocky Point Park

A scenery view from Rocky Point park and Buntzen Lake park in a heavy fog day of early winter, Port Moody, BC, Canada

Rocky Point Park offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy the Burrard Inlet from its recreational pier, swimming pool, giant playground, and free water play area. The play areas are exemplary and offer maximum entertainment. Enjoy a perfect summer treat with family on the band shelter and large grassy lawn, where you can enjoy lovely views and boat launch facilities. Also, you can hike along the shoreline trail with gravel walking trails, wooden boardwalks, and paved cycling trails.

Rent a kayak or a paddleboard and enjoy the shoreline park running through the waterfront near the Port Moody Recreational Centre. You can also enjoy the summer events that unify the community, such as summer Sundays, the Port Moody Rotary Ribfest, and the Port Moody Penguin Plunge, among others.


02 Explore Port Moody's Vibrant Brewers Row

Port Moody is a beer lover's paradise, offering a delightful array of local breweries that have established themselves as craft beer destinations over the years. The four notable breweries sit on the same road, offering a perfect night-out walking tour, making it a must-visit place for beer lovers. The breweries include Yellow Dog Brewing, Moody Ales, Twin Sails, and Parkside Brewing. Enjoy a full selection of brews that will reminisce about your old good days. Taste a pint of Play Dead at Yellow IPA Dog Brewing and get into a draw to win the grand prize package. Enjoy a variety of beers at Moody Ales, with available tasting rooms.

Bring your entire family to Twin Sails Brewing and enjoy the packed food. Parkside Brewing has a large tasting room with a food truck that will leave your appetite settled.

03 Exploring the Scenic Beauty of the Shoreline Trail

The Shoreline Trail offers a captivating journey through some of the city's most stunning parks, such as Rocky Point Park, Inlet Park, Pioneer Memorial Park, Old Mill Site Park, and Old Orchard Park. The Shoreline Trail offers two distinct paths that meander alongside the captivating Burrard Inlet. One path is a smooth, paved route designed for both cycling and leisurely strolls, while the other presents a charming combination of gravel and boardwalk, perfect for unhurried walks. Rocky Point Park is where the trail starts, offering beautiful views to walkers, cyclists, and nature lovers, and ends at Old Orchard Park.

Approximately two hours of walking are enough to experience the six-kilometer trail's enchanting roundtrip. You can bring your family along to enjoy the motorboat rides and kayaks. View the lovely forest, feel the narrow wooded boardwalks, and cross the wooden bridge as you navigate the narrow gravel trail.

04 Do a day trip to Buntzen Lake

Located just north of Anmore and a short drive east of Vancouver, the Buntzen Lake Recreation Area offers a haven for nature enthusiasts. With its stunning surroundings, including the majestic Eagle Ridge/Mountain to the east and Buntzen Ridge to the west, this destination is perfect for those seeking outdoor adventures. The area is also home to Indian Arm Provincial Park and Belcarra Regional Park, providing ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to immerse themselves fully in nature.

Buntzen Lake offers an exemplary experience to hiking enthusiasts. With available trails along the lake and through the forest, you'll experience scenic views that will leave you looking for more. The 10-kilometer loop trail is challenging, with loose rocks and suspension bridges taking an average of three hours to complete. Start the trail from the southwest end of the parking lot, or take the trail that leaves the parking lot and goes towards the floating bridge as you glimpse Buntzen Lake. Bring your family and enjoy recreational facilities, including a boat launch, picnic tables, and a sandy beach.

05 A Visit to ThePoMoArts (Port Moody Arts Centre)

If you're art-curious, the Port Moody Arts Centre Society offers art experiences that awaken artistic opportunities for growth. Learn art through exhibitions and community exhibitions with various partners and artists each year. The local art community, volunteers, and associations support this great initiative. Artists committed to promoting art in Port Moody own and run the art center. Experience a full-blown art display at the center with compelling visuals, music, performing acts, and fiber from extraordinary talents across all ages. The art expressions educate and strike thoughts across different social issues, building the community to improve.

06 Explore Sasamat Lake

Sanow view from Sasamat Lake of Belcarra regional park in Port Moody, BC, Canada

Enjoy your summer getaway with your family at Sasamat Lake. Located in Belcara Regional Park in Port Moody, the lake offers many entertaining activities like swimming, fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. If you love hiking or family picnics, the giant outdoor area, warm year-round waters, and perfect walking trails have got you sorted. Experience the flat terrain and enjoy beautiful views of the mountain peaks with the Belcarra region in the background. You don't have to be bothered during the rainy season since the trail is mostly gravel, saving you the stress of mud. Please bring along your dogs, but keep them away from the beaches where they're not permitted. The parking lot at White Pine can get busy during the summer, so make your booking in advance.


07 Preserving History and Embracing Leisure at Port Moody Station Museum

The Port Moody Station Museum offers the opportunity to explore the area's rich history and heritage. Visit Port Moody Station Museum and understand Port Moody's history and cultural evolution. Listen to the educational programs and understand their long journey from exhibitions like the historic Port Moody Station, displays, and Venosta. Take a trip to Port Station to see handcars and boom cars, as well as learn about the town's history. Learn about the first-class vintage vehicle that forms a unique display at the museum, giving visitors a journey into the past.

Port Moody, BC Canada - 1st October 2021: The museum in the old train station Julian Worker /

08 Exploring Old Orchard Park

Located directly across the Burrard inlet, the entry point joins Rocky Point Park and Shoreline Park. The Old Orchard Park has beautiful views throughout the trail. The trail is reasonably accessible and easy to maneuver, attracting hikers of all levels. level. Enjoy swimming at Old Orchard Park's little beach, which is clean and peaceful. Book your next birthday party here and enjoy the camping sites for all types and family sizes. Make reservations of cabins and camping sites at Old Orchard Park online for your convenience. You can quickly know the park's availability and join in for an extraordinary family outdoor experience that will mark long-lasting memories.

09 Exploring the Natural Beauty of Belcarra Regional Park

Belcarra Park, located at 2375 Bedwell Bay Road, is a charming destination located north of Port Moody and to the west of the Village of Anmore. Located northwest of Port Moody and just an hour away from downtown Vancouver, Belcarra Regional Park offers a serene escape from the bustling city. With its lush forests, scenic hiking trails, and the scenic Sasamat Lake, this park is a nature lover's paradise. Belcara Regional Park offers activities such as hiking, swimming, craving, fishing, and boating opportunities.

If you love water exploration, kayak and canoe rentals can help you experience it deeper. With approximately 26 km of hiking trails and 9 km of cycling trails, visitors can immerse themselves in the park's stunning landscapes. Among the most popular trails are Springboard Trail and Sasamat Lake Loop, which are well known.

10 Discover the Indian Arm Provincial Park

Located within the stunning landscape of the Indian Arm fjord, Indian Arm Park stands as a sanctuary for the natural wonders of British Columbia. Spanning over 6,821 hectares, this conservation park is a sanctuary for diverse ecosystems, including ancient forests, pristine alpine lakes, a 50-meter-high waterfall, and a number of creeks. Joining Racoons and Twin Islands and with an old-growth forest cover surrounded by water, the Indiana Arm Provincial Park offers a powerfully pleasing site for hikers, campers, and wildlife lovers.

If you enjoy adventure, this place provides five mountains that you can explore with stamina. Experience the strenuous trails of the Lindsay Lake Loop, which offers beautiful views of Vancouver. The Diez Vista Trail seems short but also strenuous, rated only for expert hikers. It offers a magnificent view of Vancouver, Indiana, Arm Provincial Park just below it, and the Burrard Inlet. The Dilly Dally Trail provides plenty of points, allowing you to enjoy the park's remote beauty while also observing the wildlife.

11 Stop by the Port Moody Farmers Market

If you love fresh produce and handmade crafts, Port Moody Farmers Market is your ideal place. Operating both indoors and outdoors, the market opens its doors all seasons, be it winter or summer. The market operates weekly at Port Moody Rec Center, with vendors bringing various offerings from local produce, handmade crafts, and fresh delicacies. The seasonal markets offer a perfect opportunity to interact with the local community while enjoying hot food from trucks, live performances, and friendly vendors.

12 Visit Chinese Park & Bert Flinn Park

Chinese Park and Bert Flinn Park are two popular outdoor destinations that offer a variety of trails for hiking enthusiasts. With trail lengths ranging between 1 and 5 kilometers, these parks are a great option for beginner hikers. Chinese Park & Bert Flinn Park in Port Moody offers a number of scenic walking, hiking, and biking trails through lush forests. You get several streams and raised boardwalks at these lesser-known sites, making them ideal for locals and dog walkers. Find a list of trails with various options for meeting different hiking preferences.

13 Explore Vancouver's Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden ears provincial park

Golden Ears Provincial Park, spanning over 62,000 hectares, stands as a remarkable natural wonder in the heart of British Columbia. As one of the largest parks in the region, it captivates visitors with its breathtaking nature. Golden Ears offers 53 trails for hiking, cycling, walking, or birding. Bring your family for a taste of adventure and fun on easy trails. The whole list of trails allows everyone to find what suits them.

Enjoy a memorable camping experience in three lovely campgrounds: Gold Creek, Aloutte, and North Beach. Alouette Lake is a highly sought-after destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a variety of water activities. With its natural waters and scenic surroundings, it has become a favorite spot for swimming, windsurfing, water skiing, boat riding, fishing, fishing and canoeing.


14 Discover the Famous Port Moody Recreation Complex

Located at 300 Ioco Road in Port Moody, the Port Moody Recreation Complex serves as a prominent hub for athletic and sporting activities in the city and its surrounding areas. Offering a wide range of facilities, this complex provides an ideal destination for individuals seeking an adventurous and active escape. The center encompasses an ice arena, social and recreational facilities, and a curling rink.

You also enjoy a gymnasium, multi-purpose spaces, and a fitness facility with an aerobics room. You can also experience outdoor activities on tennis courts, an all-weather artificial turf playing field, a running track, a field house, and change rooms with an associated spa. Experience the magic of the double gymnasium, which features diffused daylighting, making it popular among sports lovers. Other facilities to enjoy at the Rec Complex include a spin studio, hot tub and steam room, party room, weight room, child minding center, and curling center.

15 Exploring the Culinary Delights of Local Eateries

If you're looking to satisfy your appetite after a long day of adventurous and entertaining activities, Port Moody has a whole list of local cuisine options you can settle on. Whether you're craving burgers or vegan options, or you want to take a coffee or cool your body with an ice cream cone, there are plenty of dining establishments to satisfy your taste buds. Visit the Boathouse Restaurant for delectable seafood while enjoying the stunning waterfront views. The Spacca Napoli Pizzeria sorts your pizza craving with authentic Neapolitan pizza in a cozy setting. If you want an acceptable dining option with a menu that blends European and New Orleans flavors, Saint St. Grill is your ultimate choice.


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